Barbro Karlen: Anne Frank’ın Reenkarnasyonu Olduğunu İddia Eden İsveçli Yazar

Swedish Author Claiming to be the Reincarnation of Anne Frank

The Swedish writer named Barbro Karlen is the subject of a truly extraordinary historical story. Because Barbro Karlen claimed to be Anne Frank from a very young age! According to her, Anne Frank, a German of Jewish descent, had been reincarnated and reincarnated as Barbro Karlen! Yes, this historical story may sound crazy. But Karlen was really insistent that she was Anne Frank! Moreover, some events over the years would cause many people to believe this claim of Karlen! Here’s what you need to know about this extraordinary event and Barbro Karlen…

Before moving on to who Barbro Karlen is, it is useful to get to know Anne Frank.

barbro karlen

Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Frank was a German of Jewish descent. She moved to the Netherlands with her family in the 1930s due to Nazi repression in Germany. However, the Nazi persecution did not leave the family here either! In 1940 the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Thus, Frank and his family lived largely isolated from the outside world during 1942-44. They hardly ever came out of a secret room behind the library in their home…

During the years they were hiding here, Anne Frank began to keep a diary. She wrote down the finest details of the psychology of war day by day. However, after a tip-off, Anne Frank and her family were captured by the Nazis in 1944. Members of the family were sent to different concentration camps. Anne Frank first went to the famous Auschwitz, from there to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She died in 1945 when she was only 16 years old. The diary written by Anne Frank was published in 1947 as “Anne Frank’s Diary” with the efforts of her father, who managed to survive the Nazi persecution. The diary, which attracted great attention over the years, has been the subject of many works of art and the book has been translated into many languages.

Claiming to be the reincarnation of Anne Frank, Barbro Karlen was born in Sweden in 1954

From the outside, Karlen was seen as a pretty normal, even ordinary kid. But after a few years, things got extremely interesting. Barbro Karlen was asking her parents where her real parents were! Karlen’s interesting questions did not end there. Because he was also asking his parents about people they had never heard of before. As Karlen got older, she started asking these questions more often. She claimed to be Anne Frank! Of course, his family didn’t really believe in Karlen’s crazy claims. They even worried that their child had a psychological disorder.

Barbro Karlen’s family found the solution in getting professional support

So, they took Karlen to a psychiatrist. However, Karlen did not have any psychological problems. The psychiatrist said that Karlen probably has an overdeveloped imagination, and this situation will disappear in the coming years.

Barbro Karlen met Anne Frank’s Diary in 1960!

This acquaintance was an important turning point for Karlen. Because he had an undetermined restlessness that he had trouble understanding until then. But after reading Frank’s memoirs, everything became clearer to Karlen. Anne Frank had definitely been reincarnated and was living her new life as Barbro Karlen. The fact that Karlen did not give up on her claim that she was actually Anne Frank and that the doctors could not find a diagnosis caused the family to accept this situation. Of course, they still didn’t believe their daughter was Anne Frank. But they couldn’t stop their daughter from learning more about Frank.

The Karlen family’s visit to the Netherlands caused significant changes in their lives

barbro karlen

Of course, the family member most excited for this visit was Barbro Karlen! Because, finally, he would be able to visit the house where Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam. More precisely, he would be able to see once more the place where he spent the last years of his life. The Karlen family had a hard time finding the house in Amsterdam, which was converted into a museum after Anne Frank’s war. But Barbro said he could find the house! As impossible as their little girl’s proposal seemed to her parents, they had no better alternative. So, they let the little girl guide them. And after a short while, they reached the house, passing through extremely complex alleys and maze-like paths! This incident made her parents take Barbro’s allegations more seriously! Because Barbro Karlen had never been to Amsterdam before. Of course, at that time, the museum did not have a chance to learn the location of the house from the internet! But much more impressive events would soon follow.

Barbro Karlen was pretty excited when the Karlen family broke into Anne Frank’s home

Because soon, he would see his own room! Frank had filled the walls of his own room with photographs of people he loved. And soon, she’d be able to see at least one more photo of the people she loved! But when they entered Anne Frank’s room, Barbro Karlen’s excitement gave way to sadness. Because not a single photograph was hung on the walls of the room! Of course, her parents didn’t expect the walls to be filled with photographs anyway. However, in order to calm down their little girl a little, they asked a staff member of the museum about the photos!

The response they received left them shocked. Indeed, the walls of the room were filled with photographs hung by Anne Frank years ago! But those who visited the room often touched the photographs. The photos were temporarily removed for framing for this reason! This incident, which took place in Anne Frank’s home in Amsterdam, completely changed the way her parents viewed Barbro Karlen. After that, they too began to believe that Karlen was actually Anne Frank…

Barbro Karlen never renounced her claim to be Anne Frank for real

barbro karlen

He even described this interesting event in detail in his book “And the Wolves Howled: Fragments of Two Lifetimes” published in 2000. This interesting situation reached a large number of people over time. Karlen made several speeches about Frank being reincarnated. These allegations were even heard by Anne Frank’s cousin, Buddy Elias.

Buddy Elias decided to meet Barbro Karlen

Of course, he didn’t believe Karlen’s claims. However, she still wanted to meet Karlen. He hid his true identity during the meeting. But from the first moment they met, a “special bond with family members only,” as Elias later put it, formed between them! Anne Frank’s cousin, Buddy Elias, continued to believe that Barbro Karlen was Anne Frank until the day she passed away in 2015.

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