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Popular Fictional Character Pinocchio and His True Story

Throughout history, many fictional characters created in literary works or movies have achieved great fame. Pinocchio, who first appeared in the book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” written by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi, is one of the most important fictional characters that history has ever seen!

Even today, Pinocchio is a character well-known to the whole world, even though it has been many years since his character was created. Of course, this is also due to the fact that Pinocchio has appeared in many different works of art over the years. Movies, animations, stories, pictures, musical works… Perhaps the most important reason why Pinocchio has been so popular for years; It is a warm, emotional and sincere story of a little mischievous but extremely cute puppet who wants to turn into a real boy! But the truth is a little different. Because Pinocchio’s story wasn’t emotional or heartwarming at all! On the contrary, The Adventures of Pinocchio looked more like a dark horror story! Also, Pinocchio wasn’t an innocent or cute character at first!

Pinocchio is “advice to children” about the evils of lying – because his nose grows every time he tells a lie! But in the true story, Pinocchio’s nose only grew once! In short, the true story of Pinocchio was quite different from what is known today. Of course, there were some important reasons for this change in Pinocchio’s story. Here is the true story of Pinocchio, one of the most important fictional characters in history…

The Adventures of Pinocchio began publication in 1881


Created by Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio was first published in a children’s magazine. Pinocchio attracted great attention from the moment it was published… In 1883, a book called The Adventures of Pinocchio was published. The most consistent side between Pinocchio’s story known today and the real story is the beginning of the story.

Pinocchio begins his life as a talking log!


Pinocchio is found by a man named Mastro Cherrey while he is still a log. Cherry takes the log and starts carving. But he hears words like “please, don’t hit that hard” or “be careful”! The log Cherry found is alive! Moreover, it has a childlike tone! Mastro continues to carve the Cherry log. But the log sometimes cries and sometimes laughs out loud! Cherry doesn’t want to deal with this interesting log any more and takes it to her friend Geppetto…

It is clear from the beginning that Pinocchio is a dark type!


Before Pinocchio becomes a puppet, he starts insulting Geppetto. Even Geppetto thinks it is Mastro Cherry who insulted him. So the two start fighting. But the truth is revealed and Geppetto continues to carve the log. Geppetto’s wish is to travel around the world with the puppet he will make and to earn money thanks to the puppet. Because Geppetto is a really poor man…

Geppetto regrets the first moment he reveals Pinocchio


Because the character told in the real story is much more than a mischievous child. There are even behaviors that can be attributed to a downright bad person! For example, as soon as Geppetto finishes carving the log and reveals Pinocchio’s feet, Pinocchio starts kicking Geppetto! Then, this “evil puppet” escapes from Geppetto’s house and quickly runs away…

However, he is caught by the police a short time later.


Of course, meanwhile, Geppetto, who is after Pinocchio, also arrives on the scene. Meanwhile, the crowd begins to gather and Pinocchio puts his insidious plans into action. Geppetto is angry, and our mischievous puppet does not want to go home with him. So he throws himself to the ground. Voices rise from the crowd. Worry about Geppetto harming a cute little boy spreads throughout the town! Thereupon, Geppetto is arrested and imprisoned…

It is at this time that Pinocchio commits his first “murder”

Pinocchio, who caused Geppetto to go to jail, returns home with great happiness. However, there is a surprise waiting for him at home. The cricket, another important character in The Adventures of Pinocchio, warns Pinocchio of his behavior. He says that good things do not happen to children who do evil and run away from home. However, Pinocchio of course does not listen to these advices. Finally, the cricket says, “I feel sorry for you, Pinocchio.” Pinocchio asks why. “Because you are a puppet and you have a wooden head!” This response angers Pinocchio even more. Then he takes a hammer and throws it at the cricket with all his might! It is vaguely mentioned in the book that maybe Pinocchio didn’t want to kill the insect! But no matter what, Pinocchio killed the cricket…

Geppetto gets out of prison and returns home. Thus, father and son are reunited! But Pinocchio continues to torment the poor man.

Geppetto has to deal with hunger and poverty as well as Pinocchio’s torments. He also gives a few pears, the last food he has left, to Pinocchio. However, even in this case, Pinocchio wants the pears to be peeled, acting selfishly. Geppetto peels the pears. This time Pinocchio starts throwing pear seeds at Geppetto… In short, Pinocchio is a much darker, even evil type than the story known to everyone today.

Pinocchio comes back from the dead many times throughout the story!

Because he never listens to the voice of goodness! During the whole adventure, he prefers to befriend bad characters! As a result, he often comes face to face with death. Sometimes it escapes being the luncheon of a dangerous sea creature, and sometimes it escapes being the cooking wood for a terrible man. He is even executed by his evil friends! But he always manages to escape! Despite this, he insists on being evil until the end of the story! This evil puppet chooses good only at the end of the story!

Geppetto, who is desperately trying to save Pinocchio throughout the story, also experiences extremely bad events.


Even swallowed by a shark! More interestingly, our heartless friend is aware of this, but makes no effort to save Geppetto. However, at the end of the story, he saves Geppetto from the belly of the shark. And, very interestingly, it shows a great example of self-sacrifice. He works hard for months on a farm to heal Geppetto. Thus, one morning he wakes up transformed into a real boy. Moreover, in the original story, the puppet Pinocchio continues to exist! At the end of the story, the human Pinocchio looks at the puppet and says “how ridiculous I was when I was a puppet and how happy I am now that I am a real child”…

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a work that contains many instructive elements!

However, the version known today is only about the harms of lying in general. However, the true story of Pinocchio takes place in a much darker atmosphere! In this respect, it is possible to say that the work written by Collodi is much richer and more layered than is thought! So what really turned the selfish and evil Pinocchio into an innocent and cute boy?

Numerous works have been produced about Pinocchio to date.

The most notable of these were undoubtedly the movies. To date, more than 15 Pinocchio films and many animations have been made. Pinocchio, of course, also found a place for himself in many literary works or theater plays. However, especially movies made Pinocchio away from his real character!

The movie Pinocchio made by Disney in 1940 was an important turning point for the character.

So much so that this movie made Pinocchio even more famous all over the world. Also, thanks to this movie, Pinocchio has become one of the most loved fictional characters in history. However, Pinocchio, who is an extremely evil and selfish character at his core, could not be expected to be loved so much! That’s why the 1940 movie Pinocchio made some “minor” changes to Pinocchio! A truly evil and selfish character, Pinocchio has been turned into a mischievous but lovable character. In fact, the legend of the “nose that gets longer as you lie”, identified with the famous character, was born with this movie! However, lying was one of the most harmless traits of the real Pinocchio! Moreover, in the true story, lying didn’t make her nose grow!

On the other hand, many visual elements, from the drawings of the characters in the movie to the color choices, made the story “cute”! However, Pinocchio’s images in the late 1880s had much more realistic and sharp lines… All these factors caused Pinocchio to move away from his real character over time and turn into another person! But one way or another, with or without his nose getting longer, Pinocchio remains one of the most popular fictional characters history has ever seen.

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