Caligula’dan Nero’ya: Antik Roma’nın En Kötü Şöhretli 5 İmparatoru

The 5 Most Notorious Emperors of Ancient Rome

Rome; It is one of the most important empires of history with its institutions, magnificent cities and emperors that went down in history. Among the rulers of this ancient empire are great leaders who are highly successful in the military, technical or political fields. Of course, there were also periods when Rome was ruled by rulers who were far from successful. However, there were also emperors who left their mark on the history of the empire and became famous as the embodiment of evil. Some emperors, who used all the blessings of being an emperor to the fullest, of course, with their bad sides, are remembered hundreds of years later as some of the worst rulers not only of Rome, but of history. Here are the 5 most notorious emperors of the Roman Empire…

Caligula was one of the worst emperors not only of Rome, but of history. He even ordered his uncle Tiberius, who made him emperor, not be drowned! Caligula, who left all the Romans astonished with his madness shortly after he became the emperor, added evil to the madness in the following process…

He was ordering the killing of anyone he wanted with completely arbitrary practices, and was trying to get his own horse to be elected as a member of the senate. Pushing the limits of evil and madness, Caligula went so far as to declare himself a god in 40 AD. Caligula, who went down in history with his heresy, cruelty, excess and evil, was a ruler who made the lives of many Romans hell until he was killed in 41.

2. Nero

Reigning from 58-64 AD, Nero was no different from any corrupt emperor who used the power of his office for his own personal gains. But few rulers have appeared on the stage of history bad enough to match Nero’s cruelty…

He suspiciously removed the wives he wanted to leave, and was constantly barking up execution orders for his opponents. But he knew he had to legitimize his rule and his evil. For this reason, he was organizing magnificent entertainments and signing important tax cuts in order to gain the sympathy of the people.

3. Commodus

In fact, Emperor Commodus wasn’t a real villain compared to his rivals on the list of the most notorious Roman emperors. However, it was a known fact that he did not have the necessary virtues for the empire. For this reason, between the years 180-192 when he ruled the empire, he was under the influence of malicious people and caused great suffering to the people. However, his admiration for himself led Commodus to implement some extremely interesting applications. Among them was the renaming of Rome, the senate, the months, and the imperial palace to its own name.

4. Caracalla


When Caracalla, who deserved to be remembered among the evil emperors, came to power in 198, he shared the title of emperor with his brother. However, as a result of his evil nature, he did not want to share the imperial crown and killed his brother. Thus, he became the absolute ruler of the empire. Not content with this, Caracalla demanded the execution of all those who were politically attached to his brother, whom he killed. However, this cruel emperor’s order of mass execution was not a one-off thing. In the Alexandria campaign, he instructed his army to massacre the civilians in the city and plunder the city. Thus, Caracalla left Alexandria, leaving behind a ruined city and more than 20,000 dead…

5. Maximinus Thrax


Maximinus Thrax, who is shown among the most brutal emperors of Rome, started to fight with his enemies on all possible fronts since 235 when he came to power. However, these wars were more a result of Maximinus Thrax’s great hunger to fight and slay, rather than a necessity. The Roman economy, which was deteriorating due to the endless wars, did not care about the ruler.

He was constantly increasing the salaries of the soldiers in order to continue the wars, and increasing the tax burden on the shoulders of the poor people in order to meet this huge expense. However, Maximinus Thrax’s war was not limited to his enemies outside of Rome. He was also killing the politicians who opposed him without hesitation. He even brutally murdered the leading figures of the Christian community just because he had close relations with the previous emperor…

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