Hepsi Suç Makinesi! Tarihin En Ünlü Ve Acımasız 6 Kadın Mafyası

6 Most Notorious and Brutal Female Mafias in History

Criminal organizations, often called mafia, are associated with men in the minds of many people. This situation is quite natural. Because the members and managers of these organizations, which were established for the purpose of committing crimes in an organized way and have a hierarchical structure, are mostly men. However, there are some regions and periods where women were also an important element of the mafia. For example, in regions where mafia structures are strong, such as Italy, male mafia members, who are imprisoned at certain periods, transfer their assets to their wives or daughters! Only 2.5% of women are imprisoned for mafia-related crimes in Italy. However, one-third of the financial resources of the mafia in Italy are managed by women! However, throughout history, there were women mafias as ruthless, brave and famous as men! These organized crime syndicates, founded and run by women, were just as skilled at committing crimes as men! Here are the 6 most famous and brutal female mafia in history…

1. Ma Barker

Born in the United States in 1873, Kate Barker became known as Ma Barker after she became a very dangerous criminal. Barker’s specialty was planning and executing dangerous highway robberies with great success. Baker was the ruthless and dangerous leader of the dangerous Barker-Karpis gang consisting of his wife and 3 sons! The dangerous actions of the gang led by Ma Baker soon caught the attention of the press. Thus, Baker became a recognized criminal throughout the United States. In fact, senior law enforcement officials in the US described him as “the most brutal, dangerous and resourceful criminal mastermind of the last decade”. Ma Barker’s life of crime came to an end in 1935 during a gunfight with police in Florida.

2. Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill was born in Alabama, USA in 1916 to a very poor family. For this reason, she had a close relationship with the mafia from a young age. She’s been involved in many crimes, from drug trafficking to courier service, from being a mob informant to money laundering. Meeting Bugsy Siegel, one of the leading gangsters of his time in his youth, allowed Hill to increase both his fame and fortune. The two had been the most feared couple in the underworld until Siegel’s death. But with Siegel’s death, difficult days began for Hill as well. Due to his criminal past, he became the prime target of both the law and rival mafia. Virginia Hill’s fugitive life ended in Austria in 1961. The once crime machine was found dead on a roadside.

3. Stephanie St. clair


Born in 1897, Stephanie St. Clair fought against racism in the United States throughout her life. She also resorted to illegal means from time to time during this war. Extortion and interest were the main source of income for Clair and his gang. He entered into serious rivalry with many gangs in the Harlem area of ​​New York, which is mostly inhabited by African Americans and known for its high crime rates. Thanks to the strategic partnerships he established, he made a great profit from the war of gangs. After leaving the criminal world, he continued to work for black rights and led various campaigns. She died as a wealthy woman in 1969.

4. Griselda Blanco


Griselda Blanco was perhaps the most dangerous of the female mafia! Born in Colombia in 1943, the crime empress acquired a wealth of drugs, which she smuggled from Colombia to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. This success in smuggling enabled him to become one of the important names of the Medellin cartel. Godmother of Cocaine, “Queen of Narco-traffic” were just some of the nicknames she had. He even invented a special underwear for drug traffickers once! She earned the nickname “Black Widow” after killing all her ex-wives… She took great pleasure in watching her victims tortured. However, Blanco, one of the most fearsome women in the criminal world, was very sensitive about not killing anyone. He could not commit murder. However, she is thought to have ordered the death of 2,000 people! Blanco was shot and killed by a man on a motorcycle at the age of 69 in Medellin.

5. Sister Ping

A woman named Cheng Chiu Ping became famous and smuggled in New York’s Chinatown. She was the leader of a large criminal organization with thousands of members. This gigantic crime syndicate used to smuggle 100 people nearly every day from Hong Kong to New York. Of course, many people lost their lives on this long and difficult journey. But this “smuggling success” earned Sister Ping an incredible fortune of nearly $40 million in the 1980s and ’90s. Sister Ping was sentenced to prison for various crimes, notably human trafficking, and died at the age of 65 while serving her sentence.

6. Maria Licciardi


When it comes to the mafia, the Italian city of Naples has been one of the world’s most criminal cities for many years. However, a woman named Maria Licciardi managed to build a mighty empire even in this crime city full of terrible gangs! After her husband died and her brother was arrested, Maria became the head of the Licciardi gang and soon became one of the important figures in the criminal world. Licciardi, who controlled most of the cigarette and drug shipments in Naples, was known as the “Princess” among female gang members. However, a drug shipment by the Licciardi gang caused many people to die from drugs. The gang wars that started after these deaths and many gang members lost their lives caused Licciardi to be arrested and sent to prison.

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