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Can the Climate Crisis Be Overcome With “Human Urine”?

The world has been facing many dangers for a long time. However, one of them is at a level that will destroy life on a global scale: the climate crisis. Studies show that the world is getting warmer day by day. The glaciers in the polar regions are melting day by day, the climate structure of some regions is changing drastically… The climate crisis seems to cause a great disaster if measures are not taken.

Recently, scientists have come up with interesting solutions to prevent the climate crisis. According to one of them, using human urine could help prevent the climate crisis! So, can using “human urine” in agriculture really prevent this global catastrophe? We reviewed it for you…

Traditional farming methods are exacerbating the climate crisis

climate crisis

According to findings by scientists, traditional farming methods are causing the climate crisis to escalate. Fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are widely preferred in traditional agriculture. However, chemicals containing these substances cause “greenhouse gases”, one of the most important causes of the climate crisis. In addition, these substances, which affect water resources after mixing with the soil, cause the death of many living things. For these reasons, scientists; They think that if traditional farming methods are continued, the climate crisis will happen much sooner and more severely.

Scientists suggest using “human urine” in agriculture to prevent climate crisis

Some scientists, who continue their work to prevent the climate crisis, have found a very interesting solution! Using human urine instead of the chemical fertilizers used in traditional agriculture. Because human urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as in chemical fertilizers used in agricultural activities. Moreover, it is organic and harmless!

However, there are some obstacles to the project to use human urine in agriculture. To use human urine in agriculture, toilets and sewer systems need to be rebuilt. Although studies are carried out in this context in some countries, the results obtained are not at the desired level. In addition, in order to use human urine in agriculture, it is necessary to build high-cost facilities. As a result, work continues on this interesting but “safe” method in the fight against the climate crisis.

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