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The Scariest Robot Disasters Ever

Artificial intelligence and robotics are among the most important developments that can advance human civilization. However, both artificial intelligence and robots are the subject of many discussions. The main axis of these discussions is issues such as ethics, morality, self and will! Also, some people think that the concept of “robots taking over the world”, which is also the subject of many science fiction movies, will come true! According to these people, when artificial intelligence and robot technology make a significant progress, a war of dominance may take place between humans and robots! The prospect of such a war seems unrealistic at the moment! But so far there are some accidents caused by robots!

Some of these are ordinary injuries. But there are also people who were killed by robots, or rather, lost their lives due to robots! In a chess tournament held in Russia recently, an artificial intelligence robot broke his opponent’s finger! The child fighting against the artificial intelligence robot made his move earlier than the recommended time, causing the artificial intelligence to be surprised and breaking the child’s finger by catching it! This interesting event, which attracted great attention all over the world, brought up the accidents and even disasters caused by robots in history! Here are the scariest robot disasters that have ever happened…

In 1979, a man named Robert Williams was killed by a robot!


This incident was the biggest disaster ever caused by a robot! Robert Williams, on the other hand, was the first person to be killed by a robot… Robert Williams, 25, was working in the warehouse of a factory in Michigan, USA. Moreover, Williams had a very unusual colleague! An industrial robotic arm designed to stack products on warehouse shelves crashed into Williams’ head and killed him! Williams’ family sued the company that produced the robot and was awarded $10 million in damages. Because the robot did not have security measures that could prevent such an event from happening.

A robot in China stabbed a human in 10 places!


This incident that occurred in 2018 was one of the scariest incidents involving a robot! A 49-year-old factory worker named Zhou became the target of the sharp rods on the machine when his huge robotic production vehicle suddenly shut down! 10 of the sticks on the giant robotic machine got stuck in Zhou’s body! Fortunately, this horrific event ended with a miracle and Zhou managed to survive…

Autopilot caused tragic death

“Driverless car” was among the hottest topics of the past decade! Autopilots, that is, cars to be driven by artificial intelligence, created a great excitement all over the world. But in 2016, an artificial intelligence car killed a human. A former navy officer in Florida, USA, put his Tesla vehicle on autopilot. However, a white tractor appeared after a while, causing a terrible accident and the death of the unfortunate man. Because the artificial intelligence in the vehicle perceived the bright white color of the tractor as the sky. Therefore, the autopilot could not notice the tractor and this fatal traffic accident occurred. Unfortunately, this was not the only accident caused by AI cars.

In 2018, a self-driving car hit a pedestrian


In this incident that took place in the United States, a woman named Elaine Herzberg lost her life! The autopilot feature was active in the vehicle belonging to the Uber company. There was also an engineer on board as a reserve pilot. However, it was claimed that the engineer did not stop the car because he watched the video at the time of the accident.

Robot surgeon killed his patient!


The perpetrator of the terrible incident that took place in England in 2015 was a robot surgeon named “Da Vinci”… A man named Stephen Pettitt had to be operated on due to a heart condition. A robotic surgeon named Da Vinci would also take part in the surgery. Moreover, this would be the first surgery in England involving a robot. The surgery started off without any problems. But soon, things would get out of hand. Because the robot named Da Vinci was putting the surgical sutures incorrectly! The assistant doctor noticed the situation. Da Vinci, however, was working extremely loud. For this reason, a healthy communication could not be established between the doctors! Already shortly after, Da Vinci inflicted fatal damage to Stephen Pettitt’s aorta! Therefore, in the blink of an eye, the entire operating room turned into a pool of blood! And unfortunately, Stephen Pettitt could not be saved…

Robot caught a worker instead of a machine part

One of the disasters caused by a robot occurred in Germany. A 22-year-old worker at a car factory was killed by a robot! The main task of the robotic arm in the factory was to lift machine parts. But whatever happened in 2015, the robot caught and lifted a worker instead of machine parts. He then struck this worker against a large metal plate! The worker who was taken to the hospital died…

A robot hospitalizes 24 workers in New Jersey

This event, which took place in the USA in 2018, is one of the most interesting events due to a robot! In 2018, a robot working in a warehouse in New Jersey pierced a can of bear repellent spray! There was a large amount of spray in the box. In the sprays, the capsaicin component used in pepper spray! Therefore, 24 workers working in the warehouse were affected by the spray and were taken to the hospital. One of them even had to be treated in intensive care.

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