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People have been making jokes for thousands of years to add a little humor to everyday life. So much so that there is even a day to joke. It is not known exactly from which country and for what reason April Fools’ Day started. Some say this humorous day is based on a Roman festival or biblical events, while others point to a change in the calendar in 16th century France. Although these are all theories, there is one thing we know for sure; people love to prank each other! Now we will tell you the most interesting jokes that have been made in history. Here are the most interesting jokes in history.

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1. Jokes of the Roman emperor Elagabalus

The funniest jokes in history

At the top of our list of the most interesting jokes in history are the jokes of the Roman emperor Elagabalus that make you say no more. Considered one of the most inept Roman emperors, young Elagabalus was unlucky in skill but was a solid joker. According to archaeologist Warwick Ball’s book Rome in the East, Elagabalus routinely had his flamboyant dinner guests seated on whooping pillows that made farting sounds. Allegedly, the emperor also thought it was funny to let snakes go public. One of her favorite tricks was to place a tamed bear, lion, or leopard in the rooms of her sleeping drunk guests.

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2. Anthemius’ fake earthquake machine

The funniest jokes in history

Greek architect Anthemius of Tralles, who helped build Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, knew very well how to use a toolbox. So when a feud broke out between him and his neighbor Zeno, Anthemius was quite sure of what to do. The architect built several water boilers in his house and connected them to a hose and placed it in a small hole leading to Zeno’s cellar next door. According to the 1888 Magazine of Western History, “When Anthemius wanted to piss off his neighbor, he would set fires under his cauldrons, and the steam they produced flowed under Zeno’s floors in such abundance and force that it would swell as in the usual signs of an earthquake.”

3. The jester monk’s apple trick


Third on our list of the funniest jokes in history is a monk’s tricks. One of the earliest documented jokes dates back to the late 15th century that of Thomas Betson, a monk at Syon Abbey in England. It is known that the monk hollowed out an apple and inserted a large insect into the apple and said, “Look, I can move the apple back and forth without touching it.” This wasn’t the only trick the monk had hidden on his shirt: Betson also loved to levitate objects in the monastery. Using a strand of fine hair and wax, he could keep a hollow egg suspended in midair. 🙂

4. Bathing of lions in London


For centuries, the Tower of London has been home to wild animals, from polar bears to lions and even a beer-drinking zebra. On April 1, 1698, a clever trickster convinced a handful of people that lions were taking their annual bath. There was no such event, but that didn’t stop curious people from visiting the Tower to have a look. For the next two centuries, the joke remained a perpetual joke, long after the last lion had left the Tower. By the 19th century, crooks were distributing fake tickets to the “Annual Ceremony of the Bathing of the Lions.”

5. The English Mercurie: The newspaper that continues to joke

The funniest jokes in history

Philip Yorke, a Cambridge-educated member of the English Parliament and the Second Earl of Hardwicke, used his privilege to make a great joke. In the 1740s, he and his friend Thomas Birch published The English Mercurie, an alleged fake newspaper published in 1588. In 1766, Birch gifted the newspaper, along with other documents, to the British Museum, and this publication was considered legitimate for decades. Even today, there are those who believe that this newspaper is real.

6. The New York Sun’s Moon Hoax

The funniest jokes in history

In the sixth place of our list of the most interesting jokes in history, there is a joke that makes people say “really, people believe everything they read”. On August 25, 1835, readers of the New York Sun were stunned to learn that there was a civilization on the Moon. A British astronomer traveled to the Southern Hemisphere to study the night sky and, after looking at the Moon, discovered vegetation, pyramids, unicorns, bipedal beavers, and winged humanoid creatures, the newspaper reported. The story, of course, was fake. This satirical article was intended to make fun of people like science writer Thomas Dick, who recently claimed that the Moon is home to more than 4 billion aliens. Unfortunately, Sun underestimated the naivete of the public. News of the discovery spread throughout the world.

7. William Buckland’s guano graffiti


At the end of our list of the most interesting jokes in history is a tragicomic event. William Buckland, a 19th-century paleontologist, believed that guano (a substance made from the droppings of seabirds such as penguins or cormorants) could be lawn fertilizer. Of course, no one cared about his opinion. When Buckland was an undergraduate at Oxford, he sprinkled a bucket of bat droppings on the university lawn. However, while doing this, he wrote the word GUANO with excrement. Authorities immediately noticed the stool and removed it. However, they did not yet know that manure revitalizes the lawn. Within weeks, the word GUANO began to grow in the university garden.

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