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The 6 Most Mysterious Coffins in History with Scary Stories Behind

Just as life contains many cultural values, traditions and beliefs for human societies, death also contains many cultural aspects! The way people send off their dead, laments, beliefs and actions… In short, the cultures of human societies are as influential on death as they are on life. The coffin is one of the tools in which the effects of cultures on death are clearly seen. In some cultures, the shape, shape, and even color of the coffins are chosen very carefully.

Today, when it comes to coffins, the vehicles in which mummies in Ancient Egypt were placed come to mind, but coffins are important parts of many different cultures. However, some coffins in the world are much more interesting than others! Because some coffins contain extremely mysterious and even scary stories behind them! Sometimes the unknown where and how a coffin came from becomes part of a great mystery! Sometimes an empty coffin becomes a grisly state matter that has been waiting to be solved for years. Here are the 6 most mysterious coffins with very interesting stories behind them…

1. Edinburgh miniature coffins


Some children have found quite interesting objects while playing! But in 1836, a group of children playing in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, discovered something quite extraordinary! Entering the cave on a hill, the children encountered 17 miniature coffins! Moreover, these coffins looked as if they had been in the cave for many years. News of the mysterious coffins soon spread throughout the city. But no one knew where these coffins came from and why they were in the cave!

Also, not knowing where they came from wasn’t the only thing that made these coffins more mysterious than usual. Inside the coffins were human figures that looked rather small and frightening! Some believed that these coffins were part of the rituals of the ancient witches who lived in the area. Others have suggested that the figures in the coffins were mythical creatures that once lived in the area! But the mystery behind the miniature coffins has never been clarified. Despite the hundreds of years that have passed, even today, no one knows the true story of the coffins.

2. Iron coffin in the United States


In 2011, construction work was underway on a single-issued property in New York City, United States. Workers working at the construction site for a while found a very valuable iron coffin! Inside the coffin lay an embalmed African-American woman! Initially, this woman was thought to be an unfortunate murder victim! However, the studies on the coffin and the mummy were quite surprising!

Because both the mummy and the coffin were from the 1800s! The woman in the iron coffin was most likely a slave who was worked in very bad conditions! So why was it placed in such a precious coffin? Because it was unthinkable for a person who was working as a slave in the United States of that time to be put in such a valuable coffin. Despite years of research, neither the identity of the woman nor why she was placed in such a precious coffin could be revealed.

3. Coffin of Edith Howard Cook

In 2016, a mysterious coffin appeared in the United States! The coffin found in the basement of a house in San Francisco was quite interesting and mysterious. The front of the coffin was made of glass, and inside was a mummified little girl! The fact that the corpse was well preserved made the search easier! It was soon discovered that the coffin belonged to 140 years ago. The person in the coffin belonged to a very influential family in the 19th century! The girl’s identity had also been established, thanks to a DNA sample taken from her hair; Edith Howard Cook…

4. Black granite sarcophagus

Egyptian archaeologists discovered a rather large black granite sarcophagus in Alexandria. But when it comes to Egypt, any coffin is unlikely to cause a stir! But the discovered sarcophagus was untouched for nearly 2000 years! Of course, rumors soon spread that a curse would come to light with the opening of this mysterious coffin! However, what got the scientists excited was something that required the coffin to be opened no matter what! Discovered coffin could have belonged to Alexander the Great! So the mysterious coffin was opened. No one is cursed! But Alexander the Great did not come out of the coffin! Inside the coffin, there were 3 different human skeletons, whose identity could not be determined, and an interesting liquid that had been in the coffin for hundreds of years.

5. The Lost Coffin


Coffins are not naturally beloved objects, as they evoke death. So no one wants to have a coffin in front of their eyes! But the disappearance of a coffin is also not something anyone would want! Charles Francis Coghlan, an Anglo-Irish actor, died in Texas, USA in 1899, after his tumultuous career. However, his relatives could not agree on how to send Coghlan out of this world. Some wanted the actor buried. Some are burned!

During this period of conflict, Coghlan’s body was placed in a coffin and placed in a temporary location. After about a year, relatives managed to reconcile! But a terrible storm has swept away Charles Francis Coghlan’s coffin from where it was temporarily waiting! The coffin, which was lost in 1900, was not heard from until 1904! A metal coffin found in a swamp allegedly belonged to Coghlan. However, at the end of the investigations, it was understood that the person lying in the coffin was another human being.

6. Tsar’s empty coffin


As unreasonable or cruel as it may sound, sometimes a full coffin is better than an empty one! The Russian Tsar Alexander I, who ascended the throne in 1801, was an extremely “paranoid” ruler. He was suspicious of all the people around him! Therefore, he went on a long journey to the south of Russia. At the end of this journey, he died in 1825 and this interesting ruler was forgotten until 1934!

In 1934, it was decided to open the coffin of the tsar, who died many years ago. The entire Soviet Union was looking forward to this exciting event. But when the coffin was opened, all the Soviet people were in for a surprise. Because the coffin was empty! Some claimed that the tsar’s body was never put in that coffin! The tsar pretended to be dead to escape his chaotic royal life! So the empty coffin was buried with a symbolic ceremony! On the other hand, the real coffin or body of the tsar was never found.

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