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10 People Who Died in Their Own Dumpster Due to Hoarding

Psychological disorders are among the most common health problems today. On the other hand, there are many causes and types of psychological disorders. Compulsive hoarding is just one of these psychological disorders. Hoarding disease usually occurs due to traumas in childhood or adolescence. Traumas due to financial difficulties, especially during these periods, cause individuals to feel excessive pleasure from buying things in the future!

The pleasure of buying turns into savings over the years. However, this accumulation turns into something that takes up the hoarder’s entire living space and makes his environment hell. Moreover, the things that people with this disease accumulate are often extremely worthless, without material value. On the other hand, hoarders do not dispose of any of their savings. For this reason, hoarders’ living quarters turn into an unhealthy environment or even a garbage dump. Also, most people with hoarding disorder also appear to have other psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia or depression. In this content, we have compiled the stories of 10 hoarders whose lives ended in their “own dumps” due to hoarding…

1. Sally Honeycheck


Sally Honeycheck and her sister Lorraine have lived in their family home since 1951. From the outside, the house could not be said to be abnormal in any way. But Sally Honeycheck and her sister have been hoarding for years! The brothers had spent the last 70 years of their lives hoarding everything they could get their hands on. Clothes, makeup, baseball bats… In 2018, a woman named Linda Kajma, who was the cousin of the brothers, could not reach Honeycheck and her sister. Thereupon, the woman who went to the brothers’ house encountered a terrible sight. A house turned into a garbage dump, walls covered with mushrooms, a disgusting smell and rotten corpses…

2. Scunthorpe Man


In Scunthorpe, England, lived a strange man with no identity. His neighbors were aware that this old man was a strange man. However, it turned out that the man was a true hoarder when the garbage that could no longer fit in his house overflowed! The old man with hoarding has not been seen for a long time. On top of that, the neighbors called the police! The police who entered the house on January 14, 2022, encountered a truly terrible sight. The doors of the house were dismantled, the windows blocked by heaps of garbage. Moreover, there was no toilet in the house! The police, who deepened their search in the house, albeit with difficulty, managed to reach the old man’s corpse under the huge garbage heaps after a short time.

3. Evelyn Sakash

Evelyn Sakash was a beloved set designer who achieved significant success in many television series and shows. She was a talented and intelligent person. She was also very well liked and described as generous by the people around her. However, there was an important fact about Sakash that no one knew. Sakash was a person with a serious hoarding problem! His garden was filled with useless building materials and unusable furniture! The inside of the house was lined with trash cans, cardboard, and old clothes. So much so that in some parts of the house there were piles of furniture exceeding 1.5 meters… Evelyn Sakash disappeared after a while. His sister could not reach her sister. However, she decided to clean her sister’s house in the hope that she would one day return. So she hired a cleaning crew, she. Cleaning teams, who went to the woman’s house in October 2020, encountered the unfortunate woman’s body among the garbage heaps.

4. Skip Bynum


The 67-year-old man started living alone after losing his mother. However, there were times when he disappeared, like many hoarders. Again at such a time, his friends contacted the police. However, Skip Bynum’s hoarding sickness was indeed gigantic. So much so that the teams that came to the house did not have the opportunity to enter the house through the door. Because behind the door, thousands of items were piled up. For this reason, the teams pierced the roof of the house and managed to get inside. The view from the house was truly incredible. Even a dead raccoon was found inside the house! Then, search and rescue efforts were started inside the house! The old man’s body was only found after cleaning most of the garbage in the house.

5. Rita Corpin


Rita Corpin, who devoted 40 years of her life to educating her students, was a collector before her boyfriend passed away. However, this unexpected loss caused Corpin to become a true hoarder. In fact, it was known to all neighborhood and state officials that Corpin was a hoarder. In fact, this woman, who had a hoarding disease, was fined many times. But he kept hoarding she! Until his body is found by a gardener. Next to the body found in 2014 was nothing but huge piles of garbage and cats.

6. Bruce Roberts


The hoarder named Bruce Roberts lived alone in his family home and inherited $1 million. By the time he reached his 40s, he had become a reclusive man who didn’t talk to anyone. No one saw him, except for occasional short walks. However, it was clear that he was an interesting man! His garden was surrounded by barbed wire. The windows were sealed with nails. But in 2017, people in the neighborhood realized that they hadn’t seen Bruce Roberts in a long time. The letters and invoices that came to him remained as they were. Thus, once again the police got involved.

When the cops entered, the first thing that greeted them was the floor-to-ceiling littered rooms! A little later, the half charred body of Bruce Roberts, half completely decomposed, was also revealed! Another hoarder had died more horribly. But the mystery of the house and the hoarder was not over yet. Although a long time passed, the cleaning crews were trying to clean this disgusting house. During the cleaning, they came across a pile of dozens of air fresheners! But this was no ordinary pile of hoarders. The teams that removed the sprays encountered a different corpse! The body was identified as belonging to a man named Shane Snellman, who disappeared in 2002. The body had been hidden here for 15 years and was camouflaged with air freshener cans inside a house full of garbage.

7. James Pettit

The house of a man named James Pettit looked perfectly “normal” from the outside. However, the inside of the house was not at all what it seemed from the outside! Following a tip-off in January 2020, police teams went to James Pettit’s home. When they rang the bell, no one opened the door! When the teams tried to break the door, they had a hard time. Because the back of the door was full of garbage heaps. With a grueling effort, the teams managed to break in. The hoarding had once again caused a human to die among the garbage heaps! It took 5 hours for the teams to reach the poor man’s body.

8. Dean Verboven

Dean Verboven, 42, lived with his 69-year-old mother. His hoarding habit became unbearable and was complained about by his neighbors. State officials wanted to enter the house with their cleaning teams. But Dean Verboven had no desire to let intruders in. Realizing that he could not resist any longer, the hoarder set himself on fire along with the garbage heaps in the house.

9. Katherine Smith

The bad smells rising from the house of a woman named Katherine Smith and the mice overflowing from the house forced the residents of the neighborhood to take a precaution! The police and medical teams who came to the scene realized that a hoarder was living inside. Because it was not possible at first to enter the woman’s house. As in many instances, the house was littered with garbage and heaps of unnecessary items. But somehow, the hoarder’s body was found. Then, the task of cleaning teams began. While all this was going on, rats were popping up all over the house! For a while, two python snakes were found among the garbage heaps. Thus, the mystery of the mice in the house was solved. Because the rats weren’t there just because of the garbage heaps in the house. Katherine Smith was raising mice to feed her snakes! However, the death of the woman caused the mouse population to increase uncontrollably.

10. John Arthur Noble

John Arthur Noble was a man who lived alone and never let anyone into his home. So much so that even his own brother could not see where he lived. But he wasn’t such a tough and lonely man 30 years ago! The difficult events he had experienced had turned the unfortunate man into a hoarder. In 2021, their neighbor realized they hadn’t seen John Arthur Noble in at least a year. Thereupon, the teams that entered the man’s house encountered the decomposed corpse of John Arthur Noble. Among the piles of rubbish were old papers, bottles of liquor, food from a few years ago, and so on.

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