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What You Need to Know About Adolf Hitler’s Youth

There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler is one of the most murderous, ruthless leaders in history. Hitler is responsible for the loss of millions of lives and for the entire world to be plunged into a terrible war! Hitler’s murderousness and malice were so great that even today, the traces of Hitler’s actions have not disappeared, even after many years have passed. In addition, Hitler’s actions are among the most important events that shaped the new world. So, what kind of child was Hitler, who would become one of the world’s greatest villains in his later years? What kind of youth did the most notorious villain in history have? How did this man who wanted to be a priest as a child and an artist as a youth turn into a bloody monster? Here’s what you need to know about Adolf Hitler’s childhood and youth…

Adolf Hitler was extremely fond of his mother

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Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, an Austrian town close to the German border. His father, Alois Hitler, was a customs officer. However, Alois Hitler was not a devoted man to his family. Instead of returning home after long hours at work, she was spending time outside. For this reason, Hitler never had a good relationship with his father. His mother filled the void in Hitler, who grew up without father’s love. His mother, Klara Hitler, was a loving and understanding woman. Thus, Adolf Hitler grew up as a child who loved and was extremely devoted to his mother. So much so that even when he participated in the First World War, he never left his mother’s photograph with him for a moment. Even when Hitler committed suicide in 1945, his mother’s photograph was on Hitler’s desk.

Hitler was probably abused by his father

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It was a common belief among historians that Hitler may have been subjected to physical violence during his childhood. However, some documents found in 2005 turned this opinion into a very high probability. In 2005, diaries belonging to one of Adolf Hitler’s brothers were discovered. According to the diary, Hitler was forcing his father to be tough. In return for the authority that his father tried to establish on Hitler, his mother approached Hitler with love and affection. Because of this information, some historians believe that there may be a connection between Hitler’s childhood and his brutality.

Adolf Hitler wanted to be a priest as a child!

No matter how contradictory it may seem to his later actions, yes Adolf Hitler wanted to be a priest as a child. Of course, his mother, who was a staunch Catholic, also had an influence. He joined the church choir when he was only 8 years old. She even took private lessons to be able to sing better.

Hitler had only one friend in childhood

Adolf Hitler was an extremely introverted and lonely child. August Kuzibeck was Hitler’s only friend. But Adolf Hitler was not attentive or affectionate to even his only friend. August Kuzibeck would describe Hitler as authoritarian and domineering in his book “The Young Hitler I Know”, which he would write years later.

After the death of his mother, Adolf Hitler lived on the streets for years.

Klara Hitler died in 1907. Adolf Hitler was 18 at the time. With the death of his mother, Hitler lost his only surviving supporter. Moreover, Hitler was a young painter trying to enter the Vienna Art Academy at that time! However, his applications to the academy were not accepted. The Academy had decided that Hitler was not a talented enough painter. Here, Hitler’s dreams of becoming a painter came to an end and his mother died at the same time, so Hitler entered a very difficult period. At the end of this period, Adolf Hitler began to live on the streets. Continuing to live like this for 4 years, Hitler was working in daily jobs to make a living.

The paintings he drew ensured Hitler’s survival!

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Adolf Hitler went through extremely difficult days during his life on the streets. The thing that kept him alive during these periods was the pictures he drew. During this period when he was struggling with cold and hunger, Hitler’s main source of income was the paintings he drew. When he earned money by selling his paintings, he would settle in a warm hotel or dormitory. Later, he started to live in a state dormitory where he would stay for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, World War I broke out. Thereupon, Adolf Hitler voluntarily enlisted in the army. In 1914, he went to Belgium to participate in the First World War.

Adolf Hitler was temporarily blinded during World War I

On October 15, 1918, a mustard gas attack was carried out on German troops, including Hitler. Due to this attack, Adolf Hitler was temporarily blinded and taken to a hospital in Germany. On the other hand, mustard gas had another significance in Hitler’s life. Because the reason for Hitler’s famous short mustache was mustard gas. Due to the gas masks distributed to the German soldiers during the war, the soldiers had to shorten their mustaches. This is why Hitler’s short mustache came about. Before that, Adolf Hitler had quite long mustaches…

Whistling was among Hitler’s greatest hobbies

Adolf Hitler, who often whistled and accompanied his favorite music, was quite famous in this regard. His favorite song was the song “When you make a wish on a star”. When Hitler was happy or cheerful, he whistled this piece and entertained the people around him. Also, another song that Hitler liked to whistle was “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”. Hitler loved this song so much that the people around him nicknamed him the wolf after this song.

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