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Time Travel Stories: People Who Traveled in Time

Almost everyone has heard of a completely ridiculous time travel story at least once in their life. A person or persons travel back or forward in time with a device they have made or found. Just like the Back to the Future series, there are many movies about time travel. Although such films are enjoyable, they do not reflect reality. But there are some time travel stories that are really convincing. Now fasten your seat belts, because we’ll take you on a safe journey through these time travel stories!

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1. Two professors see Marie Antoinette at Versailles in 1901

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In 1901, St. Two professors from Hugh’s College went to visit the Palace of Versailles. Versailles was the French royal house until the monarchy was abolished in 1792. One of the last royals to live there, Marie Antoinette was executed in 1793.

On that day in 1901, when professors Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain walked through the palace, they did not expect to see Marie Antoinette sitting on a stool outside the Petit Trianon. Antoinette was sitting there sketching, and there were people dressed in 1780s clothes. Antoinette and everyone else disappeared when a tour guide approached Moberly and Jourdain. Together, the two professors wrote a book about their experiences called An Adventure, and the story became famous. These professors were two highly educated and respected women, it was impossible for them to invent such a story. So what happened that day? Did they really time travel? This event, which is among the time travel stories, is one of the most impressive and famous time travel stories.

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2. A military pilot sees a futuristic airplane


Air Marshall Sir Robert Victor Goddard was sent to inspect an abandoned airport in Edinburgh in 1935. The airport was in a dilapidated state and he took note of what he saw. He then returned to his plane and took off, but was unable to get very far due to heavy rain and poor visibility. Therefore, he returned to the airport to wait for the storm to pass.

But as we approached the landing strip, something very strange happened. The clouds parted, the sun suddenly appeared and shone, and he saw that the previously abandoned land was now filled with mechanics in blue overalls. There were also four yellow planes on the runway, one of which he had never seen before. Remember, this man was a military pilot. He was quite familiar with all the different aircraft models available at the time.

Goddard was completely confused. Had he dreamed of these? Was he hallucinating or was it a dream? What he saw could not possibly be real. Goddard was returned to the airport four years later. Far from being abandoned, mechanics in blue overalls had completed the yellow planes, and the plane Goddard couldn’t identify in 1935 was sitting on the runway. That plane was a Miles Magister. The Magister was first produced in 1938, three years after Goddard first saw it.

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3. A journalist witnessed the incident 11 years before the airstrike took place

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Journalist J. Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were sent by a German newspaper to the Hamburg shipyard to make a report in 1932. It was an uneventful visit, until bombs began falling on them. Hutton and Brandt realized they were in the middle of an air raid and drove away, though they managed to snap a few pictures at the time. When they returned to central Hamburg, no one believed their story. They showed the photos they had taken to prove to everyone that they were not crazy. However, they have proven the opposite. Because there was nothing about the airstrike in the photos.

11 years later, Hutton was living in London. While reading his newspaper, he saw that there was a story about Operation Gomorrah, an air raid on Hamburg. The photographs he saw in the news in the newspaper resembled the bombardment he claimed to have experienced 11 years ago.

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4. Two children with green skin appeared in Woolpit, England


A young boy and a girl were found alone in Woolpit, England in the 12th century. They didn’t speak English or any identifiable language, and their skin was green. Yes, green!

They were captured by a local villager, and although the boy died soon after, the girl survived and gradually learned to speak English. She was finally able to tell someone where she came from. st. She said she came from a twilight place called Martin’s Land and that she and her brother found a cave one day while they were tending their father’s sheep. They entered the cave and after walking for a very long time, they appeared in Woolpit.

Maybe it’s just a folk tale or maybe they came from the future. After all, their story suspiciously feels like a time shift. The girl, who played the leading role in this event, which is among the time travel stories, unfortunately never returned to the place and time from which she came.

5. Charlotte Warburton unwittingly traveled through time

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In 1968 Charlotte Warburton entered a cafe she had never seen before. Nothing seemed wrong, she, but when she tried to go back to the cafe a few days later, she had disappeared. Charlotte later found out that there was actually a cafe on that spot years ago. There was now a supermarket where the cafe Charlotte had gone to a few days ago had been.

6. A police officer went from 1996 to the 1950s


In 1996, a police officer and his wife were shopping in Liverpool. On their way to a CD store down the street, his wife walked into a bookstore. As the police drove away from the bookstore, he realized that everything had suddenly gone quiet. Then a 1950s van honked around it. Somehow, he was standing in the middle of the street, and even more interestingly, everyone around him was wearing 50s style clothes.

