Casus Kedilerden Zihin Kontrolüne: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Tarafından Hayata Geçirilen 8 “Gizli” Operasyon

8 Covert Operations Implemented by the USA

United States of America (USA) II. During World War II and its aftermath, it became one of the most influential countries in the world in many respects. The hegemony of the United States of America in areas such as economy, culture and technology has been felt in different ways all over the world. The USA made a great effort to become one of the world’s superpowers in the military field as well. Especially in the process that started with the Cold War, some operations were carried out, many of them extremely secret and quite strange. These operations, designed to destroy what were often considered enemies, even included the use of cats as spies! Here are 8 covert operations implemented by the United States…

1. Operations “Underground” and “Husky”

II. During World War II, a group of ship saboteurs appeared in New York Harbor. Worried about the escalation of sabotage, the government made a deal with a rather unusual ally: the Mafia! Because at that time, mainly Italian immigrants were working in the ports in New York. On the other hand, the Italian mafia criminal organizations in the city were also in a very effective position. Therefore, the US government made a deal with some prominent mafia leaders in the city. Accordingly, members of the mafia reported suspicious situations they saw at the ports to the state authorities. In return, mafia leaders received less punishment than usual for some crimes they committed. This alliance between the government and the mafia continued from 1942 to 1945.

In addition, partnerships were established between the US government and the mafia in different fields. II. During World War II, the Allied powers decided to organize an operation called Husky in Sicily, Italy. Therefore, the US government enlisted the help of mafia leaders who knew the region well. Mafia leaders, on the other hand, provided the government with detailed maps of the region and important information about the region. On the other hand, the government cooperated with the local people by communicating through the mafia.

2. Operation Northwoods

Fidel Castro, one of Cuba’s most important figures, has always been described as the “enemy” for the United States. For this reason, the USA carried out many operations to overthrow Castro. Well, Operation Northwoods was one of them. This operation included a series of fake attacks, hijackings, fake bombings of US bases and hundreds of fake bodies. The aim was to create the impression that Cuba was attacking the United States, thus providing a legitimate basis for military operations. However, this plan, the US President of the time John. It was not adopted by F Kennedy and was never implemented…

3. MK – Operation Ultra

In the 1950s, the US government thought that some American soldiers returning from the Korean War had been “brainwashed”! The authorities, who thought that the Soviet Union was ahead of the USA in the field of mind control, immediately implemented the operation called MK – Ultra. The operation involved a series of horrific experiments aimed at measuring the effects of various chemicals on the human mind, notably the drug LSD. Subjects were inmates, sex workers, drug addicts, or people with terminal illness! This terrible operation continued until the 1960s. Many records of the operation were destroyed in 1973. The exposure of the operation played an important role in the rise of anti-US sentiment around the world…

4. PBSuccess Operation

In the 1950s, many South American countries were used as the “backyard” of the USA. Guatemala was one of them. In 1953, the American company called “United Fruit Company” in the country owned almost half of Guatemala’s natural wealth. However, the elected political leader Jacob Arbenz promised to save Guatemala from US exploitation. Of course, this was not acceptable to the US government! Thus, in 1954, Operation PBSuccess was activated. Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, previously exiled from the country, was sent to Guatemala with about 500 mercenaries accompanying him. Due to the bombardments carried out by the US planes, an internal turmoil broke out in the country in a short time. Thereupon, the legitimate leader of the country, Arbenz, had to leave Guatemala. Armas, under the command of the USA, became the owner of power. However, this operation caused internal turmoil in Guatemala to continue for years and thousands of people lost their lives.

5. Acoustic Cat Operation

United States of America

In the 1960s, CIA officials had a rather unusual idea: equip ordinary cats with spy technology and place them near Soviet officials! For this reason, an operation called “Acoustic Cat” was planned. CIA officials and scientists spent a lot of effort and $20 million to put transmitters in cats’ skulls and microphones in their ears! As a result, they were able to successfully implant the devices in some cats. However, when it came to the testing phase, the operation did not go as the CIA officials had predicted. Because cats insisted on displaying traditional cat behaviors. They were acting head-on. That’s why it was never possible to listen to the chosen targets through the cats! Thus, Operation Acoustic Cat was officially canceled in 1967.

6. Operation MKNoami

United States of America

In 1975 the US Senate hosted an extraordinary hearing… With the outbreak of the Watergate scandal, many Americans began to question what the CIA was really dealing with. An investigative committee was formed under the leadership of Idaho Senator Frank Church. The committee’s investigations also brought to light an extraordinary operation called MKNoami. The US secret service aimed to develop a series of interesting weapons with this operation. The most notable of these was the “Heart Attack Weapon.” The weapon, which looked like an ordinary gun, contained a poison obtained from shellfish that could not be detected at autopsy. The gun allowed the possibility of firing at the target from a distance. People who were shot with a gun were soon dying for no apparent reason! Operation MKNoami and the Heart Attack Weapon were exposed by the committee led by Frank Church. Thus, both the operation and the interesting weapon were shelved.

7. Operation Gold

United States of America

The increase in the tension between the USA and the Soviet Union due to the Cold War caused the espionage activities between the two countries and the expenditures in this field to increase. In fact, “Operation Gold”, which is one of the most expensive and most difficult covert projects in the history of the USA, was implemented in such a period. In the 1960s, American and British intelligence began work to build a secret tunnel in the Soviet Union-ruled section of Berlin. The plan was pretty simple. A tunnel would be dug under the recently built Berlin Wall so that Soviet telephone lines would be tapped. However, there was something that the intelligence services of the two countries did not take into account: the Soviet spy in the British intelligence service MI6, George Blake!

Blake told the Soviet authorities everything he knew about the “top secret” Operation Gold. But the Soviet authorities, even though they were aware of the tunnel construction, did nothing. Because they were afraid of Blake being exposed. They were also planning to reveal this secret tunnel and turn it into propaganda material when the time came. Thus, the secret tunnel was used for 11 months as the center of ADB and Britain’s intelligence work in Berlin…

8. Operation Paul Bunyan

United States of America

In 1976, a bloody war between North Korea and the United States was just about to begin! All because of a tree… Even though years have passed since the Korean War, the political and military presence of the USA in the region continued. In the same year, a tree was pruned in a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Because this tree prevented the American soldiers from seeing the other side. However, North Korea has announced that it will not allow troops to enter the region. Despite this, two soldiers from the US army, accompanied by South Korean workers, entered the area and began pruning the tree. But soon the group was surrounded by large numbers of North Korean soldiers. The quarrel between the two groups grew and at the end of the events, two American soldiers were killed on the spot!

The then US President Gerald Ford demanded that the tree be cut down immediately in the face of this shocking event. He even instructed us to risk war if necessary! Thus began the preparations for the operation, named after the lumberjack named Paul Bunyan in American folk tales… 3 days after the death of the two soldiers, 23 truckloads of American soldiers, 2 security detachments, special units of the South Korean army, 27 US combat helicopters and several warplanes , went to the region to cut down the tree that caused all this fanfare…

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