Antik Mısır Medeniyetine En Görkemli Dönemini Yaşatan Firavun III. Amenhotep Hakkında 10 İlginç Bilgi

III. 10 Interesting Facts About Amenhotep

Although the ancient Egyptian civilization disappeared thousands of years ago, many things from that period continue to exist. Fascinating pyramids, mysterious mummies, even inventions in the fields of agricultural astronomy… And the pharaohs! Some ancient Egyptian pharaohs are known for their interesting and flamboyant lives, and some for their contributions to Ancient Egypt even today. One of the unforgettable rulers of Ancient Egypt is III. amenhotep Moreover, there are very valid reasons why Amenhotep is still mentioned today. Because III. Amenhotep, the pharaoh who brought the ancient Egyptian civilization to its peak!

III. The years between 1386 and 1349 BC, when Amenhotep reigned, are considered to be the period when Ancient Egyptian civilization reached its highest level in many respects. III. Thanks to the achievements of Amenhotep, the civilization of Ancient Egypt experienced an unprecedented period in history, especially politically and culturally. For this reason, III. It is not surprising that more statues of Amenhotep have survived than any other pharaoh. Here, the most glorious period of Ancient Egypt III. 10 things you need to know about Amenhotep…

1. Amenhotep IV, the 8th king of the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He was the son of Thutmose


His date of birth is estimated to be 1401 BC. Also, III. In the following years, Amenhotep would claim that his real father was the god Amon.

2. III. Amenhotep married a commoner


III. Amenhotep is thought to have ascended to the throne at the age of about 12 and married during this period. Pharaohs ascending the throne at a young age were extremely common in ancient Egypt. However, until the pharaohs who ascended the throne at a young age became adults, the country was ruled by the regents. However, III. There is no surviving record of anyone deputizing for Amenhotep! On the other hand, III. One of the interesting things about Amenhotep’s life is that he married a commoner! Because it was quite common in the Egyptian dynasty for members of the dynasty to marry each other! Moreover, the fact that Amenhotep does not have any political purpose in his marriage makes this marriage more interesting…

3. Amenhotep is estimated to have at least 6 children


His eldest child, Thutmose, died, and his second eldest child, IV. Amenhotep III. It is known that he took the throne after Amenhotep. It has also been recorded that she has daughters named Sitamun, Henuttaneb, Iset, Nebetah and Beketaten. However, some researchers They believe that Amenhotep had more children…

4. Pharaoh Amenhotep was a great master of diplomacy!

While Amenhotep made Ancient Egypt the most important international power of his time, he hardly fought at all! It is known that he organized a military operation only once during his nearly 40-year rule. Thanks to the pharaoh’s great mastery in diplomacy, he made other nations indebted to him and thus succeeded in dominating them. He also gained an important political power by making important marriages between the dynasties of different countries and the dynasty of Egypt.

5. III. Amenhotep was the first monarch to issue a “royal newsletter”!


Maybe III. Informing the public about his projects also contributed to Amenhotep’s raising Ancient Egypt to its heights! Because the pharaoh was sharing many developments from construction projects to dynastic marriages with his people.

6. Art in Ancient Egypt, III. It flourished like never before under Amenhotep


Because the geography of Ancient Egypt had become one of the most important centers of attraction of the period. Prosperity and wealth reigned throughout Egypt. Also, III. Amenhotep was also mobilizing all possibilities for the development of art. Thus, a magnificent aesthetic understanding, especially in terms of architecture, dominated all over Ancient Egypt! The most beautiful of statues and temples in ancient Egypt were built by him.

7. He was a very religious ruler

III. Amenhotep’s favorite god was Amon-Ra, a combination of the sun god Ra and Amon! The fact that the pharaoh was an extremely religious person and his support for art allowed the construction of buildings with important religious motifs.

8. He suffered from significant health problems

Examination of the pharaoh’s mummy reveals that he struggled with important health problems in the last period of his life. It is known that he especially suffers from obesity and related joint diseases. He is also presumed to be in constant pain due to worn and rotten teeth. Finally, the studies on the mummy, III. It turns out that Amenhotep died between the ages of 40 and 50.

9. Amenhotep is buried in the Valley of the Kings

Moreover, the pharaoh has the most ostentatious and largest tomb in this famous cemetery!

10. Amenhotep, Egyptian pharaoh with the largest number of statues to date

More than 250 statues from almost every period of the pharaoh’s reign have survived! This number is III. It makes Amenhotep the record holder in this field and brings important information about the life of the pharaoh to the present day.

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