Queen  After Elizabeth's Death, Buckingham Palace Announces New Sovereign: III.  Charles

Queen After Elizabeth’s Death, Buckingham Palace Announces New Sovereign: III. Charles

Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen II. Elizabeth passed away this afternoon. The 96-year-old queen has been on the throne for 70 years. In an official statement from Buckingham Palace, “The Queen died peacefully in Balmoral this afternoon” expressions were used. After the news, the national anthem was played on the British state channel BBC screens accompanied by the Queen’s photographs. What will happen next? A series of plans will be put into action as part of the operation known as “London Bridge Collapsed”, which has been ready for years. On the other hand, Buckingham Palace has announced that Crown Prince Charles is the new monarch of England. Let’s look at the details together.

Buckingham Palace has made a statement today that the Queen’s health is alarming. Following this announcement, the Royal Family began meeting at Balmoral Farm in Scotland.

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Queen Elizabeth witnessed many social and political changes in her country during her reign. It witnessed many things from the years of economic crisis after the Second World War, the transformation of the British Empire on which the sun never set, the Cold War years, the country’s entry and exit from the European Union. During his 70 years on the throne, he authorized 15 prime ministers to form the British government, starting with Winston Churchill. Finally, this week, Liz Truss received the Queen’s authority to form a government.

Charles, Prince of Wales, became the new owner of the throne as soon as the Queen died. Although a ceremony is not required for this, the new King must go through some stages before he can be crowned.

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First, Charles has to decide what name he would like to be called. King III. Whether he will be called Charles or by another name will be determined by himself. Although there is no official statement, for now, he is III. He is called Charles. On the other hand, his son William’s title will also change. Since Charles is King, William will become Crown Prince.

The first ceremony for Prince Charles will take place within the first 24 hours in front of the Accession Council at St. James’s Palace. Members of this council include MPs, the Mayor of London and senior public officials

Officially 700 people can attend the ceremony. However, due to the limited time, participation is expected to be low. About 200 people attended the last council in 1952. According to royal tradition, the king does not attend this ceremony. After the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death at the ceremony, the new monarch will be declared as Charles.

The Accession Council will meet again in the next 24 hours, this time with Prince Charles at the ceremony.

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During the ceremony, the King will read a proclamation, after which it will be publicly announced that Charles is the new monarch. The said announcement was made by St. It will be held from the balcony in James’s Palace. On the other hand, it will be announced in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, where Charles is king.

The coronation ceremony of Charles is the most important step in the symbolic sense of this process. However, due to the preparations, the coronation ceremony is not expected to take place anytime soon.

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For example, Queen II. Elizabeth ascended the throne in February 1952, but was crowned in June 1953. For almost a century, coronations have been held at Westminster Church. 900 years ago, the first crowned king here was William I. Prince Charles will be 40.

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