Arnold Putra: İnsan Omurgasından Yaptığı Çantayı Binlerce Dolara Satmak İsteyen “Moda Tasarımcısı”

“Fashion Designer” Designing Bags from the Human Spine

Art undoubtedly occupies a very important place in human life. But does art have a limit? If so, where does this boundary begin and end? Arnold Putra is a “designer” at the center of these ancient debates. What made him the focus of these discussions is a big scandal that broke out a few years ago! However, Putra said that he was performing art while defending his products despite hundreds of criticisms. Here is the strange and controversial story of Arnold Putra, who designed a bag from the human spine and a jacket from the ribs…

Indonesian Arnold Putra is a wealthy fashion designer who takes pride in his work.

Putra was expressing her passion for fashion design at every opportunity. She stated that she felt great anger against stereotypical fashion senses. Perhaps it was his “passion” for fashion design that drove Putra to use “extraordinary materials”.

But fashion design wasn’t Arnold Putra’s only passion!

The Indonesian fashion designer also enjoyed visiting tribes around the world. She especially wanted to get to know different cultures in Africa and to witness the lifestyles of tribal people closely. For this reason, she often visited tribes around the world.

But allegedly, there was more to Putra’s tribal visits than her desire to get to know different cultures!

arnold putra

Putra’s visit to the tribes in Africa was met with a great reaction, given its “extraordinary” designs! Thousands of people thought that Putra had obtained the “human bones” he used for his designs from these tribes!

Putra’s “collection” wasn’t just a bag made of human spine!

arnold putra

In addition to the bag he made from the human spine, a jacket he “designed” from rib bones and gloves he made from finger bones were among Putra’s “designs”! On the other hand, human limbs were not the only “material” for Putra’s designs. Putra also used things like crocodile skin and tongue in her designs! Moreover, Putra put these products on sale from time to time! For example, he put a price of $5,000 on the bag he designed from a human spine!

While Arnold Putra claimed that “many” of his designs were not real, the “evidence” said otherwise!

arnold putra

Brazilian police had seized a cargo package that was about to be sent to Singapore. The owner of the package was none other than Putra! What came out of the package was astonishing, albeit “ordinary” for Putra. Because the seized package contained a “human hand” and 3 “placentas”! When the Brazilian police deepened their investigation, he learned that the human hand and placenta were obtained from an anatomy lab. Thereupon, a professor working in the laboratory who allegedly helped Putra was detained.

Putra, who had a great reaction, continued to defend himself!

arnold putra

Arnold Putra, in his defense through his lawyer, said that he designed only a bag from the human spine and a jacket from the ribs, the other designs are not real! Moreover, he added that he obtained these bones legally in Canada and that he never bought “human bones” from any tribe! Despite his defense, Putra failed to convince many people about the “innocence of his designs”…

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