Jack Gilbert Graham: Annesine Duyduğu Öfke Yüzünden Bir Yolcu Uçağını Patlatan Katil

The Story of Jack Gilbert Graham, the Killer Who Killed Dozens of People

Family problems are problems that anyone can face. However, how many people would consider blowing up a plane because of family problems? Out of anger at his mother, Jack Gilbert Graham not only thought about blowing up a plane, he blew it up! Thus, this cruel man caused the death of 44 passengers, including his own mother! Gilbert Graham, who has had a problematic relationship with his mother since childhood, went on the record as one of the most ruthless murderers in history, with this terrible and extraordinary method he chose to solve his family problems.

Jack Gilbert Graham was born on January 23, 1932

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Graham was born in Denver, USA. He lost his father in 1937, when he was only 5 years old. It was the years of the “Great Depression” in America, and Gilbert’s mother, Daisie, was experiencing great economic difficulties. Gilbert was cared for by his grandmother. But the old woman died after a while. For this reason, Gilbert Graham was left in an orphanage by his mother.

Gilbert’s mother improved her financial situation, but not her son

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Daisei Graham remarried in 1941. The man she married was a very wealthy person, but she passed away shortly after the marriage! Thus, Daisie amassed a substantial fortune and became a successful restaurant owner. Daisei, who had recently struggled to survive due to economic difficulties, had left all the difficulties behind.

Daisei also surpassed barber Gilbert with economic difficulties

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Daisie did not want to take Gilbert out of the orphanage, even though she was recovering from her financial troubles and getting her life in order. Gilbert and her mother only got together in 1954, when Gilbert was 22 years old. Gilbert had started working at his mother’s restaurant, but the problems between them were not getting better. There were frequent arguments between them…

The problems between Gilbert and her mother were growing with each passing day…

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Gilbert and her mother were back together, but it only made things worse! Gilbert, who had a great anger towards his mother since childhood, committed his first serious act against his mother in 1955! Gilbert blew up the restaurant his mother owned and worked himself!

Blowing up the restaurant wasn’t enough to quell Gilbert’s anger!

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Gilbert Graham had acted big enough and blew up his mother’s restaurant! However, who knew that this attack was a harbinger of greater disaster? The troubled relationship between Gilbert and her mother continued until November 1, 1955! Moreover, dozens of people lost their lives due to these “domestic problems”.

1 November 1955 aircraft explosion

On November 1, 1955, Daise Graham took a flight from Denver to Alaska to visit Gilbert’s half-sister. Of course, Gilbert Graham had come to the airport to see his mother off too! Moreover, she even prepared her mother’s suitcase with her own hands! Graham and his mother said their goodbyes. The plane took off at exactly 18:52. 11 minutes passed and an unprecedented explosion occurred in the skies of Denver! Due to the explosion on United Airlines Flight 629, 44 passengers and crew lost their lives! Thus, the explosion caused by Gilbert Graham took its place among the most terrible events in the history of American civil aviation.

Capture of Gilbert Graham

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After the explosion, in which dozens of people died, a comprehensive investigation was initiated. The most damaged item in the plane wreckage was Gilbert’s mother’s suitcase! This suspicious situation led to the arrest of Gilbert Graham. Meanwhile, the problems between Gilbert and his mother were also learned by the police. Gilbert was the sole suspect in the explosion! Thus, Gilbert Graham had to confess to the horrific attack!

Confessions of Jack Gilbert Graham

Graham hardly resisted and confessed all the details of the explosion! Among his confessions were some rather remarkable statements! He had placed 25 sticks of dynamite in his mother’s suitcase with his own hands and prepared the explosive device himself! However, he stated that he planned the explosion to occur 20 minutes after the plane took off, but that the mechanism was activated early. However, these are not the most striking statements in Gilbert’s confessions. When asked about the death of other passengers on the plane, he replied, “I knew they would die too, but I didn’t care”!

Graham was sentenced to death!

Graham was sentenced to death after confessing to carrying out the attack that killed dozens of people. He was executed in a gas chamber on January 11, 1957.

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