Charles Manson’dan Adolf Eichmann’a: Dünya Çapında Büyük Yankı Uyandıran 6 Ünlü Dava

6 Famous Cases That Are Followed With Interest All Over the World

Law is one of the most important concepts revealed by human civilization. Moreover, the role and importance of law in human life is increasing day by day. One of the most important elements of the legal system is the courts. Courts are vital in order to resolve disputes among people in a civilized manner. Or, the punishment of the crimes committed and the finding of some peace of the aggrieved parties are achieved through the courts. However, from time to time, some courts can be the scene of very interesting and even creepy cases. Sometimes, a lawsuit can turn into a show that is watched closely not only by the country where it is held, but also by the whole world! The interestingness of the subject of the case or the defendants can cause such cases to be talked about even centuries later. What’s even more interesting is that some of the defendants in cases like this can turn into public figures from time to time! With the contributions of the press and urban legends, a case can break away from reality and take a completely different turn. Here are 6 famous cases watched with amazement by the whole world…

1. The Lizzie Borden case


The term “trial of the century”, used for many sensational cases, may have originated during the trial of Lizzie Borden! Because this American woman was on trial for very brutal murders. The Lizzie Borden case was a case closely followed by the whole of America and even the world! In 1893, Lizzie Borden was tried on suspicion of brutally murdering her own father and stepmother. The murders were committed with an ax. In fact, the bodies were almost unrecognizable! In other words, the murderer had indeed committed an extremely brutal massacre. Moreover, all the evidence pointed to Lizzie Borden’s guilt. However, Lizzie Borden was acquitted at the end of the trial, which was followed closely by the whole world! Also, no one other than Borden was charged. On the other hand, Lizzie Borden became quite a popular public figure after the lawsuit. It has also inspired many popular culture works in America over the years.

2. The Leopold and Loeb case


Another case in the United States has been dubbed the “case of the century”! This case also took place because of a horrific murder. However, this time the case involved two defendants! In 1924, two university students named Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb brutally murdered a 14-year-old boy! Moreover, after they were caught, they confessed to their crimes! Their reason for killing the little boy was “they were curious about committing the perfect murder!” According to the law at the time, both murderers had to be executed. However, the most famous defense attorney of the time, Clarence Darrow, made his most famous defense! Darrow’s famous defense included everything from the killers’ philosophy classes at university to illnesses they had as children! Finally, the famous lawyer succeeded in convincing the jury. Thus, Leopold and Loeb were sentenced to life imprisonment instead of execution.

3. Adolf Eichmann case


The suspect in another case, which the whole world is following closely, was one of the architects of the terrible massacres of the Nazis! The name Adolf Eichmann is former Nazi II. He was arrested after the end of World War II. However, he somehow managed to escape! After Eichmann escaped, he settled in Argentina. Here he started a new life with a new identity. However, the terrible deeds of this bloodied man were not forgotten. He was captured in Argentina in 1960 by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. The case in which Eichmann was tried was followed with interest by the whole world. So much so that the Adolf Eichmann trial was broadcast live all over the world. Adolf Eichmann, responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, was executed in 1962.

4. The Charles Manson case

Charles Manson was the founder of a cult in America called the Manson Family. He had a troubled childhood and had many criminal records. However, Manson would carry out his truly horrific acts after founding the sect of which he was the leader. The sect had become such a huge crime center that they killed 7 people in one night just to cause confusion! On the other hand, it is not known how many people the cult members killed in total. However, the number is estimated to be more than 35. One murder by Manson and his followers was more remarkable than the others. Actress Sharon Tate, the wife of world-famous director Roman Polanski, was also killed by members of the cult. Tate was 8 months pregnant when she was killed! Later, Charles Manson was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment. This case, which had great repercussions all over the world, made Manson a “loved” criminal! When Manson’s trial was over, there were those who admired him as well as those who hated him. This terrible sect and its leader have also been the subject of many popular culture works…

5. The Rodney King case

On March 3, 1991, Rodney King, a black American citizen, was stopped by the police for speeding. However, King was not subject to ordinary police intervention! Rodney King was nearly lynched by 4 police officers. The emergence of the event caused a great reaction in the public. Thus, the case against the police officers was followed with interest both in America and around the world. However, this interest gave way to anger after the case was concluded. Because 4 police officers who brutally beat King were found not guilty by the court! Thereupon, the racism debates that started in the USA turned into a big social event in a short time! A large number of American citizens participated in the protests in the city of Los Angeles, where the case was held. During the protest demonstrations, property damage of $ 1.4 billion was revealed. It was the highest property damage social demonstration in US history.

6. The OJ Simpson case

OJ Simpson is one of the best examples of how a very serious murder case turns into a show! Indeed, the OJ Simpson case is considered one of the most mediatic cases in US history. Famous American football player OJ Simpson has been taken to court for murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and his friend Ronald Goldman. In fact, a lot of evidence was pointing to Simpson being guilty. However, the defendant’s lawyers, all of whom were media figures, managed to turn the court into a television show. This extremely serious murder case went on almost at the level of a television show! At the end of the trial that lasted between 1994 and 1995, OJ Simpson was found not guilty! This decision was a great victory for the mediatic army of lawyers. On the other hand, it was an important example of how a case was taken out of context and how it became a television material.

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