Best TV Shows Based on Games

Best TV Shows Based on Games

We are aware that most of the movies adapted from the gaming world to the movie world are a huge disaster. This may be because they have to fit a whole story into a 1.5 – 2 hour time frame. However, the situation seems to be different for the TV series industry because, as you know, the TV series are not subject to a time limit even if they are divided into chapters, and therefore the directors can process the story better. Especially in recent years, many games have been successfully adapted into TV series under the leadership of Netflix. Here are the productions that deserve to be included in our list of the best TV series adapted from games!

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The Witcher

best TV series adapted from games

Type: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

We start our list of the best series adapted from games with The Witcher, which has become very popular in recent years. When Netflix first announced The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, there were some concerns among viewers. However, the series proceeded successfully by not making the mistakes of other fantasy-themed series and managed to relieve the concerns of the audience. The series is about Geralt’s relationships with Ciri and Yennifer, and of course, witch hunting, of which he is an expert.


Type: Action, Adventure, Drama

Arcane is a great drama animated series for Netflix, featuring popular League of Legends characters such as Vi, Jinx, Ekko, and Jayce. The series is set in a fictional LoL universe and mainly focuses on the drama of two sisters, Vi and Jinx. The series was liked by the audience so much that it took the first place on the Netflix Top 10 list in 52 countries.

We have good news for those who watched the first season! Arcane season two officially confirmed, details from here you can take a look.


best TV series adapted from games

Type: Action, Adventure, Horror,

Castlevania is a Netflix-based American adult animated series based on Konami’s Japanese video game series of the same name. The series is about a vampire hunter named Trevor Belmont fighting to save the city, which is besieged by an army of otherworldly demons commanded by Dracula.

The Cuphead Show

Type: Comedy, Adventure

Developed for Netflix, The Cuphead Show is an animated series based on the 2017 Canadian video game Cuphead by Studio MDHR. Follow the unfortunate events that befell Cuphead and his easily fooled brother, Mugman, in this beloved animated comedy series.

Resident Evil: Biohazard

Type: Action, Horror,

Resident Evil: Biohazard is an action-horror series for Netflix. The series is an adaptation of Capcom’s popular video game franchise of the same name. Although many movies and TV series have been released for this popular zombie game, new productions such as Biohazard still continue to attract the attention of the audience. Resident Evil: Biohazard is about the main character named Jade Wesker, who, after a zombie virus epidemic caused the global apocalypse, while fighting for survival, while chasing those responsible for the event.

Skylanders Academy

Type: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

The series is essentially based on Skylanders, the platform-rpg game series developed by Activision Blizzard. Skylanders Academy, which premiered on Netflix in 2016, follows a group of our cute alumni creatures as they battle the villains of the Skylands world to become a true Skylander.

Carmen Sandiego

best TV series adapted from games

Type: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama, Education

Carmen Sandiego is an animated action-adventure television series with educational elements created by Broderbund and based on the video game of the same name. The series chronicles the adventure of Carmen Sandiego, who uses her burglary abilities to do good and foil the plans of bad guys.

Pac-Man and Ghost Adventures

best TV series adapted from games

Type: Action, Adventure, Science, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama

At the end of our list of the best TV series adapted from games is Pacman and his Ghost Adventures. This production; It is a cartoon series in which companies based in Japan, Canada and America collaborate. The series was first presented to the audience by Disney XD in 2013. Our beloved hero Pac-Man and his friends struggle with the challenges of puberty while trying to protect the Pac world from an army of ghosts trying to invade.

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