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9 Passengers Lost During a Cruise

For some people, traveling is a great passion. Especially if the thing chosen as a means of transportation is a ship! Fascinating ocean views, dazzling stars, clean sea air… A cruise promises its passengers all these and even more. But in some cases, cruises can turn into a real nightmare! Because although long cruises promise fascinating moments to their passengers, they also contain a bit of mystery and horror! Unfortunately, until now, many people have had to face this scary and mysterious side of their cruise. Some of the people who sailed to the vast oceans for different reasons became victims of gruesome murders. For some, their journey, which started with great excitement, never came to an end! Here are 9 passengers who mysteriously disappeared during their cruise…

1. Amy Lynn Bradley


When 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley set foot on the Rhapsody of the Seas on March 21, 1998, she was probably all thinking about a nice cruise with her family. Indeed, departing from the United States, the ship was sailing softly towards Curaçao, an island in the south of the Caribbean Sea, while the Bradley family was enjoying a perfect vacation. But on March 23, 1998, the members of the Bradley family faced the biggest shock of their lives. Amy Lynn Bradley had disappeared! Bradley’s father, Ron, had last seen his daughter sitting on deck and never heard from her again. Despite all their efforts, the family failed to find Amy Lynn Bradley…

Meanwhile, Rhapsody of the Seas continued to move towards Curaçao, although they asked the authorities to stop the ship. When the ship approached the port, the family did not want to let anyone get off the ship. However, this request was also denied by the authorities. Her family never saw Amy again. But over the years some people have appeared who claim to have seen Amy. Some claimed to have seen Amy on a beach in the Caribbean in 1998. A sailor from the United States Navy was adamant that he met Amy in a brothel in 1999. Similar claims have continued over the years. However, Amy’s fate was never known for certain. Today, the family believes their daughter was kidnapped in a planned manner by a human smuggler.

2. Rebecca Coriam

A 24-year-old British woman named Rebecca Coriam was working on the Disney Wonder cruise ship. The ship was supposed to start its 9:00 am shift as it sailed towards Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on March 22, 2011. However, the young woman was nowhere to be found. The ship’s personnel started a less extensive search, but no sign of Coriam was found. That is, until the footage from the ship’s security cameras is reviewed. Rebecca Coriam was seen making a phone call at 5:45 am. She was also tense and stressed from the footage. These footage were also the last footage of Coriam. The young woman had vanished in the middle of the ocean! Authorities stated that Rebecca Coriam may have committed suicide by jumping into the ocean. However, for years her family believed their daughter was the victim of a murder. They accused the ship’s authorities of failing to follow the required search and rescue procedures. In 2017, one of the young girl’s colleagues claimed that Coriam was a drug-using and suicidal person.

3. George Allen Smith


After getting married in 2005, George Allen and Jennifer Smith decided to embark on a unique cruise for a dream honeymoon. Thus, they joined the Mediterranean tour of the ship MS Brilliance of the Seas. But on the night of July 5, 2005, the couple’s voyage witnessed a terrible event… On the evening of July 5, the couple spent the night together in the ship’s casino. According to subsequent witness statements, they left the casino after arguing here seriously. Jennifer returned to the couple’s cabin. But George Allen Smith continued to have fun with his 4 friends he met on the ship. Again, according to the testimonies of the witnesses, the sounds of arguments rose from the room where the group of friends stayed at around 04:15 in the morning. Witnesses stated that they heard a terrible noise in the following minutes.

These witness statements were the last thing known about George Allen Smith. After that day, Smith was never heard from again. The blood stains in the room where the couple stayed make this terrible event even more mysterious. But no one outside of his family thinks Smith was the victim of a murder. Even his wife, Jennifer, believes that Smith may have fallen into the ocean because he had too much alcohol.

