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Everyday Items Used in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt flourished as the leading civilization of the Mediterranean world for about 3,000 years. The legacy of civilization; It continues to exist with many objects such as magnificent monuments, written documents and works of art that it left behind. From this wealth of information, archaeologists and scientists have identified items that were a part of the daily lives of the Ancient Egyptians. In a culture that stressed the importance of preserving the afterlife and the fragile order of the universe, even everyday objects could have deep meaning. The development of Egyptian civilization allowed the Egyptians to stay in one place, which gave them the opportunity to advance design and craftsmanship. Objects also sometimes had subtle meanings incorporated into their design. Here are the Ancient Egyptian objects.

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1. Goblet


The Egyptians made ceramic drinking vessels for their drinks and sometimes turned them into works of art. The Lotiform Goblet, which is on display at The Met museum in New York, is decorated with landscapes of people, vegetation and animals.

2. Headrest

ancient egyptian objects

The ancient Egyptians used stone or wooden headrests instead of using pillows. “They were basically laying on a curved piece that connects to a trunk and then a platform, then they put their heads on top of the curved piece,” said Lorelei H. Corcoran, director of the Egyptian Institute of Art and Archeology. The head is high, keeping it cool and keeping bugs away.” says.

3. Razor

Razor blade

The ancient Egyptians were very concerned about hygiene. They had their hair cut short or shaved with the razor, which is among the ancient Egyptian objects. This razor, with a blade attached to a wooden handle, was found in a basket in a woman’s grave. The razor is in the Met’s collection of Egyptian artifacts.

4. Wig


Egyptians wore wigs both as a way to protect their heads from the sun and as a way to show social class or rank. The wig, found among ancient Egyptian objects, was made of a stuffing of human or animal hair and plant fiber on a net base that may have been made of linen. Women tended to wear wigs with simpler hairstyles than men, although they sometimes wore more elaborate wigs for festival celebrations.

5. Tweezers

ancient egyptian objects

As we just mentioned, the people of Ancient Egypt were very concerned about personal care and hygiene. The set of personal care products, including the tweezers in the image, is now in The Met’s collection.

6. Sandals

ancient egyptian objects

According to William H. Peck’s 2013 book The Material World of Ancient Egypt, Egyptians wore shoes made of cattle, goat, and gazelle skins or woven from plant materials such as papyrus and grass. According to Peck, the non-leather sandals were similar to modern flip-flops, with a strap between the toes secured with a cord. Members of the royal elite, pharaoh III. They wore elaborate sandals like these gold sandals that belonged to a queen of Thutmose.

7. Jewelry

Gift of jewelry

The Egyptians loved colorful jewelry designed in the form of gods and sacred animals. Peck writes that the jewels may have been designed as amulets that would magically protect the wearer against illness, accidents, and other bad events. These gold bracelets and anklets have lion and lion claws.

8. Socks

ancient egyptian objects

Although we are used to thinking of Egypt as a warm place, temperatures drop in the early morning and evening. Home to an extensive collection of Egyptian objects, the National Museums of Scotland’s Chief Curator of the Ancient Mediterranean, Dr. According to Margaret Maitland, these striped wool socks were designed to be worn with sandals.

9. Mirror


From the surviving objects, the Egyptians were also concerned about their appearance. For example, both men and women wore make-up and looked into this mirror among Ancient Egyptian objects. Mirrors were among the essential items of almost every person.

10. Horse bust

ancient egyptian objects

This small limestone figurine may have been kept on a shelf set in the wall of an Egyptian house. Scientists say the busts help them remember deceased relatives, as Egyptians didn’t have cameras to take pictures with.

11. Knocker

ancient egyptian objects

This wooden object with cylindrical handles and a conoid head is an example of tools used by the Egyptians. This mallet was used so heavily during its time that there are deep marks on all four sides of the tool. So a worker must have struck thousands of blows with this mallet. Quality wood was relatively scarce in Egypt, so it’s hardly surprising that this mallet was used for so long.

12. Board game

ancient egyptian objects

According to Peck, board games were a popular pastime in Egypt centuries before Monopoly. The popular game Senet was designed to be played by two people throwing sticks to determine how many squares they can move their pieces. The passage of fragments through a board also served as a metaphor for the journey to the afterlife and was depicted on the tomb walls.

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