Hokeyden Basketbola: Günümüzün En Popüler 5 Spor Dalı Nasıl Ortaya Çıktı?

The Origins of the 5 Most Popular Sports Today

Sport is one of the most important elements of a healthy life. Today, we know that people have been doing sports and exercise since ancient times to stay healthy or get stronger. But in modern times, sport is much more than just a physical activity to stay healthy! Especially team sports. Especially sports organizations such as basketball and football have turned into a huge industry around the world. When the concept of “support” is added to all these, some sports branches mean much more than health for modern people! Passion, belonging, fun, success, competition and money are just some of them! So how did the sports that millions of people follow closely today come about? Some date back to antiquity. But we had to wait until the 19th century for some to appear. Here’s what you need to know about the origins of the 5 most popular sports today…

1. Basketball


Basketball, one of today’s most popular sports, was invented in 1891 by Canadian sports coach and inventor James Naismith. James Naismith worked as a physical education teacher at the Young Men’s Christian Association in Massachusetts. But during the winter months, the inability of children to play sports outside became a big problem for both the school management and Naismith. Thus, he started to think about a sport that would allow children to do sports indoors and attract their attention!

He would soon invent basketball, which would become a hugely important sport for millions of people! James Naismith placed a basket on each wall of the indoor gym of the school where he worked. He called the children into the hall, gave them a ball and blew his whistle! This is how the world’s first basketball game started! However, during this first basketball match, the rivalry between the teams started to get dangerous. Because the game has no rules. But James Naismith overcame that too. He wrote the first 13 rules of basketball with his own hands! Thus, a safer sport emerged. This is how basketball, which has become a billion-dollar industry today, emerged!

2. Baseball


Baseball, which is especially popular in the United States and the Far East today, is a sport whose origins date back to the 17th century. However, the game began to reach its modern form in 1845. The old English sports “rounders” and “cricket” were brought to the United States by British colonists. These two games became popular with the American Revolution and the following period, especially among the men living in the big cities of America in the middle of the 19th century. In other words, at that time, a sport similar to “baseball” was practiced in parks and empty fields in big cities…

However, the establishment of the New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club in September 1845 under the leadership of a banker named Alexander Cartwright would change the history of sports in the United States! After the founding of the new baseball club, Alexander Cartwright began working on theorizing the game. He worked on many changes, from the size of the playing field to the number of players, from foul lines to ball-kicking rules. The rules set by Cartwright contributed to the popularity and popularity of baseball. An ordinary American man has given his true identity to a sport that dates back to the 17th century.

3. Figure skating

The origins of figure skating go back to BC! Human communities living in Scandinavia and Russia were “skating” from the bones of animals such as horses, deer and sheep in order to travel on ice-covered lakes in the regions where they lived! These primitive skates have acquired an increasingly modern appearance over the course of hundreds of years. But in the 18th century, people in England began to spend more time having fun. This is how modern ice skating would emerge! A skate club founded in Scotland in the 1740s expected its new enrollees to successfully pass a series of tests. This test involved skating on the ice, drawing various shapes, jumping over obstacles and various moves! British citizen Robert Jones wrote a book in 1772 with instructions on how to do these moves. But she was probably unaware that she was writing the first handbook of figure skating…

4. Hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular sports branches of countries with cold climate today. Moreover, this sport is followed by a considerable crowd around the world. The origin of hockey – modern hockey at least – is a bit complicated! But the history of a sport resembling today’s hockey goes back to Ancient Greece. We know that a game very similar to hockey was played in ancient Greece. However, it took a long time for modern hockey to develop and become what it is today!

In the early 1600s, a game called “chamiare” was played in Scotland, similar to today’s hockey. By the 1700s, the game called “bandy” in England was almost no different from hockey! In the 18th century, even Native Americans in North America were playing a sport similar to hockey. This is why Canada, Russia and the UK and some European states claim that modern hockey was first played in their own countries. Actually, they’re all right. Especially in the 19th century, hockey was played widely in these countries. However, the International Ice Hockey Federation states that the first official hockey match was played in Montreal on March 3, 1875!

5. Golf

The earliest version of golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century. But at that time there were two different golf sports in Scotland! One was the game the rich played on private golf courses. The other was the game poor Scots played in the alleys and on the streets! Golf was so common in Scotland that King II. James had banned men from playing golf. The reason was that men did not prefer military sports such as archery and played golf… In 1744, when a golf club in Scotland published the rule book of golf, this game, which has been played for years in Scotland, gained a more modern look and has survived to the present day.

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