Meksika’nın Ağlayan Kadını: Korku Dolu La Llorona Efsanesi Hakkında Bilmeniz Gerekenler

What You Need to Know About the Legend of La Llorona

Many urban legends and myths have emerged in different societies in different periods of history. These legends, which sometimes emerged as a reflection of social events, were sometimes rooted in popular beliefs in ancient civilizations. North America, and especially Mexico, which hosted countless civilizations thousands of years ago, is a region where countless urban legends are circulating even today. However, some legends differ from their counterparts with some elements, especially fear. That’s why Mexico’s Crying Woman “La Llorona” manages to stand out from other urban legends. Here’s what you need to know about the legend of La Llorona, the story of a poor woman who was condemned to constant crying and suffering for her unforgivable crime, turning into a terrifying ghost.

La Llorona, meaning weeping woman, is one of the most common urban legends in Mexico

The legend is generally based on the story of a cursed woman in white robes who turns into a ghost and constantly cries for the pain of her own murdered children. On the other hand, although there are similarities between them, there are many different versions of the legend. Some versions date back to prophecies and divine beings from civilizations hundreds of years ago. But there are also more modern and more common versions of the legend…

One of the earliest versions of the legend of La Llorona dates back to the Aztec culture goddess of fertility named Cihuacoatl.

Cihuacoatl was considered a wild beast that roamed at night, constantly wearing white robes, and a portent of bad things.

Another Aztec goddess named “Chalchiuhtlicue” is also associated with La Llorona.

Chalchiuhtlicue is an evil goddess that the Aztecs feared, strangling people to death. This is why the Aztecs are known to sacrifice children to honor the goddess and protect them from her wrath!

So, what does the legend of La Llorona tell?

Apart from minor changes in the different versions, the main elements of the legend of La Llorona are parallel to each other: a woman in white that constantly cries, children killed by their mothers, and an endless curse… La Llorona is a cursed and terrifying man who killed her children after a fit of rage. The story of the unfortunate woman who turns into a creature.

The most common version of the legend is about a peasant woman named Maria

According to this story, a peasant woman named Maria marries a rich man. The couple lives happily for a while and they have two children. But one day, while walking by a river with her two children, Maria sees her husband with a beautiful young woman. Enraged by the sight she saw, Maria drowned her two children in the river, killing them! The woman, who fell into great grief when her anger subsided and she came to herself, spends the rest of her life by the river, looking for her children and crying.

In another version of the legend, Maria also kills herself.

la llorona

In some other modern versions, Maria, an irresponsible mother, causes the death of her children and is cursed for not taking care of them… La Llorona, who has become neither dead nor alive because of the curse, constantly cries due to the great sadness she experiences. She is also harming other people while also searching for her children.

Considered to be a vengeful spirit, the Crying Woman is also seen as a harbinger of death.

la llorona

In modern-day Mexico, La Llorona is portrayed as a terrifying ghost who seeks revenge to kill other people’s children. On the other hand, it is believed that those who hear the cry of La Llorona will soon face death.

The horror story of La Llorona is used to establish authority over children in Mexico

la llorona

Children who do not listen to their families are told that they can be abducted by the Crying Woman… In this way, the children are tried to be disciplined.

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