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10 Immersive Movies That Begin With The Death Of The Main Character

Cinema is a good alternative for some people to have fun and distraction for a few hours. According to some people, it is an extremely important art from a social and individual point of view. Regardless, it is possible to say that cinema and movies in general have an important place in our lives. On the other hand, movies that everyone enjoys watching are also different, of course. While some prefer to watch an exciting action movie, others like art films with a philosophical background. However, for almost everyone, a movie with surprising elements is considered quite interesting. For this reason, many screenwriters and directors use different elements to surprise the audience in their films. Sometimes this is an unexpected ending. Sometimes it’s a big mystery that continues throughout the movie! But there is another method that will astonish the audience. Your main character in the movie is to kill at the beginning of the movie!

It is quite unusual for a main character in a movie to die at the beginning of the movie. However, “untimely deaths” is an event that, when used appropriately and correctly, astonishes the audience and makes a significant contribution to the narrative of the film. Because the audience often connects with the main characters in the movie and expects the whole story to be told through these characters. For this reason, untimely deaths turn into a big surprise for the audience in the cinema. Here are 10 movies where the main characters die in the beginning…

1. Sixth Sense


This cinema classic is not actually a movie where the main character dies at the beginning of the movie! Because one of the main characters is not alive throughout the movie anyway! However, this does not prevent the audience from watching the story of Malcolm Crowe and Cole Sear, played by Buruce Willis! In the movie, Malcolm Crowe, who tries to help Cole Sear, who claims to have seen dead people, initially does not believe the boy. Whereas Cole Sear really talks to the dead. In fact, at the end of the movie, Malcolm Crowe realizes that he is not alive either!

2. Beetlejuice


This movie by Tim Burton also begins with the main characters dying at the beginning of the movie! In this hilarious movie, Adam and Barbara Maitland lose their lives in an untimely car accident. However, they have to wait a while before they can get to the “other side”. Going to the house where they lived before they died, the two ghosts see that other people have settled in their house, and they are extremely disturbed by this. So they try to scare away the ghosts in the house, but they fail. So they decide to get help from the really annoying and scary ghost named Beetlejuice.

3. The Crow


The Crow, which opens with the death of the main character and continues its whole story through this death, is a very dark revenge story! The 1994 film has a passionate fan base even today. The film stars Brandon Lee, who is also the son of world-famous Burece Lee. At the opening of the movie, Eric Draven and his fiancee Shelly are murdered by members of a ruthless gang. A year later, Eric Draven embarks on an exciting revenge adventure with a crow that comes to his grave. On the other hand, this cult film is also known for causing an extremely tragic event! Shortly before the end of filming, Brandon Lee, who was accidentally shot with a loaded gun, died.

4. The Ghost


The movie, which was released in 1990, was the highest grossing movie at the box office that year, although it is not remembered today! He also won many different awards… In the movie, a couple named Sam and Molly are attacked by a thief. As a result of the attack, Sam loses his life! But the ghost of the unfortunate man learns that the attack was no simple theft and that Molly is in danger. Thus, Sam’s ghost embarks on an uphill battle to save Molly’s life.

5. What Dreams May Come (The Power of Love)


Starring the famous actor Robbin Williams, this movie tells the story of Chris and his wife Annie, who lost their lives in a terrible car accident. After Chris dies, he goes to the paradise of his dreams. However, Annie, who cannot bear the death of her husband, commits suicide and is sent to hell. So Chris decides to go to hell to save his wife’s soul. What Dreams May Come is a visually impressive film in which the main character dies at the beginning of the movie but continues to live despite everything.

6. A Matter of Life and Death


This iconic movie from 1946, World War II. It is considered one of the best films about World War II. But what the movie really focuses on is the power of love, not war! II. Things are not going well for Peter, who is returning from a tough bombing mission during World War II. His plane is badly damaged and he has no parachute to save him. Peter spends his last moments before he dies talking to a woman named June on the other end of the radio. Moreover, Peter fell in love with June within minutes! He jumps out of the plane but miraculously survives! What keeps Peter alive is a mistake on the “other side”. But maybe it’s the power of love. Surviving when he should have died, Peter must explain to a court in the afterlife why he should live.

7. RIPD (Immortal Cops)

The movie, which was released in 2013, did not receive a passing grade from both the audience and movie critics. But its plot is interesting enough that it makes it into our list of main characters who die at the beginning of the movie! The life of a cop named Nick Walter ends in a bloody shootout! However, his profession is not finished yet. After Nick dies, he is assigned to work for an agency called the RIPD. He even starts working with an agent who died centuries ago! The purpose of the organization is to catch the evil spirits in the world and make the world a better place. But Nick has a hard time adjusting to being “dead”! For this reason, his pursuit of his own murderer will cause things to become even more complicated.

8. Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life is in the romantic comedy category. However, the drama elements are also handled successfully in the movie. The people who lost their lives, the spirits in a place called the City of Judgment, argue about their lives, awaiting the decision on whether or not to return to earth. This purgatory-like place is filled with fun structures like bowling alleys and comedy clubs. The main character in the movie falls in love with a woman who died a while ago in the City of Judgment! However, it is decided that the main character leads a life of fear, so he must be sent to earth to live again! However, the only wish of our character is to live with the woman he is in love with, in the world or not.

9. Spawn

Another movie where the main character originally died, Spawn is a 1997 superhero, or rather anti-hero movie! The hitman named Albert Simmons is used by the CIA in very difficult operations. But one day, he wants to leave this dangerous life behind. However, his boss tells him that he only has one last job left, and then he can get the quiet life he wants. So Simmons is sent to North Korea on one last mission. But it’s not just a challenge awaiting him here! Simmons is brutally murdered by his boss! However, this untimely and treacherous murder does not prevent Simmons from returning to the world! So Simmons makes a pact with the devil so he can return to Earth and see his wife again. Albert Simmons transforms into Spawn. Spawn, who has superhuman powers, starts working to take revenge on his own murderer. But dealing with the devil has its costs.

10. Heaven Can Wait

This movie, which met with the audience in 1978, is a very colorful and entertaining movie despite its untimely death. Successful athlete Joe Pendleton dies in a car accident and is taken to heaven by his guardian angel! However, this is a big mistake. Because Joe Pendleton’s time on earth hasn’t expired yet! But this mistake made by the angel will cause big problems and the start of a fun adventure. The successful football player cannot return to his own body because his body was burned and he is sent to the world to live in the body of an old billionaire who lost his life. As if all these complicated events weren’t enough, Joe Pendleton also falls in love with a young woman.

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