Karlı Sahra Çölünden Su Altı Göllerine: Bu Dünyaya Ait Değilmiş Gibi Görünen 6 Büyüleyici Manzara

6 Fascinating Scenes That Look Out of This World

The world is full of great mysteries and magnificent landscapes. Majestic mountains reaching the top of the clouds, lush forests, vast seas… However, some landscapes in the world are as rare and interesting as they are magnificent. For example, a snowy Sahara Desert, a volcano spewing blue flames, or lakes in the seas! Yes, this all seems too incredible to be true. However, the world continues to amaze humanity with these magnificent landscapes for hundreds of years. Here are 6 sights on Earth that are too incredible to be true.

Deserts are among the hottest and driest areas in the world. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to see even the slightest drop of water, let alone seeing snow in any desert, almost! Very little snow has fallen in the Sahara Desert since the beginning of history. But when it rained, it created one of the most interesting and incredible landscapes in the world…

2. Underwater lakes

It is an unknown fact that there are many interesting lakes under water. But this landscape looks just as incredible as a snowy Sahara Desert. However, lakes formed on the floors of some oceans and seas have an extremely high salt content. When combined with different elements from the ocean and seafloor, they become deadly to many living things, including humans. That’s why only incredible microorganisms adapted to harsh living conditions can survive in or near these deadly underwater lakes.

3. Danakil Collapse


The interesting region called the Danakil Depression seems not to belong to our world. But this incredible landscape has stood in place for hundreds of years. The Danakil Depression is at the crossroads of Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia. On the other hand, it is located at the junction of tectonic plates. The depression is already formed when these plates move away from each other by a few centimeters each year.

In a sense, the Danakil Depression is a region where you can witness a new mountain formation on earth! Therefore, it is quite dangerous. The collapse offers humanity an incredible sight indeed. But a moment of inattention caused by the magic of the scenery can cost you your life!

The region is home to many toxic gases and liquids due to active geological processes. It is also one of the hottest regions in the world. The annual average temperature is 34.4 degrees Celsius! All of this causes the Danakil Depression to be called the “Death Realm”.

4. The blue flames of Mount Kawah Ijen


Kawah Ijen, an active volcano in Indonesia’s Java region, contains a turquoise acid lake. But the scenery here is not spectacular just because of the acid lake. The volcano is spewing blue flames and lava as the gases in the region burn. Thus, one of the most spectacular landscapes not only in Indonesia but also in the world emerges.

5. People baking bread in a volcanic fire


Some landscapes consist only of natural beauty. Some incredible natural landscapes are accompanied by people. Here’s a centuries-old tradition in Iceland that results in some pretty interesting landscapes, including people. Volcanoes in Iceland have been used by residents as a furnace for hundreds of years! Icelanders who climb these volcanoes dig a hole in the ground. These holes are soon filled with water boiling with volcanic fire. Thus, the natural “volcanic furnace” that is hundreds of years old becomes ready for use. All that needs to be done is to drop the pots into the boiling water…

6. Curved Forest


Not many would have thought that a small pine forest of about 500 trees in the northern part of Poland could be home to one of the most interesting landscapes in the world. But Poland’s Curved Forest offers visitors both an incredible sight and a mystery that still remains to be solved. Because the trunks of trees in the forest have a slope of almost 90 degrees! So trees look like a letter “J”!

Some people claim that the trees were bent when they were saplings due to heavy snowfall and that’s how they grew. However, this is not true. Because there are also trees that look very normal near the area. Another theory is that trees were shaped this way by humans. However, research shows that this is not possible. Therefore, why the trees in Poland look like this remains a mystery even today.

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