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What You Need to Know About the Hinterkaifeck Murders

One of Germany’s strangest murders was committed in the early 1920s. A family living on the Hinterkaifeck farm was destroyed by this strange and brutal murder! Many people have come up with different theories about the murder. But even after more than 100 years, the mystery of this brutal massacre has not been clarified. Despite all the investigations, significant information about the motives of the murder could not be obtained. Although authorities spoke to hundreds of witnesses, they could not reach anyone who might have been involved in the murder. After all, the reasons for this horrific murder have not been solved even today. The Hinterkaifeck murders remain the most horrific unsolved murder in Germany for this reason. Here’s what you need to know about the Hinterkaifeck murders, whose mystery has not been solved for decades…

The massacre on March 31, 1922, destroyed a family


On March 31, 1922, Andreas and Cazilia Gruber, who were living on the Hinterkaifeck farm, and their daughters Viktoria and grandchildren Josef and Cazilia were brutally murdered! In addition, Maria Baumgartner, who worked on the farm, was one of the victims of this terrible murder. Doctors who autopsied everyone who died on the farm suspected that the murder weapon might have been a farm tool. Because the autopsy results revealed that the murders were committed with a tool with a long handle and a cutting tool at the end. Another interesting detail known about the murder was where the bodies were found. Maria Baumgartner, who worked on the farm, was killed in her own room, and 2-year-old Josef was killed in the crib in his mother’s room! All the remaining bodies were found in the barn on the farm.

The killer or killers hid the bodies in the straw in the barn


The bodies of family members were found under the straw in the barn. For this reason, the police were considering the possibility that the victims might have been carried to the barn one by one. Also, the murder traces in the barn proved doctors’ theories about the murder weapon. The murders were most likely committed with a cutting tool found on the farm. The killer or killers had first slaughtered family members who were outside. Later, Josef and Maria Baumgartner inside the house became the new target of the murderers.

7-year-old Cazilia spent her last moments in fear before she died.

Investigations made after the murder led to quite tragic findings. 7-year-old Cazilia, who was murdered in the barn with most of the family, had hair in her hands! Examining the little girl’s body more carefully, the police noticed that the hair on Cazilia’s hand belonged to the little girl herself! According to the police, Cazilia died not at the time of the attack, but after the attack. Cazilia had struggled to survive for a long time alongside her deceased family members. During this time, the cops pondered the possibility that poor Cazilia might have pulled her own hair out of fear or shock.

The killer or killers did not leave the farm after the murder

According to the testimonies of the eyewitnesses, the murderer or killers stayed on the farm for a while instead of fleeing the scene after the murder. Everything seemed to be as it should be, due to the smoke billowing from the farm’s chimneys. But it was not the family who owned the farm, but the murderer or murderers who caused a horrific murder, spending a warm evening on the farm. Moreover, according to eyewitnesses, the animals on the farm were fed and even the cows were milked the day after the murder.

More than 100 people questioned about Hinterkaifeck murder


What happened to the Gruber family was not revealed for a long time, as the ruthless killers led an ordinary life on the farm. However, it was noticeable that poor Cazilia was absent from school for several days in a row. The postman who regularly brings letters to the farm, She realized that the letters she had brought had been sitting in place for a long time. The farm, which became very suspicious, was visited by the people in the vicinity. The people who went to the farm, when they saw the horrific scene here, immediately called the police. The police started a feverish work to shed light on the mystery of this brutal massacre. They interviewed more than 100 eyewitnesses or people who might be suspects.

Interesting details about the farm emerged as the investigation expanded.

The investigation by the police revealed interesting details. The first of these was events that Andereas Gruber had recently told his neighbors. According to the neighbors of the Gruber family, Anderas Gruber had found footprints in the attic some time ago that he had never seen before. Also, Gruber mentioned other mysterious events in Hinterkaifeck! However, another interesting situation that emerged in the investigation was about Maria Baumgartner! Because the poor woman was killed the first night she started working at Hinterkaifeck! Also, the farm worker before Baumgartner quit, claiming the farm was “haunted”.

The skulls of the victims were given to an oracle for examination!

The work done by the police was not enough to shed light on the murders at Hinterkaifeck Farm. The autopsies performed on the corpses were not enough to illuminate this terrible massacre. For this reason, the skulls of the victims were sent to an oracle to unravel the mystery of the murder! However, of course, the oracle did not succeed in illuminating this terrible event. So the inhabitants of Hinterkaifeck were buried without skulls! The skulls of the victims were lost in the following years and were never found.

In 1999, the mystery of the murders was “nearly” clarified

In 1999, the German police got a call about the Hinterkaifeck murders! The woman on the phone claimed that the former landlord knew about the murders. The police began to search for the named landlord. But the host was not alive. On the other hand, another important development regarding the Hinterkaifeck murders took place in 2007. The German police decided to solve the murder case years ago using modern techniques! With this work, the German police succeeded in eliminating many murder suspects of that period. He even narrowed the circle down to a single person likely to have committed the murders. However, the person the police considered the most powerful murder suspect was also dead. For this reason, the Hinterkaifeck murders were never clarified. It still remains Germany’s most famous murder case today.

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