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What You Need to Know About the Spooky Island Where Its Residents Are Always Wearing Masks

Miyakejima Island, like other residential areas of Japan, has many natural beauties. A deep blue sea, a lush nature and very friendly people… All these features may cause Miyakejima Island to be perceived as a beautiful but ordinary place. But the reality is not like that at all. This settlement, for all its beauty, looks a little scary and quite interesting! Because there is an active volcano called “Oyama” on the island. Moreover, Mount Oyama has erupted many times in the last 500 years! The resulting poisonous sulfur gas made the island uninhabitable! However, the natives of the island have no intention of leaving their homes. These people continued to live here despite the deadly conditions on the island. As a result, Miyakejima Island became known by a different name! But there was one thing the locals had to be very careful about and make a part of their lives: gas masks! Here’s what you need to know about Gas Mask Island, where the locals have to constantly wear gas masks to survive…

The fame of Mount Oyama dates back to ancient times.

gas mask island

So, BC. Even in the works dating from 710, the majesty and horror of the mountain are mentioned! Over the years, this volcano has erupted many times. In the explosion that took place in 1940, 11 people died due to the lava rising from the mountain. The explosions of 1962 and 1983 were the harbinger of impending disaster.

Explosions in 2000 caused the island to be evacuated

Because the island’s atmosphere contained deadly levels of sulfur. Due to the high level of sulfur dioxide, people living on the island for years had to leave their homes. All transport routes to the island were closed. However, the inhabitants of the island could not bear to be away from their homes.

The natives of the island returned to their homes in 2005

But there were some rules they had to follow, if they wanted to survive, of course. Locals returning to the island had to carry a gas mask with them at all times. Because on the island, the presence of deadly poisonous gas continued. For this reason, gas masks have become a part of everyday life for the islanders. Thus Miyakejima Island turned into Gas Mask Island…

People living on Gas Mask Island wear gas masks while walking on the street, shopping and even at weddings.

gas mask island

In addition, they undergo regular health checks by the government. The fact that people on the island live with gas masks all the time also causes frightening photos to appear from time to time. But the inhabitants of Gas Mask Island have adapted to this situation. Although they may seem strange from the outside, they are ordinary people who prefer to endure some minor difficulties in order not to leave their homes.

Most of the island is closed to outside visitors. But still many tourists visit this interesting island

gas mask island

Spending a few hours among people who are constantly wearing gas masks is a frightening but interesting experience. In addition, Gas Mask Island is home to many natural beauties. However, there is something that tourists who want to visit this place should not take with them. Of course, a solid gas mask!

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