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What You Need to Know About Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cheops

Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting and mysterious civilizations history has ever seen. Mummification tradition, interesting writing system, legends… Even today, what we know about Ancient Egypt causes us to be astonished. One of the biggest reasons for our amazement is the pyramids! How were these gigantic structures, which are almost impossible to build even with today’s technology, built thousands of years ago? Studies looking for answers to how the pyramids were built are still ongoing. But what do we know about those who built the pyramids? What you need to know about Cheops, the ruler of the Giza Pyramid, one of the most famous structures in the world and the largest pyramid in the world…

1. Cheops was a pharaoh of “kingdom”!


One of the most important pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Cheops BC. He was born in the 3rd millennium BC. It is estimated that his mother was Queen Hetepheres I and his father was King Sneferu. However, some researchers think that King Sneferu was Cheops’ stepfather.

2. The name of Cheops came from an ancient Egyptian god

Another known name of Cheops is Khufu. Khufu is short for a longer name: Khnum-khufwy. On the other hand, this name is not an ordinary name at all because its origins date back to an ancient Egyptian god. Cheops’ name comes from the god Khnum. Khnum was the protector of the Nile and creator of children in Ancient Egypt. It is thought that over time, the god Khnum gained importance in Ancient Egypt, so this name was given to Cheops.

3. The reign of Cheops is not known exactly


Cheops’ BC It is estimated that he ruled Ancient Egypt for 23 years between 2589 and 2566. However, there is no definite information on this subject. The reason for this is quite interesting. Among the most important historical sources of Ancient Egypt, “cattle count documents” reveal controversial results regarding the pharaonic period of Cheops. It is not known how many times a year cattle were counted in Cheops’ time. This prevents the information about the reign of Cheops from becoming clear! However, the only thing certain about this is that Cheops ruled Ancient Egypt for 26 to 4 years.

4. Cheops had at least two wives


As was customary in ancient Egypt, Cheops had at least two wives. And again, as an Ancient Egyptian tradition, both of Cheops’ wives were half-brothers of Cheops. Cheops’ first wife was Meritites I and was the mother of Cheops’ eldest child. The name of Cheops’ second wife was Henutsen.

5. He attached great importance to mining

Cheops gave great importance to mining and created an advanced mining industry in Egypt. Many monuments of Cheops in the important mining areas of ancient Egypt have survived to the present day, revealing that Cheops was an important miner.

6. Ruler of the Pyramid of Giza

The Giza Pyramid, built by Keops, is the most important legacy of Cheops that has survived to the present day. Moreover, this unique work of Keops preserves its title of being one of the largest pyramids in the world despite the intervening thousands of years! In fact, it was the largest pyramid in the world until Lincoln Cathedral was built in 1311! Of course, the tomb of Keops, who did not want to leave this unique work for a moment, is also located here. This unique structure, whose construction took 27 years, continues to be one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

7. There is only 1 full depiction of Cheops!

Although he built one of the largest and most important structures in the world, there is only one figure depicting the whole body of Cheops. Moreover, this description is extremely small! The statuette of Cheops, discovered in Egypt in 1903, is only 7.5cm tall. In this statue, Cheops is depicted sitting. It is estimated that this statuette was made after the death of the pharaoh.

8. Cheops had 14 children

Pharaoh Cheops had a fairly large family. Of Keops’ 14 children, 9 were boys and 6 were girls. Two of the 9 sons of Cheops became pharaohs in the following periods and they built their own pyramids just like Cheops.

9. His greatest work became the subject of greatest controversy

Although the unique heritage of Cheops, the Pyramid of Giza is the focus of admiring glances today, it may not have been as popular as it is now when the pyramid was built! The ancient Greek historian Herodotus had declared Cheops a tyrant who forced thousands of slaves to work in inhumane conditions to build the pyramid! Today, there are those who disagree as well as those who agree that Cheops was a cruel ruler. However, some new discoveries emerging today may clear Cheops’ name! Because according to these new documents, conscripted workers were working in the construction of the pyramid, not slaves.

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