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What You Need to Know About the Nazca Lines

History is full of interesting civilizations and their mysterious structures! The Nazca Lines are one of the structures that have existed for thousands of years, but whose secrets have not been fully resolved! Nazca Lines is the general name given to hundreds of geometric shapes and living figures in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. Discovered in the 1920s, these drawings consist of more than 800 straight lines and more than 300 geometric shapes and more than 70 live drawings. Most of his living figures are drawings of various animals and plants. However, among the Nazca Lines, there are also drawings resembling humans and even more interesting creatures! Even today, it is not known exactly by whom and for what purpose these gigantic lines, some of which are hundreds of meters in size. And probably the secret of the lines will never be fully revealed! But there are other elements that increase the mystery of the lines! Here’s what you need to know about the Nazca Lines, the secrets of which are still unsolved.

The Nazca Lines were discovered in 1926 by an archaeologist named Toribio Mejia Xesspe.

nazca lines

The lines are located in the desert region about 400 kilometers south of the Peruvian capital, Lima. The history of the lines is quite old. The oldest lines in the area are thought to have been drawn about 2000 to 2500 years ago.

Desert climate allows stripes to exist for thousands of years

nazca lines

Because the region where the lines are located is one of the driest regions in the world. Since there has been no precipitation in the region, the lines have not changed or deteriorated for thousands of years. Also, scientists think that people who drew the shapes removed the top layer of soil and drew the shapes on the lower layers. Another common belief among scientists is that the Nazca people started their drawings with smaller shapes. However, it is clear that this situation has changed over time!

You have to look from above to see the lines exactly!

Because most of the lines and shapes are gigantic! So much so that some drawings are 300 meters long! In addition, how a civilization thousands of years ago drew such gigantic drawings is still not fully clear. However, some scientists believe that these gigantic shapes should be viewed from the sky during the drawing phase. According to these scientists, the human community that drew shapes somehow had the technology of airplanes or air balloons!

Nazca Lines consists of 3 main categories

Straight lines, geometric shapes and lively figures. Most of the lines are straight lines. An area stretching for 40 square kilometers is filled with dozens of different lines. Also, many of the largest shapes among the Nazca Lines are straight lines. However, the most striking ones among the lines are undoubtedly the animal depictions. There are gigantic depictions of animals such as spiders, monkeys and birds in the region.

It is not known by which people the lines were made.

Some studies show that the drawings date back 2,000 years. It is also believed that the lines were made by the Nazca people, one of the oldest human societies in the Peruvian region. But the lines hold a greater mystery! For what purpose these lines were made is also unknown! But he has several theories. Moreover, some of them are quite interesting 👇

Some scientists think the lines are drawn as part of a religious ritual.

Especially plant and animal figures. Because most of the living figures in the area are related to water and fertility! For this reason, scientists think that the people of the region may have drawn these figures to ask the gods for rain and fertility. On the other hand, some symbols similar to the shapes in the Nazca Desert were found on pottery and pottery in different regions of Peru. These findings strengthen the possibility that the shapes were part of a religious ritual. But that’s not the only theory trying to explain why these shapes were drawn!

Nazca Lines may also be related to astronomy

nazca lines

According to this theory, thousands of years ago, the people living in the region developed the lines as a kind of calendar. He also used these lines to determine the locations of different celestial bodies! However, there are scientists who claim that the lines and shapes are actually a kind of water channel.

However, according to some theories, the Nazca Lines may have been drawn by “aliens”!

This theory is the most interesting of the theories that try to explain how and for what purpose the lines are made. However, it is not as baseless a theory as you might think! This theory, which claims that the lines were drawn by aliens, is based on a depiction found in the region! The drawing, which was called “astronaut” in the region and resembled an alien, caused this theory to be put forward. Again, according to this theory, the region where the shapes are located was the landing sites of aliens visiting Earth thousands of years ago. That’s why the aliens drew huge shapes in this area! Of course, this theory about the Naza Lines, like other theories, does not express any certainty!

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