Arkasında Gizemli Hikâyeler Barındıran Dünyanın En Korkunç 10 Tüneli

The World’s 10 Most Scariest Tunnels with Mysterious Stories Behind them

Passages that allow to cross seemingly insurmountable roads and shorten long distances… Tunnels are an important part of road transportation today. Even in some difficult geographies, it is not possible to continue the journey without going through any tunnel. However, although they are of great importance for transportation, aren’t tunnels a little scary in general? It’s a dark, closed and often narrow road. Some special tunnels are even scarier! Because of interesting events in their past or their terrible inhabitants. Here are the 10 scariest tunnels in the world…

1. Victoria Park Tunnel – Australia


Because of the wildlife in Australia, there are many tunnels in this country. But one tunnel in the city of Brisbane is more famous than any other tunnel in the country. And of course, scarier! It is widely believed that a limbless green ghost lives in the Victoria Park Tunnel…

A group of young people who wanted to see with their eyes the green ghost they had heard from time immemorial decided to visit the tunnel in 1965! One of the group wandering in the tunnel encountered a ghost that had suddenly appeared from within the walls of the tunnel. Then he got a nervous breakdown! And he was taken to the hospital by his friends. While this is the best-known story about the haunted tunnel in Australia, it’s not the only one. The green ghost in the Victoria Park Tunnel caused many people to experience fearful moments as they passed through the tunnel throughout the 20th century.

2. Nada Tunnel – United States


The 300-meter-long Nada Tunnel, which has a unique valley at its exit, has a very beautiful view. The trees, cliffs and the magnificent valley at the end of the tunnel make the tunnel a part of the wonderful natural scenery. However, going through this tunnel is not as easy as you think!

The tunnel, which was started to be built in 1910, was completed in 1911. But unfortunately, a worker working in the construction of the tunnel died due to the explosion of dynamite. Since that day, it is believed that the worker who died in the explosion haunted the tunnel! On the other hand, this is not the only ghost of Nada Tunnel!

The spirit of a mountaineer who lost his life by falling from the rocks at the entrance of the tunnel many years ago, is also wandering around the tunnel! Because of these two ghosts, it is believed that a large and bright orb appeared over the tunnel on some nights. Finally, strange, frightening sounds are heard from the rocks in the tunnel area and the walls inside the tunnel. For this reason, it is considered very dangerous to walk or cycle through the tunnel, especially at night.

3. Belchen Tunnel – Switzerland

The frightening element in Belchen Tunnel may seem a little strange: A ghost on the way! There have been many reports of a hitchhiker in a white suit suddenly appearing in the tunnel. In fact, this hitchhiker in a white dress talks to passers-by from time to time and wants to get in their car! It is recommended that those who want to get rid of this ghost stuck on the road as soon as possible take it to their cars. Because the ghost disappears after getting in the car…

4. Hoosac Tunnel – United States

Another name for the Hoosac Tunnel is “the bloody pit.” And it deserves this name to the fullest! Because about 200 workers lost their lives in the collapses, explosions and fires that occurred during the construction of the tunnel! Other surviving workers continued construction, hearing the agonizing cries of their friends from the depths of the tunnel.

Years later, a hunter disappeared near the tunnel. The hunter, who was found days later, said he disappeared because he was following the sounds coming from the tunnel. Hoosac Tunnel is at the top of the list of places you should not go alone in America.

5. Shanghai Tunnels – United States


Shanghai Tunnels are long underground tunnels in Portland, USA. These tunnels were built under an area with a number of hotels and entertainment venues. It was used to transport cargo from the city’s port to hotels. The reason why they are called Shanghai Tunnels is because the tunnels were built by Chinese workers.

However, soon after they were built, the tunnels were used for different purposes! All kinds of crimes were committed in the tunnels, from smuggling to illegal gambling, from abduction to murder. Tunnels were no longer a way to transport materials from the port. It had become the underground tunnel of the underworld.

Today, it is thought that the souls of dozens of people who lost their lives for different reasons continue to wander in the tunnels. Locals and some visitors claim to hear occasional screams and groans from the tunnels. In fact, some people have had the opportunity to meet a ghost who introduced herself as “Nina”.

6. Downingtown Tunnels – United States

There are multiple ghost stories about the Downingtown Tunnels! Moreover, the view of the tunnels is scary enough! For this reason, many Americans avoid using these tunnels unless they have to.

Downingtown Tunnels consist of 3 different tunnels built for rail transport between 1860 and 1912. The first of the ghost stories about the tunnels is about a woman who committed suicide here. Legend has it that years ago, a woman committed suicide by hanging herself in one of the tunnels. Moreover, she had a newborn baby in her arms! As a result of this tragic event, the souls of the woman and the baby haunted the tunnels.

Another ghost legend about the tunnels is about a worker who was killed during the construction of the tunnels. Today, there are many people who believe that this worker is walking around the tunnels with slow steps.

7. Big Bull Tunnel – United States


The legend of the ghost in the Big Bull Tunnel also goes back many years. Three friends on a train journey in 1905 heard interesting sounds while passing through this tunnel! After exiting the tunnel, they wanted to go back and hear the sounds more closely, and they succeeded! Incomprehensible and strange sounds were coming through the walls of the tunnel! “What do you want?” one of them asked! The answer that came from within the walls was quite interesting and frightening: “Take this terrible weight off me, they are drinking my blood…”

8. Sensabaugh Tunnel – United States


The Sensabaugh Tunnel is considered one of the scariest tunnels in the United States. Locals strongly advise outsiders to stay away from the tunnel…

The story begins years ago when a man named Mr. Sensabaugh murdered his entire family! Years later, the Sensabaugh Tunnel is built where the family once lived, and the spirit of the entire family haunts the tunnel. Also, if you stop your car in the middle of the tunnel, your car will not start again. And if you look in the rear view mirror, you’ll see Mr. Sensabaugh approaching towards you!

9. Church Hill Tunnel – United States


Church Hill Tunnel was home to a monster, not a ghost! In 1925, a workers’ train passing through the Church Hill Tunnel caused the tunnel to collapse. Some of the train’s wagons were lost in the depths of the tunnel. The other workers, who went down to save their friends, encountered a terrifying creature! A muscular but rotten beast with blood dripping from its fangs came out of the tunnel when it saw the workers and began to run away! Although some workers went after the monster, they were not able to catch it.

10. Tunnel of Scream – Canada


The name of the Tunnel of Scream in Canada comes from a rather sad story. There are different versions of this sad story. However, the common element in all the stories is a girl who lost her life by burning in this tunnel! The tunnel’s name comes from the poor girl’s screams. However, this sad story has become a horror story over time. Many people today say that by lighting a match in the Tunnel of Scream they could hear the girl screaming!

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