8 of the World's Most Famous Sex Museums That Defy Taboos

8 of the World’s Most Famous Sex Museums That Defy Taboos

Since humanity has existed, there has also been a spectrum of sexual desires, taboos, and cultural norms. After the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, societies began to document the ever-changing, wondrous nature of human sexuality in museums and exhibitions around the world. Sex museums, such as the Vagina Museum in London or the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, were created to challenge traditional attitudes towards sex and sexuality. sex museums; It helped normalize once-taboo topics such as sexuality, sex work, and birth control. You can learn about the weird and wonderful world of human sexuality at these sex museums around the world. We’ve researched a few of the sex museums you can visit around the world. We wish you pleasant reading.

1. Secrets of Red Light District – Amsterdam


A former 17th-century brothel in Amsterdam houses the world’s only museum dedicated to sex work. Inside, you can trace the history of the Red Light District from the 1500s to the present. In the Red Light District, although the sex industry is very open and visible, it is also shrouded in mystery and secrets. While visiting the museum, you can see a typical study room and learn the secrets of the world’s oldest profession from real-life anecdotes of the people involved.

2. Icelandic Penis Museum – Reykjavik


Open since 1997, the Icelandic Penis Museum contains a collection of more than 200 penises belonging to most of Iceland’s land and marine mammals. Visitors can look at whale, polar bear, walrus and even human penises while being informed. The museum features artwork, sculptures, kitchen tools and even a penis-shaped golf club, along with real penises on display.

3. Erotic Heritage Museum – Las Vegas

Established on an area of ​​24,000 square meters, the Erotic Heritage Museum was opened in 2008 to provide people with educational information about sexual, emotional, mental and physical health. This museum, which is dedicated to sexual freedom of expression and education for the protection of erotic heritage; He has collections on topics such as the evolution of human sexuality, sex in the Third Reich, and sex in space. The museum also has an exhibition program with different artists every month.

4. Museum of Love – Seoul

Seoul Love Museum, which has a collection of artworks related to human gender and sexuality, is located on one of the busiest streets in the city. The museum contains items ranging from Joseon dynasty erotica to modern 3D sexuality paintings. On the other hand, the museum has more than 140 sculptures depicting various sex positions and genitals of people.

5. Vagina Museum – London


Located in Bethnal Green, London, the Vagina Museum opened in 2019. Its founder, Florence Schechter, heard of the Icelandic Penis Museum and realized that there was no equivalent for the vagina or vulva. The museum was established in response to the lack of gynecological representation in culture and heritage. The main purpose of the Vagina Museum is to enlighten people about the female genitalia and to fight against taboos. At the same time, the Vagina Museum; It hosts two exhibitions per year exploring topics such as social history, gynecological health, and activism.

6. Erotic Museum – Barcelona


When the Erotic Museum in Barcelona opened in 1997, it was the first and only sex museum in Spain. Located in the historic Ramblas hotel, this museum deals with the historical and cultural aspects of the impact of eroticism on humanity since the beginning of time. However, the museum tries to highlight the connection between eroticism and the city of Barcelona itself. Displays in the museum about the beginnings of Spanish-Catalan pornography in the 1920s are of great interest.

7. Sex Museum – New York


Located in North America’s largest city, New York, the Sex Museum is filled with more than 15,000 objects related to sex and sexuality. It is considered one of the world’s finest museums dealing with human sexuality. The museum, which has been open since 2002; It covers everything from the sex lives of animals to pornography through the ages. It also has an erotic fairground and a bar called Play where you can order something.

8. Sex Machines Museum – Prague


The three-floor Sex Machines Museum in Prague is home to around 350 very old sex toys, accessories and erotic art from around the world. Visitors can examine the oldest sex toys in history or learn about sexual rites in Ancient Greece. However, they can even watch a screening of an early 1900s adult movie at the Old Erotic Cinema and check out an exhibit on the evolution of BDSM toys and sex machines.

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