Enfield Poltergeist Olayı: Sinema Filmlerine İlham Kaynağı Olan Gizemli Ve Paranormal Bir Hikâye

What You Need to Know About the Enfield Poltergeist Incident

History is full of many paranormal events. Frightening ghosts, unexplained events, or dangerous ” haunts ” were things that have existed in every period of history. Of course, many of these paranormal events were based on a malicious hoax or a series of misunderstandings. However, some paranormal events continue to be mysterious no matter how much time has passed. Here is the strange phenomenon called the Enfield Poltergeist event, one of the cases where the mystery behind it is still not solved!

What makes this case more mysterious and interesting than other paranormal events is that dozens of different people witnessed what happened! However, neither the witnesses nor any of those who subsequently investigated the event have been able to develop a satisfactory theory of the bizarre events in an ordinary house. For this reason, the Enfield Polteresis event remained one of the most well-known and mysterious paranormal events in history. It has even seriously affected modern culture. A feature film called “The Conjuring 2”, released in 2016, was entirely inspired by mysterious events in England! Here’s what you need to know about the Enfield Poltergeist event, one of the most famous and mysterious paranormal cases in history…

The house at “284 Green Street” in the north of London, the capital of England, looked very ordinary when viewed from the outside.

In this ordinary house lived a woman named Peggy Hodgson and their children Margaret, Janet, Johnny and Billy. But the ordinary life of the family would change completely by the end of the 1970s. Moreover, this family would become people known first to the whole of England and then to the whole world…

Allegedly, in August 1977, children’s beds began to move “on their own”.

enfield poltergeist

The children immediately informed their mother. But the beds were in their usual place when Peggy Hodgson entered the room. Hodgson naturally thought that his children were playing a joke on him. But what Hodgson thought was part of a simple joke would continue the next night…

This house was no longer an ordinary place because of the terrible noises, strange clicking and moving items.

enfield poltergeist

The children claimed that the chair in the room was moving by itself! That was the source of the interesting sounds in the room! Peggy Hodgson replaced the chair in the middle of the room and turned off the light to calm her children. At that moment, another interesting sound was heard in the room. Hodgson turned on the light and the sound stopped. But when the light was turned off again, the terrible sound reappeared! Margaret, Janet, Johnny or Billy, none of them could have played such a scary joke! That’s when Peggy Hodgson first realized she wasn’t the victim of some common joke when she heard the horrific voices in the room. But a little later, something much more mysterious and much more terrifying happened.

That night, as the sound of punches coming from inside the walls filled the room, the dresser started to move by itself.

enfield poltergeist

It was the first time that Peggy Hodgson had encountered this terrifying sight her children had been witnessing for days! Like every cold-blooded person, he tried to put the things that were wandering around the room by himself! But it didn’t succeed. Family members then rushed out to seek help.

Neighbors, policemen, religious officials, psychics, journalists… Dozens of different people witnessed what happened in the house at 248 Green Street.

enfield poltergesit

All the rooms of the house were scrutinized many times. The garden was explored. Areas near the house were examined. However, nothing strange was found anywhere. Outside, it was as ordinary as ever. On the other hand, the inside of the house was more unusual than ever before! Strangers in the house had also witnessed moving objects, objects floating in the air, and strange sudden sounds. A piece of lego even took off on its own and smashed into the face of one of the house-reviewing journalists! Despite all this, no one has been able to explain the mystery behind these interesting events. The wide coverage of these paranormal events in the press caused the event to be named Enfield Poltergeist and became an important agenda item all over the world.

The Hodgson family decided to liaise with an official from the “Psychical Research Society”

A man named Maurice Grosse then moved into the house at 248 Green Street to investigate the Enfield Poltergesit incident more closely! The first days of Grosse’s stay at home were quite quiet. But after a few days, Grosse also witnessed strange happenings in the house and more. Moving furniture, noises coming from inside the wall, children flying! Yes, whatever the source of the events in the house was, the target was now children. Especially 11-year-old Janet…

Janet was most affected by the paranormal events. Sometimes the curtains of the house mysteriously wrapped around the boy’s neck. It was as if the thing behind the mysterious events wanted to kill Janet.

As time progresses, Janet’s voice also changes completely. She no longer speaks like an 11-year-old girl, but with an old male voice! Thereupon, Janet is sent to a hospital in London. It is subjected to a series of psychological and physiological tests. However, the little girl has neither a psychological nor a physiological disorder. Moreover, during Janet’s time in the hospital, events at home have greatly decreased.

Strange things start again when little girl Janet returns home

Also, Janet continues to speak with a male voice. But this time, more information about the owner of the voice is revealed! Because what makes Janet talk is a man named Bill! According to what Bill tells through Janet, he is the former owner of the house where the Hodgson family now lives. He says he died years ago on the sofa in the basement of the house! Some researchers who decide to investigate what “Bill” tells, realize that the story is true! Indeed, there is a man named Bill who lived in this house many years ago. And he died in this house! Bill’s speeches, moving furniture, interesting sounds continue for a while…

Things came to an abrupt end in August 1977, 1.5 years after the beds first moved spontaneously.

Just as we cannot find out why and how these strange events started, neither can why and how they ended! 1.5 years later, both the furniture and the children are in place in the Hodgson family home! No strange noises can be heard from the walls, curtains have stopped killing children! Although no one knows why, the “poltergeist” (evil spirit) has left the house. After the Poltergeist left the house, many years of discussions began. Some argue that the Enfield Poltergeist case is one of the world’s most mysterious paranormal cases. Others have more rational explanations…

Bill’s story adds to the “reality” of the Enfield Poltergeist event.

Speaking through Janet, the “poltergeist” is a very real “thing!” for many people. On the other hand, the fact that dozens of different people witnessed what happened at home increases the reality of the event. In short, many people, both in the UK and around the world, really believed that something was “haunting” the house at 248 Green Street!

However, there were those who thought otherwise. According to many people, Janet was responsible for the events! This little girl, who wanted to attract her mother’s attention, had prepared a comprehensive “prank” with the support of her siblings! Still, it was never quite clear which side was right. The Enfield Poltergesit incident has been a comprehensive joke for some for years, and a scary ghost case for others.

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