Mösyö Kandil Olarak Da Bilinen Mum Işığı Ressamı Petrus Van Schendel Hakkında Bilmeniz Gerekenler

Candlelight Painter Petrus Van Schendel Also Known As Monsieur Oil Lamp and His Works

Not a day goes by that we don’t meet an artist who amazes us! 😍 As we all know, there are many talented artists involved in the dusty pages of history. These names, which made a lot of noise during their lifetime, are almost disappearing among today’s art movements. Petrus Van Schendel, known as Monsieur Kandil and known for his beautiful candlelight paintings, is one of them. We have searched for you this successful name, which differs from the painters of the period by using the light skillfully. You will not be able to hide your astonishment when you see these works that depict candlelight in a fascinating way! Here’s what you need to know about Petrus Van Schendel, also known as Monsieur Kandil…

Who is Petrus Van Schendel, also known as Monsieur Chandelle, Monsieur Kandil?

Petrus Van Schendel was born on April 21, 1806 in a village near Breda. The son of a farming family, Schendel joins the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp on the advice of a retired military officer. Thanks to the art education he received with the famous historical painter Mattheus Ignatius van Bree between 1822-28. “Perspective” qualifies for a gold medal.

Schendel, who started to gain fame as a portrait painter with this medal, moved to Brussels in the 1845s, where he wrote various textbooks. Some of his works were bought by the Belgian King Leopold I of the time. Queen Victoria of England and King of the Netherlands II. Important names of the period such as Willem are among his customers.

In his paintings, he brings together portraits, landscapes and religious themes with light. He paints lamps and candles so masterfully that he was nicknamed Monsieur Kandil over time.

One of the painter’s most important works, Market by Candlelight, depicts the markets in The Hague.

The most striking point in the work is that the warmth of the candlelight is felt throughout the work. The light illuminates the faces in a very realistic way, adding a perfect perspective to the work.

Another important work of Monsieur Kandil is The Love Letter.

In this work, which was influenced by the Romanticism movement, depictions of candles and lamps come to the fore. When you examine the painting, you can see how ingenious the use of sharp light in the dark is. His ability to dominate the light in the darkness so much distinguishes Monsieur Kandil from other painters of the period.

Now we leave you alone with the works of Monsieur Kandil 👇🏻😍


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monsieur lamp


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monsieur lamp

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