Game of Thrones ve House of the Dragon Evrenlerinde Konuşulan Kadim Valyria Dili Hakkında Bilmeniz Gereken 6 Şey

What You Need to Know About Valyria, the Fictional Language

Game of Thrones was one of the most remarkable fantasy worlds of the last period. Created by Gorge RR Martin, this magical world turned into a frenzy when it was brought to the TV screens with the same name! Thanks to the series, millions of viewers had the opportunity to witness bloody battles, majestic dragons and fascinating geographies in the fantasy universe created by Martin. Of course, impeccable technical craftsmanship had a share in the popularity of the series as well as its impressive story. Stage designs, costume choices and visual effects… In other words, many people contributed to the realization of the series. Although most of us don’t know it, the “language creator” named David Peterson was also one of the names that worked hard for Game of Thrones! The language of the ancient land called Valyria in the Game of Thrones universe was created by David Peterson!

Valyria was an ancient land destroyed by the apocalypse long before the events of Game of Thrones! Peterson drew heavily on Martin’s works to create a language unique to this ancient land. He spent a lot of work. And there was a language with rules and history, just like the languages ​​spoken today! However, this ancient language was forgotten in the period when the Game of Thrones series was told! Valyrian speakers were very few in number. But House of the Dragon, which will begin airing shortly, seems to give the viewer much more detail about the Valyrian language! Here are 6 things you need to know about the ancient Valyrian language, created from the ground up for the Game of Thrones universe…

1. Ancient Valyrian language expresses a language family, just like Latin and its descendants


Valyria was the name of a geography and empire that disappeared before the time described in the Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon universes! Naturally, when this ancient civilization disappeared, its language was also forgotten. But it continued to be spoken by a select few. The language that these few distinguished people carried to the Game of Thrones universe began to be spoken in different regions in a slightly degraded form over time! The language’s creator, David Peterson, has worked hard to uncover both the high Valyrian language and the language that has deteriorated over time! He spent time on many grammatical features such as the grammatical structures of languages, the use of vowels and consonants, and the structure of double vowels.

2. David Peterson drew on Martin’s work to create the Valyrian language


Martin’s writings contained some clues about the ancient language. For example, about how the character names should sound system in the language. However, the books did not contain enough information to allow the creation of a large language with rules. That’s why Peterson created a language with its own rules and structure on a much larger scale, based on Martin’s work!

3. There are 4 different genders in Valyrian


Linguistically, of course. In many languages ​​today, objects are classified as masculine or feminine. This is not a biological sex distinction. Word structures in the language are also related to being masculine or feminine. Suffixes at the beginning or end of a word change depending on whether the word is masculine or feminine. Here in the Valyrian language there are a total of 4 different gender elements! High Valyrian words are classified as “moon, sun, earth and water”. In this language, human names are usually included in the month class. Occupational names are in the sun class.

4. The first word in the Valyrian language described by David Peterson was “kirimvose”!

Peterson continued his work to create this ancient language in a very secret manner. But in 2012, he unveiled a Valyrian word for fans of the universe! He noticed that the Dothraki language, a nomadic people in the Game of Thrones universe, does not have the phrase “thank you”! Peterson taught this people to give thanks and coined the word “kirimvose”. Kirimvose was also the first word in the Valyrian language to be shared with fans of the universe.

5. Fans of the show are keeping a close eye on the Valyrian language

A dedicated community of fans of the show is developing the grammatical structure of the language! And it works to introduce new words into the language. There are even poetry competitions in this language! In 2015, the poem “Gēlenkon, Embār glaeson, Dōnon ynot” written in Valyrian won the first prize! The translation of the poem is as follows: “A life in the sea like silver would be nice for me!”

6. Peterson continues to develop the Valyrian language for House of the Dragon

Because the House of the Dragon series uses much more Valyrian language than Game of Thrones. That’s why Peterson continues to intensively generate words for the series and expand his vocabulary in the language.

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