III. Murad ile I. Elizabeth Arasındaki Mektup Arkadaşlığının İlgi Çekici Hikayesi

III. Interesting Correspondence Between Murad and Elizabeth I

History is full of really interesting stories! Great and bloody wars, social events affecting the whole world, inventions, wars and more… And of course, there are interesting friendships. Especially if this friendship was established between an Ottoman sultan and a British queen… At the end of the 16th century, the most powerful state of the period was the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, the empire had a very important place in world politics. Moreover, at that time, many European countries were struggling for power among themselves. The Ottomans, on the other hand, wanted to gain the greatest benefit from these power wars in Europe. III at the head of the empire. Murad followed a very careful policy in this regard. III. Murad’s approach to the struggles in Europe was quite simple and functional. Provoking struggles between different sects!

At that time, the real power struggle in Europe was between England and Spain. Of course, there was a side that the Ottomans chose to support in this struggle as well. However, the relations that started due to political events III. It almost turned into a friendship between Murad and Queen Elizabeth I! So much so that Elizabeth I and III. There was a long-term correspondence between Murad. The Queen wanted Ottoman help against the Spaniards. III. Murad wanted the queen to be a Muslim 🤷‍♀️ Here, III. The interesting story of the friendship between Murad and Elizabeth I and the correspondence between the two…

In the 1570s, Queen Elizabeth I of England was in a very difficult situation.

Because he was ostracized by many European states. He was even excommunicated by the Papal authority! Because Elizabeth I was a Protestant. It caused England to return to the Protestant period again. On the other hand, Elizabeth I made a great effort to put an end to the Protestant-Catholic struggle in her country. For these reasons, Queen Elizabeth was left alone by the Europeans. The Spanish danger looming for England had therefore become greater.

II at the head of Spain. Felipe wanted to marry Queen Elizabeth

Because he wanted to have a say over England. Actually, II. To fulfill this ambition, Felipe married Elizabeth’s half-sister, Mary. However, Mary’s death made Felipe want to marry Elizabeth. However, this request was not acceptable to Elizabeth! And it was the last straw!

The most powerful ruler of the period, III. Murad has grown 👇

Elizabeth III. In the letter he wrote to Murad, he asked for the help of the Ottomans. In doing so, he was emphasizing that England and he himself were Protestant, while Spain was Catholic! In her letter, the Queen of England declared that she, as a Protestant, forbade idolatry and was working to propagate God’s religion. To him, Catholics were like pagans and Protestants were like Muslims! Queen Elizabeth III. Efforts to persuade Murad had continued for a long time! Many ambassadors, gifts and letters were sent to Istanbul by Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I’s letters worked, and III. Murad agreed to make a friendship treaty with England! Because this alliance was also in the interests of the Ottoman Empire.

In accordance with the friendship between the two countries and the Ahitname-i Hümâyûn, they would act together against friends and enemies.


If the conditions of the testament were followed, there would be no possibility of oppressing the English merchants. III. This is what was written in the letter sent by Murad to Elizabeth I, formalizing the friendship agreement. As a result of this alliance established between the Ottoman Empire and England, the wishes of both the Ottoman and England were fulfilled. Thus, the British merchants gained the right to free trade in the Ottoman lands. However, III. The friendships of Murad and Elizabeth I continued through correspondence. So, III. Murad advised Elizabeth I to become a Muslim! However, the queen politely refused this offer.

Meanwhile, the Spanish fleet sailed for England.


However, the Spanish King II. There was something Felipe didn’t know. III. Murad has promised to help his friend if he encounters any danger. That’s why the Spanish navy is attacked by the Ottoman navy on its way to England! The Spanish navy manages to reach England. However, the damage caused by the Ottomans caused the navy to become weak. Thus, the naval war between England and Spain ends with the victory of the British. Thus, II. Felipe’s dream of marrying the queen vanishes. In a sense, III. Murad saves his friend Elizabeth I from an unwanted marriage.

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