Ig Nobel’den Ernie’ye: Asla Kazanmak İstemeyeceğiniz Dünyanın En İlginç 10 Ödülü

World’s Top 10 Most Interesting Awards

Being successful is something that all people want. All successful people probably want to be rewarded too! Today, different awards are given in many fields from art to politics, from science to sports. Moreover, some awards are so prestigious that the winner can completely change a person’s life. However, there are some very strange prizes in the world that no one would want to win! Still, some of these interesting prizes are quite creative. Here are the 10 most interesting awards in the world…

1. Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards are named after the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. The award project, which emerged in the late 1980s, was implemented in 1993 under the leadership of Wendy Northcutt. Top of our list of the 10 most interesting awards, this award is one that absolutely no one would want to win! Because these awards are given to people who lost their lives “stupidly” or who contributed to humanity by not passing on the gene pool to future generations. Those who deserve it are usually expected to die in order to receive their rewards, and the rewards are given to the owner after the person dies…


The Nobel Prizes are one of the most prestigious awards in the world. The Ig Nobel Prizes emerged in 1991 as a parody of this prestigious award. Accordingly, the Ig Nobel Prizes are given to scientific studies that are meaningless, ridiculous and should not be repeated every year in December. The awards, which were found at the award ceremony held at Harvard University, are given in 10 different areas. For example, in 2016, the study on “why woodpeckers don’t get headaches” was awarded in the branch of ornithology. In the same year, the study on “how many photos should be taken to make everyone’s eyes open in a photo” was awarded in the field of mathematics! In addition, a physicist named Andre Geim made history as the first and only person to win both Nobel and Ig Nobel prizes. Geim won the Nobel in 2000 and the Ig Nobel in 2010.

3. Foot in the Mouth Award


The Foot in the Mouth Award is given each year to the public figures who make the most surprising comments. The award is distributed by the Plain English Campaign magazine, which was founded in 1993. So far, many famous names have won this interesting award. However, the most interesting name to win the award is former US President George W. Bush. Bush was awarded the “lifetime achievement” award in 2008 for his “consistently surprising statements over the years”.

4. Ernie Award

Launched in Australia in 1993, the Ernie Awards are named after Ernie Ecob, a former secretary of the Australian Labor Union and a vicious misogynist. Those nominated for the award are “misogynists!” Unfortunately, many famous names in many different fields have won this award so far.

5. Bent Spoon Award


Organized by the Australian Septics (Skeptics) in 1982, this interesting award is given each year to the owner of the most unbelievable paranormal or scientific claim. Also, only Australian citizens or people operating in Australia can win this award…

6. Golden Collar Awards

The Golden Collar Awards are as important as the Oscar Awards, one of the most important awards in the world of cinema and acting! However, only the dog is given to the players! At the award ceremonies held since 2012, the best dog performances in that year’s movies are evaluated.

7. Bad Sex in Fiction Award

The Bad Sex in Fiction Award is an award that British writers are very afraid of winning. Because with this award, it is named the worst sex scene in British literary works each year. The aim of the award is to avoid unnecessary and bad depictions of sexuality. The first winner of the award, which has been distributed since 1993, was Melvyn Bragg for her novel “A Time to Dance”…

8. Diagram Prize

The Diagram Prize is awarded annually in the UK to the weirdest book title. The winner is determined by public voting on the website of The Bookseller, a UK-based magazine. Among the book titles that have won the award so far, there are some really interesting ones. “Your Horse Is Bombproof,” “The Joy of Chickens,” “Living with Crazy Hips…”

9. Pigasus Award


This award, which is given to people who claim to have experienced paranormal events every year, is given by the famous American illusionist James Randi. In addition, this interesting award has a long history. Because the first award ceremony was held in 1982. Awards traditionally find their owners on April 1st. This date, of course, is not randomly chosen. Because James Randi has a mission to “decode charlatans”…

10. Big Brother Awards


Referring to the “Big Brother” in the famous work of British writer George Orwell in 1984, the award is given to individuals, institutions or authorities who put people’s private lives in danger. The awards are given to draw attention to the increasing privacy violations around the world. In addition, different versions of the award are distributed in countries such as the USA, England, France, Spain and Japan.

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