Kurbanlarının Bedenlerinden Burger Yapıp Satan Korkunç Bir Seri Katil: Joe Metheny

A Horrible Serial Killer Who Makes Burgers and Sells His Victims’ Bodies

History is full of horrific, sad and disturbing events! Most of the time, there are people behind all of this! Joe Metheny is a serial killer who adds to the terrible events in history! But Metheny is murderous enough to push the boundaries of horror and evil! Because this cruel man is famous for making burgers from the bodies of the people he killed and selling them to other people! Moreover, he is a man who does not regret for a moment neither being the murderer of many people nor making and selling burgers from the bodies of some of his victims! On the contrary, these horrific acts are a source of pride for Metheny! Here are the “blood-chilling” details you need to know about Joe Metheny, one of the most interesting and terrible serial killers in history, who makes and sells burgers from the meat of the victims.

Joe Metheny was born in 1955 in the United States

Metheny lost his father at a very young age. In the following years, he claimed that he had a neglected and difficult childhood, although his close circle denied this. Despite this, Metheny was a highly intelligent student. He served in the army for a while in his youth. However, in the 1970s, he was estranged from his home, family and friends for an unknown reason. During this time, he began to live on the streets and in homeless camps.

In 1994, Joe became “the cannibal” Metheny!

1994 was the year this horrible serial killer started his murders! Metheny, who was working as a truck driver at the time, learned that his lover had left him one day, taking his children with him. So he got quite angry and started looking for his girlfriend to kill him! Joe Metheny couldn’t find his girlfriend that night! However, under a deserted bridge, he encountered two homeless men who were unaware of everything! The unfortunate men were brutally murdered by Metheny, an extremely large and frightening human! Metheny dismembered the bodies of these first victims at the scene! These were the first murders that would give birth to a terrifying serial killer.

Joe committed two more murders in 1995. Moreover, this time he was going to make burgers from the bodies of his victims and sell them to other people!

Joe Metheny’s victims in 1995 were women named Cathy Ann Magaziner and Kimberly Spicer! This gruesome killer was working in a pallet factory that year. He also lived in a trailer parked near the factory where he worked! Here, he killed unfortunate women in this trailer at different times! In his statement to the police after he was caught, he told with all the details and with great pleasure that he murdered women. But Magaziner and Spicer had a different ending than Methney’s other victims. Because the murderous murderer dismembered the bodies of two women and froze some of them. The reason was that he wanted to make burgers from corpses! Metheny put this disgusting and crazy request into action and cooked the meat of his victims on a barbecue stand! Moreover, he sold it to other people! After he was caught, he very coldly confessed to this horrific incident. He even said that the taste of human flesh is so similar to the taste of pork that it is almost impossible to distinguish!

The event that led to the capture of the terrifying serial killer took place in 1996.

joe metheny

Joe Metheny was determined to continue his murders in 1996! That’s why he tried to kill a woman named Rita Kemper in the trailer where he had killed two women before. However, things – fortunately – did not go the way Metheny wanted! Kemper managed to escape. Metheny, on the other hand, could not catch the woman due to her large size. Kemper took shelter at a nearby gas station. Shortly after, Joe Metheny was caught by the police.

The murderer’s statements were followed with fear and bewilderment by the whole public, especially the police.

Because Metheny was happily and proudly recounting the horrific murders he committed in all its details, without showing any sign of remorse. How he convinced the women he killed to bring them to the caravan, how he brutally beat them before killing them, how he mutilated and froze their bodies, then mixed them with other meats and cooked them… In short, Metheny was explaining with his own mouth that he was even more terrifying and murderous man than he seemed.

One of the most important details that emerged in the testimonies was the number of Metheny’s victims.

joe metheny

Because until then, Metheny was associated with murdering two homeless men in 1994 and two women in 1995! However, she admitted to brutally murdering a lot more people! In 1994, the night he killed two homeless men, he killed 3 more in just 7 hours! In his statement, Metheny said that he put weights on the bodies of these 3 people and threw them into a nearby river! However, these bodies were never found. Therefore, Metheny was not held responsible for the 3 murders. However, at the end of the investigation, it was understood that the person named Toni Ingrassia was also killed by Joe Metheny.

Joe Metheny was sentenced to death on July 24, 2000

joe metheny

However, this sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. Joe Metheny, who spent the last 22 years of his life in prison, was found dead in his cell in August 2018. This terrible serial killer confessed to killing 9 people in total! However, he was found guilty of only 3 murders. Because no evidence was found about the other murders he confessed to. On the other hand, the debate about Metheny’s horrific actions continues even today! Some are of the opinion that Metheny killed many more people! However, there are those who think that Metheny is exaggerating the number of people he has killed “to brag”. On the other hand, the date that Metheny started his gruesome murders is 1994. That is, the date officially known! However, there are those who claim that the horrific murders committed by Metheny date back to 1976.

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