Ünlü Olabilmek İçin Kraliçe II. Elizabeth’e Suikast Girişiminde Bulunan Adam: Marcus Sarjeant

To Become Famous Queen II. The Man Who Assassinated Elizabeth

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who recently died. Elizabeth has been one of the important figures of world politics for many years and has witnessed many historical events. Of course, there were also interesting events that the Queen personally experienced during her long reign. Important political meetings, wars, grand royal ceremonies or an assassination attempt! Yes, Queen II. Elizabeth was the target of an assassination attempt by a man named Marcus Sarjeant during a military parade on 13 June 1981! Moreover, there was a rather peculiar reason for this assassination attempt. Marcus Sarjeant pointed a gun at the Queen and fired 6 shots just because he wanted to be famous! Here is Queen II. What you need to know about the assassination attempt, one of the most interesting events Elizabeth has encountered in her long life…

Queen Elizabeth attended the “Trooping the Color” ceremony, a deeply rooted tradition in England, on 13 June 1981.

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This military ceremony, which has its roots in ancient times, had become a tradition of British infantry regiments, especially since the 17th century. The ceremony is traditionally performed annually in London by the armies of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. Trooping the Color, an extremely important ceremony for the British, is also celebrated as the birthday of the monarch. This traditional parade is followed with great interest and enthusiasm by thousands of British citizens. When Elizabeth attended this important ceremony in 1981 with the title of queen, she was completely unaware of what would happen next…

The Queen arrived on her personal horse dressed in traditional British Regiment attire, was greeted with a royal salute and inspected the troops.

marcus sarjeant

Of course, at this time, the ceremony area was protected by high-level security measures. The royal guards were on the alert. On the street called Whitehall, where the parade took place, everything was proceeding as it should. Also, assassination attempts on the royal family were not common in England. That’s why it never occurred to anyone that the Queen would soon come face to face with death.

As the Queen proceeded on the street, the sound of gunshots rising one after the other caused a great panic in the parade ground.

People began to flee with screams, and the guards began to frantically search for the source of the sound. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II, who was just at the tip of the barrel. Elizabeth’s horse also fell into a great panic. But he stood well on his horse! Marcus Sarjeant, who was trying to kill the Queen, was caught in a short time by the soldiers in the field. The gun he had just aimed at the Queen was already in his hands, his hands in the air! Marcus Sarjeant was immediately arrested for questioning…

17-year-old Marcus Sarjeant attempted to assassinate himself to “become famous”

Marcus Sarjeant said in his interrogation that he admired the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who was admitted to have killed John F. Kennedy. Also II. He stated that he was impressed by the fact that the people who carried out the assassinations of John Paul and the US President Ronald Reagan became world famous. So he had devised an assassination attempt on the Queen just to become famous. According to the testimony of some of his friends, he often said that he would “stun and surprise the world, that he would become the most famous teenager in the world”…

Before the assassination attempt, Sarjeant sent the photos he took while holding his father’s gun to various media outlets and designed a detailed action to become famous.

marcus sarjeant

But Sarjeant’s intention was simply to become famous. He had no intention of killing the queen.

The fact that the bullets from his weapon were “empty” was proof that he had no intention of killing the queen.

marcus sarjeant

Yes, Sarjeant had pointed a gun at the Queen, fired and caused a great panic. However, the bullets in the 17-year-old’s gun were harmless bullets used on movie sets that only made noise! But Sarjeant had committed a great crime. Because according to the law of 1842 in England, even pointing a gun at a royal family was considered a crime of treason. Marcus Sarjeant was sentenced to 5 years in prison for this major crime. Although he wrote a letter of apology to the Queen during his time in prison, the Queen never replied to this letter. By 1984, Marcus Sarjeant was released for good behavior. The first thing he did after he got out of prison was to change his name so he could start a new life.

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