Kendi Kalesine Attığı Gol Yüzünden Öldürülen Kolombiyalı Futbolcu Andres Escobar’ın Trajik Hikâyesi

Colombian Footballer Killed for Own Goal

Football is one of the most popular sports today. However, it is not correct to define football only as a sport or a game. Because today, football is a concept that has an important place in the lives of millions of people. This dynamic structure of football causes non-football players to be very interested in football. The drug cartels, which dominated the drug network in Colombia in the 90s and thus gained a great economic, political and armed power, were also closely interested in football! Unfortunately, this interest would lead to the death of a football player named Andres Escobar.

Indeed, football was never just football, and the dark forces would tear a much-loved young football player out of life simply because he had “scorched an own goal”! Andres Escobar, nicknamed “The Gentleman of Football”, was executed and died in his home country of Colombia due to a goal scored in the wrong goal! Escobar made his way into football history, perhaps not because of his success on the football field, but because of his terrible death. Here is the tragic story of Colombian football player Andres Escobar, who was killed by the cartel…

Andres Escobar was born on March 13, 1967 in Medellin, Colombia.

andres escobar

In 1987, he started his professional football career in Atletico Nacional, one of Colombia’s well-established football clubs. He played an important role in his team’s championship in the Libertadores tournament, the most important football organization in South America, in 1989. In the same year, he transferred to Switzerland’s Young Boys team. However, he returned to Atlético Nacional a year later. His national team career, which indirectly contributed to Escobar’s death, started in 1988. Escobar scored his first goal for the national team in 1988 against England. In the late ’80s, Andres Escobar was an important football figure loved by thousands of Colombians who were passionate about football.

Two Escobars dominated Colombian football in the late 80’s.

On the one hand, Andres Escobar, who was born in the poor neighborhoods of Medellin. On the other hand, the world’s largest drug lord, the leader of the Medellin cartel, Pablo Escobar… Pablo Escobar was one of the most important criminals in the world at that time. The wealth he had gained from drugs had given Escobar great economic and political power. On the other hand, Escobar was also a huge football fan personally. But that passion didn’t stop Escobar from using football for his dirty work!

Under Escobar’s leadership, many drug dealers were keenly interested in Colombian football at the time. There were even football clubs owned or headed by many drug dealers, especially Pablo! Because football clubs were used both to launder money and to gain prestige and power. The fact that the cartel is so involved in football has spread to the green field over time! Players who were close to the cartel or supported by the cartel had the chance to play both in the national team and in the club teams. Football match fixings organized by the cartel were known to everyone. However, there was no force that could break this effect of the cartel on green fields! In short, at that time, Colombian football was ruled by the cartel, not the federation!

Before the 1994 World Cup, Colombia played quite spectacular football. So much so that he only lost once in 26 games played before the World Cup group stages.

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He had extremely talented players on his roster. Many football fans considered Colombia to be the cup favorites that year. So much so that the glorious 5-0 victory they won against Argentina, one of the most important football countries in the world, increased the number of people who believed in Colombia! Even Pele, who is shown as one of the best football players in the world, was saying that Colombia would win the World Cup. “The Gentleman of Football” Andres Escobar was the calm and disciplined leader of the talented team that created great expectations among football fans…

Despite all expectations, Colombia did not start well in the tournament held in the United States.

Colombia’s rivals in Group A in the 1994 World Cup; Romania, the United States, and Switzerland. Both Colombians and many football authorities were confident that Colombia would come out of the groups comfortably! However, Colombia’s first match ended unexpectedly. Colombia lost 3-1 against Romania! This unexpected defeat was the beginning of bad days for Colombia.

After the defeat against Romania, Colombian footballers began to feel the pressure of the “cartel” closely

andres escobar

Because the Colombian cartel was threatening the entire national team. He was also putting pressure on the technical team to get the players they wanted on the field! It was alleged that the Colombian cartel had bet heavily on Colombia to win the cup… When the Romanian defeat was added to the pressure of the cartel, the whole balance of the Colombian footballers was upset! The most important thing they had to fight was no longer their opponent…

Colombia played their second game against the USA and had no choice but to win.

Because the road to the World Cup finals was through this victory… The first 30 minutes of the match were played with 0-0 equality. So Colombia still had a chance to win and move on! However, a US raid in the 34th minute of the match resulted in a goal! The goal scorer was none other than Andres Escobar! Escobar caused his team to lose 1-0 with a backstroke. In the following minutes, the USA scored another goal. The Colombian goal at the end of the match was not enough for the win. Thus, the match ended in a 2-1 defeat to Colombia and Colombia bid farewell to the 1994 World Cup! All the players, all of Colombia and of course the cartel were in for a shock. However, the shock of the cartel would soon give way to anger.

Cartel bills Colombia’s elimination from tournament to Andres Escobar

After the last match against Switzerland, Andres Escobar started getting a lot of threats! The cartel was saying that if he came to the country he would be killed! However, Escobar was determined to return to his native land.

Andres Escobar has long sought to recover from tournament failure and death threats.

Finally, days later, he was able to recover a little bit. On the evening of July 2, 1994, Andres Escobar went to have fun with his friends in a bar called “El Indio” in Medellin. However, he was attacked while leaving the venue at around 03.00 am! Three unidentified people went missing after injuring Escobar with a gun…

Escobar died 45 minutes after the attack! The reason why the 27-year-old football player was killed at that time was the goal he scored.

There were those who claimed that the attack was an ordinary bar fight. But of course, the cartel was behind the attack! The Gentleman of Football was sent off to his last journey by 120 thousand Colombian football lovers! Although the dominance of the cartel over the green fields continued for many years, this tragic event created an important awareness of the relations between the cartel and football in Colombia.

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