Confused, the police tried to get back to the bookstore, but it wasn’t there. Instead, there was a women’s clothing store called Cripps. So he went into the clothing store, and as soon as he walked in, the store became a bookstore again. The police had gone back to 1996, but could not understand what was going on. After doing some research, he learned that Cripps closed after the 1950s.

7. The man from Taured suddenly disappeared


In 1954, a man trying to get through customs at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, had some trouble with customs officials. The problem wasn’t because he forgot to declare something on the customs form. Trouble arose as he claimed to be from a non-existent country and had a passport and stamps to prove it.

His passport was from a country called Taured, which he claimed was between Spain and France. The man was furious when the customs officials produced a map and asked if he meant Andorra. He said the location the customs officials showed was correct, but that Taured had existed for at least 1,000 years. He had never heard of Andorra.

They booked a hotel room for the man for the night while the police tried to figure out what was going on. Although armed guards were stationed in front of his room, the man had disappeared the next morning. His passport, which was stored in the security office at the airport, was also gone. The authorities were never able to solve the mystery of the Taured man. This event, which is among the time travel stories, was unprecedented.

8. Jophar Vorin claimed to come from a place no one knew


In 1850, a man named Jophar Vorin was found and questioned in Frankfort-on-the-Oder, Germany. He had very bad German, which made his claims even more difficult to understand. He said he was Laxarian and spoke Laxarian and Abramian languages. He said he was looking for his long-lost brother, but that he had been shipwrecked on his way to his destination.

Vorin did not recognize any of the maps or globes presented to him. Vorin claimed that there are five divisions of the world: Sakria, Aflar, Aces, Auslar, and Euplar. John Timbs reports in the Yearbook of Facts in Science and Art that Vorin was taken to Berlin for questioning and examination. There is no doubt that Vorin really exists. But the real question is: Is he a madman or someone from a far distant future?

9. Four friends traveled from 1979 to 1905

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In 1979, Geoff and Pauline Simpson and Len and Cynthia Gisby were traveling in France. It was late and they decided to find a hotel to spend the night. They found a place not far from their path. It was a strange place, only wooden latches on the doors of the rooms and no locks. There was also no glass in the windows and thick shutters.

In the morning they had breakfast at the hotel and met two gendarmes dressed in capes and old-looking uniforms. Everything in the hotel looked strange, for their stay had only cost 19 francs. Other hotels in the area cost more than 200 francs. Nevertheless, they happily continued on their way and tried to stay at the same hotel again on their return journey. But the hotel was gone. The uniforms worn by the gendarmes who came to them belonged to 1905. This event, which is among the time travel stories, caused the four friends to be very surprised.

10. A 20th century doctor found himself in the 1800s


In 1935, Dr. When EG Moon was leaving the home of one of his patients, he realized that his car was not where he had left it. Both the driveway and the pavement looked much more challenging than he remembered. Dr. Moon saw a man walking by the house and noticed that the man was wearing several cloaks and a top hat, and was carrying a long-barreled gun. The man looked at Moon as if he were from the 19th century, not the 20th.

Dr. Moon started walking back to the house, but as he left, he saw the driveway re-paved and his car parked there. She then returned to the road to look for the man, but the man had already disappeared.

11. In 2000, a mysterious man named John Titor claimed to be from the year 2036

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November 2000 saw an increase in unusual activity on the Time Travel Institute forums. A series of posts from a man calling himself John Titor contained the usual conspiracy theories. Claiming it was from the year 2036, he said the government sent him back to 1975 to buy an IBM computer they needed to debug some computer programs. He also warned everyone that the future would be very bad.

He claimed that in 2004 civil unrest would begin in the United States and by 2012 there would be a full-blown civil war. By 2015, he said, a swift Third World War would come and go. Of course, none of this happened.

12. Two guys from 1969 went to the 1940s

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In 1969, two men had lunch in a Southwest Louisiana town. They then got in their cars and were back to work, driving along US Route 167, a highway that spanned most of the state. They saw an old car in the distance. As they approached, they noticed that it was moving very slowly and saw that it had “1940” written on its plate. The two men pulled up next to the car and looked inside to see if everything was alright. Inside the car, they saw a woman dressed in 1940s clothes and a small child who looked very confused and scared.

They gestured to the woman to pull over, indicating that they would help her. As the woman pulled to the side of the road, the two men stopped a few meters in front of her. When they turned around to make sure they were safely parked, the car had disappeared.

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