Kimliği Yıllardır Tespit Edilemeyen Korkunç Bir Cani: Long Island Seri Katili

A Horrible Murderer Unidentified for Years

The serial killers that have appeared throughout history have all been pretty scary. However, it is not difficult to argue that serial killers, who cannot be identified and therefore never caught, are more frightening! In this list, we will tell you about a mysterious and terrifying serial killer who is thought to have committed a series of murders in the United States from 1996 to 2010. The villain, called the “Long Island Serial Killer”, has been held responsible for the deaths of 10 to 16 people so far. The bodies and the evidence found on Long Island, a small island right next to New York, the most populous city in the United States, did not contribute to the finding of this terrible villain. Despite all efforts, the identity of the Long Island Serial Killer continues to be a matter of great curiosity even today. Here’s what you need to know about the Long Island Serial Killer, one of the USA’s scariest and most mysterious serial killers.

The chilling story of the Long Island Serial Killer began in 2010 with the disappearance of a woman named Shannan Gilbert.

Long Island police officer John Mallia was looking for a lead on Shannan Gilbert, who was reported missing in December 2010 about seven months ago. Mallia also had a specially trained search and rescue dog with her. Mallia found no trace of Gilbert during this search. However, he encountered an unexpected and chilling sight!

Police officer Millia found the bodies of 4 women buried at intervals of about 50 meters in the area called Gilgo Beach! The bodies were named the “Gilgo Four”

After the bodies were found, a comprehensive investigation was launched into the incident. Of course, the search efforts in the region were also deepened. At the end of 2011, 6 more bodies were found on Gilgo Beach. Thus, the 10 corpses unearthed in the same area brought to mind the possibility that a serial killer was roaming on Long Island. However, most of the bodies found in the area could not be identified. However, no clue to the identities of the murderer or killers has emerged. In the following process, the identities of the 4 female corpses found first were revealed. However, even in this case, it was not possible to identify the murderer or killers.

As the investigation into the horrific incident deepens, some commonalities are identified between the Gilgo Four.

All of the murdered women were sex workers. Also, they were all strangled to death and put in sacks…

The public, the press, and the police were convinced that the murders were linked to a serial killer.

long island serial killer

However, not the slightest clue could be found about this murderer who committed terrible murders, except for the people he killed! After the Gilgo Quartet’s identities were determined, it was decided to conduct a more detailed search of the surrounding area. It would soon become clear that those who made this decision were doing a very good job. Because 4 different women’s bodies were found near the area where the first bodies were found!

The newly found bodies prompted the police to further deepen their work in the area.

long island serial killer

Thus, 3 new corpses appeared! But this time, not all victims were women! A man and a child, as well as a woman, were brutally murdered by the Long Island Killer! Only one of these bodies could be identified: Jessica Taylor, who disappeared in 2003!

Shannan Gilbert was not found among the many people thought to have been murdered by the Long Island Killer.

long island serial killer

However, towards the end of the never-ending Long Island Serial Killer trial, Gilbert’s lifeless body was also revealed! The body was found in Oak Beach, another area near Gilgo Beach. This new finding re-ignited the case that was slowly closing.

There was a serious conflict between Shannan Gilbert’s family and the police

long island serial killer

Because Gilbert’s mother accused the police of not being transparent enough and not sharing the information they had with the public. According to the woman, the lack of public information was the main reason why the Long Island Killer was not caught. Indeed, the police knew much more about these horrific murders than was made public. But they initially denied this fact. However, in the future, more information about the Long Island Serial Killer and the murders he committed was shared with the public. It was also announced that a monetary reward of 50 thousand dollars will be given for information that will contribute to the revealing of the identity of the serial killer.

In May 2022, the recording of Shannan Gilbert’s phone call with the police on the night of her disappearance was released.

long island serial killer

In the 21-minute recording, it is understood that Gilbert is in fear and panic. In addition, during the speech, the sentence “There is another person after me” stands out as a striking detail. However, despite all these developments, the identity of the Long Island Serial Killer has not been determined even today. Over time, different people have been associated with some of the murders attributed to the Long Island Serial Killer. However, no satisfactory information about the exact identity of the killer has been revealed. However, many people believe that the murderer can be caught soon in the light of new evidence and information.

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