Colonia Dignidad: II. Dünya Savaşı’ndan Sonra Cani Bir Nazi Tarafından Şili’de Kurulan Korkunç Komün

What You Need to Know About Colonia Dignidad

Led by Adolf Hitler, the Nazis committed some of the most horrific events that history has ever seen. Especially II. During World War II, many innocent people died as a result of terrible Nazi torture. Nazis II. With the loss of World War II, many war criminals were imprisoned by the Nazis. But many Nazis also fled to different parts of the world. One of them was a Nazi officer named Paul Schafer. The war was over, the Nazis were disbanded, but Schafer’s evil plans continued! For this reason, Schafer settled in Chile in 1961. And along with many ex-Nazis! The Nazi commune Colonia Dignidad, founded under Schafer’s leadership in Chile, was a very convenient place for this terrible man to continue his evil deeds.

Paul Schafer and the ex-Nazis with him carried out many blood-curdling actions here for many years. The coming to power of dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile caused Colonia Dignidad to become an even darker place! Here is what you need to know about Colonia Dignidad, which was founded by the Nazis who went to Chile in 1961 and became the home of many evils, from torture to child abuse.

II. Paul Schafer, who served as an officer in the Nazi army during World War II, decided to devote himself to the cause of good after the war was over.

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For this reason, he started working for the charity organizations of a local church. Schafer was part of the church organization helping at-risk children. But he was the very embodiment of evil! After a while, she had to leave the community on charges of sexual abuse. However, Schafer had no intention of moving away from the so-called aid practices. Over time, he began to preach and form his own organization as if he were a religious person. But he was once again accused of harassment and abuse! Thereupon he had to leave Germany. On his way to Chile in 1961, he accompanied many ex-Nazis. Moreover, many of them believed that Schafer was a holy preacher. Thus, Schafer and his entourage settled on a huge piece of land in Chile…

Paul Schafer and his entourage founded a new commune on a huge area in the Maule region of Chile. This commune, which was called Colonia Dignidad, “Colony of Honor”, was extremely helpful towards the local people.

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The commune was helping the people of the region in many ways, from free treatment to food support! On the other hand, the Nazis had built schools, apartments, churches and many other structures on the huge land! Also, outsiders were told how beautiful life in the commune was! Men and women dealing with farm work, constant cooperation, happy children running around… When all this came together, Schafer and Colonia Dignidad began to be highly respected by the people of the region.

However, there were some clues that could reveal the dark side of Colonia Dignidad! The land where the commune lived was closed with high fences. Also, watchtowers and spotlights were placed on the site, similar to those in Nazi concentration camps. The better the commune looked from the outside, the worse it was from the inside! Former Nazi officer and child molester, Schafer, ruled Colonia Dignidad with terrible evils.

Some former Nazi doctors settled in the commune. It was here that they continued their horrific human experiments during World War II.

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Young children living in the commune were separated from their families and were not allowed to see them. Of course, the vast majority of children here were abused by Schafer! The inhabitants of Colonia Dignidad were constantly mistreated and threatened. In the commune, physical and psychological violence was extremely commonplace! Also, no one living in the commune was allowed to leave this terrible place. The estate under Paul Schafer was secured by armed guards.

In 1966 one of the inhabitants of the commune managed to escape!

After several unsuccessful attempts, the person who managed to escape from the Nazi order went to Germany. He told the police about the horrific events in the commune. He said he was held there by force and forced to work in the construction of the farm. He also talked about harassment, abuse, rape and human experimentation. However, these allegations were not taken seriously enough, and Colonia Dignidad remained a hotbed of horrors.

Colonia Dignidad turned into a more gruesome place with the coming to power of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

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Because the opponents of Pinochet, who seized the government in Chile in 1971, were sent here! As if Colonia Dignidad wasn’t a bad enough place, it has also become Pinochet’s underground detention and torture center! Both Pinochet’s supporters and the Nazis inflicted terrible torture on regime opponents brought here. According to estimates, more than 100 regime opponents lost their lives within the borders of Colonia Dignidad.

The overthrow of the Pinochet regime brought the end of Colonia Dignidad

After all, there was no way the terrible events caused by this Nazi sect could be kept secret any longer! With the overthrow of the Pinochet regime in 1991, Colonia Dignidad was closed and its name changed! Numerous investigations were launched into the commune by both the German and Chilean governments. Paul Schafer, who led the Nazi commune, was convicted in different cases. But he also fled Chile in 1997! But in 2005 he was caught in Argentina and sent to Chile! He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2010, he died.

The land, where countless terrible events took place over the years, was named “Villa Baviera” and today hosts various tourism activities. In addition, it is estimated that 100 people from the Nazi commune period live on the land called Villa Baviera today.

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