Hemşire Olarak Çalıştığı Yıllarda Onlarca Hastayı Öldüren “Ölüm Meleği” Lakaplı Seri Katil: Charles Cullen

Serial Killer Nicknamed the Angel of Death: Charles Cullen

Throughout history, many serial killers have emerged who brutally murdered many people. Many of these serial killers were people who at first glance seemed quite normal, with ordinary daily lives and ordinary occupations. A man named Charles Cullen also decided to become a nurse at some point in his professional life. But there was no sacred purpose behind this decision, such as helping people or saving lives. On the contrary, Charles Cullen wanted to be a nurse so he could commit horrible murders! Working in different healthcare facilities in the United States, Cullen killed dozens of people over the course of 15 years. Charles Cullen became known as the “Angel of Death” due to the terrible murders he committed in the following periods! Here’s what you need to know about Charles Cullen, one of the most murderous serial killers in history.

Charles Cullen was born on February 22, 1960 in New Jersey, United States.

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Cullen, who opened his eyes in a very poor family, suffered from severe depressions from his childhood. In this case, the loss of his father when he was only 7 months old also had an effect. So much so that when he was only 9 years old, he attempted suicide by mixing various chemicals. On the other hand, Cullen’s childhood and early youth were humiliated by both his friends and family.

One of the most important figures in Cullen’s life, who was constantly humiliated by his environment, was the famous novel character Raskolnikov.

charles cullen

Cullen had a great admiration for Raskolnikov, the protagonist in Dostoyevsky’s famous novel Crime and Punishment, one of the most important figures of world literature. But this admiration was not due to Cullen’s interest in literature. What caught Cullen’s interest was the fact that Raskolnikov was a murderous novel character.

Charles Cullen committed his first dreadful act while still in high school.

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At a party he attended, he mixed poison in the drinks of his high school friends who were making fun of him and wanted to kill them. However, fortunately, no one lost their lives due to this terrible event.

Cullen dropped out of high school in 1978 and enlisted in the military to become a ballistic missile technician.

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After enlisting in the army, he began training in the US Navy. But Cullen’s years in the navy were also filled with loneliness and humiliation. His friends in the Navy were mocking him, just like his high school friends… Cullen left the military three years later and enrolled in a nursing school at a hospital in New Jersey.

He graduated from nursing school in 1987 and married a woman named Adrienne Taub that same year.

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In June that year, she began working as a nurse at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey. Charles Cullen had finally found the opportunity he was looking for to realize his terrible plans… It was here that he committed the first of his terrible murders, which he would continue for years.

His first victim was a 72-year-old man named John Yengo.

Cullen had deliberately overdosed the old man, causing his death. Moreover, John Yengo was a man who had come to the hospital only a few days ago complaining of sunburn and was not seriously ill.

His first murder brought out the violence in Charles Cullen.

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After the murder, he began to brutally torture his wife and little daughter. He locked them in rooms with no heating on cold winter days. However, he also used violence against the dogs fed by his wife. Cullen’s second child was born in 1992. However, the violence against the family of the murderer continued. Therefore, Adrienne Taub broke up with Cullen due to domestic violence. However, the judge in the divorce case decided that Cullen was not violent. Thus, Cullen did not receive any punishment.

Cullen was fired from Saint Barnabas Medical Center in 1992. However, he soon started working at another hospital.

The murderous man’s passion for killing had deepened even more. For this reason, he killed many people in the new hospital where he started working. Cullen mixed drug overdoses in the serum of vulnerable patients, causing their deaths. By 2002, the murderous murderer once again started working as a nurse in a different hospital. In this new hospital, 13 people were killed in 1 year!

Many of the murderous serial killer’s victims were patients who were hospitalized for very simple illnesses and were able to recover in a short time.

The death of so many people in the hospital in such a short time naturally aroused suspicion. Cullen had taken care of many of the patients who died! This interesting situation made Cullen the center of suspicion and an official investigation was launched in 2003. During the investigation, it was revealed that Cullen also had access to the medical records of unassigned patients. It was also learned that Cullen had been ordering very strange drugs for a long time…

During the interrogation, he claimed that he “killed people to put an end to their suffering”!

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Of course, this statement was by no means true. Because many of the patients killed by Cullen were not seriously ill…

Cullen admitted to killing 40 patients over the years

However, judicial authorities were only able to link the brutal killer to 29 murders. However, some people believe that the number of people killed by Cullen was much higher. Some people even suggest that the brutal killer may have killed 400 people during her years working as a nurse!

A relative of one of the people murdered by the serial killer killed Cullen during the trial. “a kind of angel of mercy who puts an end to people’s suffering” defined as

Of course, that was an ironic statement in reference to Cullen’s defense during the investigation. However, at the end of this event, the murderer became known as the “Angel of Death”…

Charles Cullen, who was brought to court after the investigation, was sentenced to 11 times aggravated life imprisonment

Charles Cullen, who was responsible for the deaths of 400 people according to some, continues to serve his sentence in a prison in New Jersey today.

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