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What You Need to Know About Vampires in Different Cultures

Vampires are bloodsucking, evil and undead monsters. While many assume that vampire folklore first arose in Transylvania, there are also ancient legends of these demonic creatures. Many vampire legends are filled with seductive feminine vampires who lure men to their death. Others feature corpse-like humanoid creatures that hunt in the dark. There are unique vampire legends around the world, from Soucouyants in the Caribbean to the jumping vampires called Jiangshi in China. Here are vampires from different cultures.

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1. Strigoi – Romania


Strigoi is a vampire legend from the Romanian region of Transylvania. These legendary vampires have superhuman speed, mind-reading ability, godlike power, immortality, and the ability to visit and shape-shift people in their dreams. There are many different theories about how Strigoi can be killed. The first is the sun rays, which we all know. The sun is deadly to many vampires in different cultures. In addition, a metal weapon or silver bullet can injure or kill the vampire. Also, decapitating the vampire can kill it.

In 2005, a group of men in a village in Romania exhumed a body they believed to be a vampire. Then they took the heart out of the corpse’s chest and burned it. They then pierced the body with stakes and poured garlic on it and buried it. These men were arrested for their actions.

2. Bruxsa – Portugal


Bruxsa, who is among the vampires of different cultures, almost always looks like a woman and takes the form of a beautiful young woman to lure her prey. It is said that they meet once a week to honor their master, the devil, and gradually gain strength. When they are strong enough, they can change shape into a giant bird, which makes hunting easier for them. They also love to drink the blood of children.

A Portuguese legend, Bruxsa can take many forms, notably a large black bird, as his power grows. It could also be a rat, a wolf, or even an ant. It can set foot in the sunlight, but it is strongest at night. Unlike most vampires, there is no known way to destroy a bruxsa, they are invincible. However, there are ways to protect children from a bruxsa. The most common method of protection was amulets made of steel and iron. What’s more, people would plant garlic on their children’s clothes or put a steel nail on the floor and scissors under their pillow to keep bruxsa at bay.

3. Baobhan Sith – Scotland

Vampires in different cultures

A Scottish legend, the Baobhan Sith is a charmingly beautiful young woman who usually wears a white or green dress. Some legends say that they have cut feet that they hide under long, flowing dresses. Baobhan Sith have no teeth. Instead, they cut people’s bodies with their razor-sharp fingernails to drink blood. They use their ability to read minds or speak any language to impress their victims. Baobhan Sith travel in groups and transform into wolves. However, they are afraid of horses because they are made of iron and their horseshoes are made of iron. Iron is their weak point. To kill these blood-fed vampire-fairy creatures, it is necessary to cover their graves with stones.

4. Pontianak – Indonesia / Malaysia

Vampires in different cultures

This vampire is called Pontianak in Malaysia and Kuntilanak in Indonesia. Pontianak appears as a goddess-like woman who uses her supernatural beauty to lure men into her trap. Then with its long claws it rips out the organs of its victims and eats it. She is often depicted as having long black hair, white skin, and red eyes.

Only appearing during the full moon, Pontianak has superhuman strength and shape-shifting ability. She uses her supernatural beauty to lure men to death. Hearing a baby crying and smelling a corpse or flowers indicate that a Pontianak is nearby. The only way to kill him is to drive a long thick nail into the back of his neck.

5. Upir – Russia / Ukraine / Poland


Upir is a vampire found in the cultures of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Slovakia, and Czechia. Upirs have pale skin and are usually male. They have slanted lips, bloody red gums and sharp teeth. Compared to most vampires, they have an endless thirst for blood. Upirs not only eat the hearts of their victims, but also bathe in blood and sleep in it.

Upirs can walk in daylight, but prefer to hunt at night. They are said to eat children first and then hunt their parents. Their teeth are stronger than iron and they can bite anything. This monster, who is among the vampires of different cultures, died when a stake blessed by a priest was thrust into their hearts.

6. Alukah – Israel


Alukah, who is among the vampires of different cultures, is a figure from Judaism. Legends about them originate from Mesopotamian demonology. Alukah appears as a beautiful woman who can attract any man through seduction. When her hair falls out, Alukah can turn into a bat and fly. She can also take the form of a wolf, she. Besides these, she has the ability to curse the wombs to prevent any woman from having children.

To kill an Alukah, it is necessary to deprive it of blood. It should then be buried and its mouth filled with earth.

7. Soucouyant – Caribbean

Vampires in different cultures

Among the vampires of different cultures, Soucouyant is a mythical beast belonging to St Lucia, Jamaica, Dominica, Guyana, Suriname, Guadeloupe, Haiti and the Bahamas. This legendary vampire looks like an old and exhausted woman during the day. She peels off her wrinkled skin at night and puts her in a havana. She in her true form, that is, as a ball of fire, flies across the dark sky in search of a victim. Soucouyant can enter its victim’s home through any sized hole such as cracks, crevices and keyholes. While these monsters sleep, they suck the blood of their victims from the softest parts of their bodies, leaving blue marks behind them. Legend varies from place to place, but some Soucouyants kill their victims, some only take a little blood, and others turn them into a knight who must obey their master for life.

To reveal a Soucouyant, rice must be poured around the house or at the crossroads of the village. Because the creature will have to collect every grain of rice. Meanwhile, the person who wants to kill the creature must find its skins and pestles and mix them with salt and pepper. Thus, Soucouyant will not be able to put back his skin and will die in agony of itching and burning.

8. Vetala – India

Vampires in different cultures

Vetala in Indian culture can possess the corpses of humans or animals and reanimate them to fulfill their wishes. Also, these creatures are psychic. Vetala is difficult to kill, because his soul lives in a corpse. If the body he has is destroyed, he will find a new one. When a proper burial is given to a deceased person, no Vetala can have his body. This is the only way to prevent them.

9. Jiangshi – China / Taiwan / Japan

Vampires in different cultures

Jiangshi, who is among the vampires of different cultures, is a vampire legend belonging to the culture of China, Taiwan and Japan. This vampire has pale skin with a green-blue tint, but apart from that, they retain the physical traits of their former selves. Their mouths are filled with razor-sharp teeth, and their nails are hard and unbreakable, making it easy for them to attack their victims. Also, their breath smells bad enough to cause a person to faint.

Jiangshi is extremely fast and can leap far. It is powered by the moon and stars shining at night. It also transforms into an orb of light to hypnotize its victims. There is no one way to definitively kill a Jiangshi, but there are many ways to repel and drive it away. Some preventative measures include mirrors, boards nailed to the bottom of the door, a black dog’s blood, fire, vinegar, Taoist amulets held on Jiangshi’s head, a rooster’s crowing, jujube seeds, and a black donkey’s hooves.

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