4. Annette Mizener

Annette Mizener embarked on a 9-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. He was accompanied by his mother, father and daughter. The first few days of the trip were fun for the whole family. But the date of December 4, 2004, the joy of the whole family disappeared, never to be restored! That day, Mizener had agreed to meet with his parents in the ship’s entertainment hall at 20:00. However, the 37-year-old woman was not around even though the clock had passed. Thereupon, his fussy parents set out to search for Mizener…

With the help of the ship’s crew, a briefcase belonging to Mizener was soon found under a railing on the deck. Unfortunately, there was still no news from the woman. Moreover, the security camera that saw the area where the bag was located was wet and not working! Search and rescue efforts for Annette Mizener continued for 16 hours. However, no results were obtained. Thus, the death of Annette Mizener was recorded as a suicide. But her family, and especially her husband, claimed that the unfortunate woman accidentally fell into the ocean or was pushed off the deck.

5. Hue Pham and Hue Tran

As the ship Destiny sailed towards the Aruba Islands in 2005, a very cute couple was on board. Hue Pham, 71, and Hue Tran, 67, went through great difficulties during their 49-year marriage. The difficult life of the couple, who escaped from the Vietnam War and settled in the USA with the hope of starting a new life, continued here as well. Therefore, the couple deserved a nice vacation. And their son had organized this cruise for the couple as a mother’s day gift. However, Hue Pham and Hue Tran mysteriously disappeared on May 12, 2005! Moreover, there was no clue as to the whereabouts of the couple. During the searches, only a few daily items were found from the old couple…

6. Micki Kanesaki

The woman named Micki Kanesaki is one of the rare passengers found after she disappeared mysteriously during a cruise. However, he is still an extremely unfortunate passenger, like all the passengers on our list! Micki Kanesaki and her ex-wife Lonnie Loren Kocontes ended their arguments and decided to remarry. According to Kocontes, nothing could be better than a cruise to celebrate this joyous occasion. So the couple traveled together to Spain, where they took a long Mediterranean tour. They had dinner together on May 25, 2006. The next morning, Micki Kanesaki had disappeared! Kocontes, on the other hand, said that his wife-to-be drank too much, so she might have fallen into the sea! But a few days later, the lifeless body of the unfortunate woman appeared on the shores of Italy!

An autopsy revealed that the woman had drowned long before she fell into the sea. During the expanded investigation, it was learned that Kocontes asked a friend who works as a law enforcement officer in detail about the security measures on the ships. Also, Kocontes had an affair with another new woman. Finally, it was understood that if Kanesaki died, Kocontes would have a fortune of 1 million dollars. As all the evidence shows, Kocontes killed Micki Kanesaki and threw her lifeless body into the sea! After the trial, Lonnie Loren Kocontes was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

7. Merrian Carver


The story of Merrian Carver, who mysteriously disappeared during a cruise in 2004, is quite interesting. Because what really happened to the woman is unknown to anyone! Merrian Carver took a 7-day cruise to Alaska in 2004 without informing his family. However, on the second day of the journey, she mysteriously disappeared. What made this mysterious disappearance even more interesting was the fact that the authorities, noticing the woman’s absence, did nothing! Yes, one of the ship’s crew claimed that he noticed the woman’s disappearance and shared this with his superiors, but was always instructed to “keep quiet” above them! Also, Merrian Carver’s personal items were distributed by some people to various charities or needy people! During the lawsuit filed by Carver’s family, the ship company claimed that the woman committed suicide. However, this mysterious event was never truly clarified.

8. Arron Hough

Arron Hough was working as a performance artist on the British cruise ship Harmony of the Seas. But in December 2018, he mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Puerto Rico. The search and rescue efforts initiated in a short time could not yield any results. Some social media posts of Arron Hough, who is generally known as a cheerful person, brought to mind that the young man may have committed suicide. In his last post before he disappeared on December 22, he said, “There is beauty under the water. Always look below the surface before deciding on anything.” was writing. However, it has not been revealed to date whether Hough’s disappearance was a suicide or the result of an accident.

9. Fariba Amani


47-year-old Canadian citizen Fariba Amani was not really keen on going on a cruise with her boyfriend, Ramiz Golshani. However, he thought this trip was a good opportunity to reconsider his relationship with Golshani. But Amani disappeared on February 29, 2012, in an area between the Bahamas and Florida. Golshani, on the other hand, said in his statement to the police that he did not see the woman when he woke up in the morning and that he called the ship’s officers after calling for a few hours. On the other hand, the family of the unfortunate woman never believed that Amani had disappeared by accident…

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