Japonya’dan Norveç’e: Nefes Kesici Manzaralara Sahip 10 Muhteşem Seyir Terası

10 Spectacular Viewing Terraces from Around the World

Despite all the destruction, nature does not lose anything from its glamorous beauty! The four corners of the world continue to host different and incredible landscapes. These fascinating landscapes contain the breathtaking beauties of nature, sometimes untouched by man. Incredible cities, sometimes built by humanity. Here are the viewing terraces or viewing platforms, the structures created to watch these uniquely beautiful landscapes. Observation platforms are sometimes built at ground level, sometimes at dizzying heights! For many people, climbing to higher-than-normal heights is pretty scary. But these viewing platforms promise an incredible experience that allows you to see nature in a different way! Moreover, some of these points, which are built to watch the unique beauty of nature, consist of platforms whose floors are made of transparent glass. These structures, called “Skywalk”, add great excitement to the unique natural scenery. Here are 10 magnificent viewing terraces around the world that will allow you to change your perspective on nature…

1. Grand Canyon – United States

observation terrace

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most exciting landscapes. One of the most important natural wonders in the United States, the Big Truck has gone through thousands, even billions of years! It is a natural wonder in itself with its vast valleys and many other fascinating beauties. On the other hand, the viewing terrace here is an incredible opportunity for those who want to see this incredible natural wonder up close! In addition, the glass floor of the platform allows people who come to visit the canyon to have an incredible walking experience…

2. The View from The Shard – England

observation terrace

The View from The Shard, the viewing platform, is one of the most important tourist attractions in London, the capital of England. Two different viewing platforms at Shra, London’s tallest building, offer an incredible view of the city and sky to both Londoners and visitors to the city.

3. Stegastein Observation Point – Norway

observation terrace

Stegastein viewing platform is just one of the breathtaking spots in Norway, which is famous for its natural beauties! It was built quite close to the Jotunheimen mountain range. In this way, majestic mountains, deep blue rivers and magnificent forests can be watched at the same time.

4. Matteo Thun View Platform – Italy

The viewing terrace, designed by Italian architect and engineer Matteo Thun, is an example of how far humanity can go to witness magnificent natural landscapes! Designed by Thun, these platforms are considered architecturally magnificent structures. On the other hand, these wonderful designs reveal views that cannot be experienced from ground level…

5. Cliffwalk – Canada

observation terrace

Canada is a country with magnificent natural landscapes. However, dangerous and terrible cliffs are also a part of these natural beauties! Here is the Cliffwalk viewing platform and walkway, an incredible structure built into dangerous cliffs. Visitors to this unique structure can easily see the incredible scenery stretching for kilometers. In addition, visitors can experience the excitement of walking on cliffs covered with huge cliffs…

6. EdgeWalk CN Tower – Canada

EdgeWalk CN Tower, one of Canada’s most exciting viewing platforms, is a must-see for those who want to see a magnificent view of nature. Also, on this 365 meter high platform, the whole city of Toronto will be at your feet…

7. AlpspiX Viewing Platform – Germany

This observation deck in Germany consists of multiple platforms with different heights. In addition, the viewing terrace is one of the most beautiful and clearly visible points of the Alps.

8. Tokyo Skytree – Japan

The Japanese must be very fond of nature scenes! Because some of the most beautiful viewing terraces in the world are located in Japan. The tower named Tokyo Skytree and the viewing terraces located at the peak points of the Tokyo Tower are among the ideal places to watch Tokyo, which is awake for 24 hours.

9. Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness – Austria

This interesting viewing platform, which can be translated as the Stairway to Nothingness from Dachstein, is one of the most special structures in Austria. These stairs to nothingness are just over 600 meters high! And yes, the end of this observation deck leads nowhere other than majestic mountains, wide valleys and incredible glaciers.

10. Çatak Canyon Glass Observation Terrace – Turkey

Çatak Canyon in Kastamonu is just one of the countless natural wonders in our country. Moreover, the region hosts a glass observation terrace where you can easily watch the magnificent canyon view. This observation deck is 450 meters above the canyon floor! In addition, the viewing terrace here provides an important opportunity for those who want to see the wild animals roaming around along the canyon, along with an incredible view of nature.

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