Adnan Çolak

Adnan Çolak: Turkish Serial Killer Who Killed 11 People in 3 Years

Adnan Çolak is a Turkish serial killer and rapist who became known as the Artvin Monster with the murders he committed in Artvin between 1992-1995. He killed a total of 11 people, six of whom were women aged between 68 and 95, in about three years and raped women before killing them. Two of her victims were raped and escaped with serious injuries. He provided the capture of the second victim, Adnan Çolak, who survived the injury. We told the story of the Turkish serial killer Adnan Çolak.

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Adnan Çolak committed his first murder on October 16, 1992


On the evening of October 16, 1992, Çolak killed the couple Hüseyin and Asiye Korkmaz, who were living in the Seyitler village of Artvin with their 15-year-old daughter, with an ax. He murdered the family’s 15-year-old daughter after repeatedly raping her. These were Adnan Çolak’s first murders, but they would not be the last.

A year later, Ziver Bildirici and his daughter-in-law, Hayriye Bildirici, were found dead in their home in the Soğanlı village, a few kilometers from the village where the first murder was committed. The man had been killed by a slash to the head. The woman, on the other hand, was killed in the same way after being raped. The locals thought that the incident was done by the same person and called the murderer “Axeman”.

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Adnan Çolak continued to commit murder every few months.

Adnan Colak

Three months after the last murder, the 60-year-old couple was found murdered in the same way. Unlike other murder cases, this time the serial killer cluttered the house. Four months later, 62-year-old gift Sancaktaroğlu, living alone in the village of Salkımlı, was attacked and raped. The serial killer fled the scene, thinking that the victim, who suffered a severe head injury, was dead. But the old woman did not die. Four months after this incident, the 60-year-old couple Osman and Kevser Aksoy were killed and their house was burned down. Four months later, the murderer committed murders again. First, the 70-year-old couple Ahmet and Ayşe Bayram, and a short time later, 70-year-old Hacer Kars, were murdered.

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His last crime led to the arrest of the serial killer

Adnan Colak

The serial killer raped gift Ipek, 58, who lived in the village of Salkımlı, a few kilometers from the center of Artvin, after squeezing her throat with a cheesecloth and knocking her unconscious. The murderer left her, thinking she was dead, but the woman sought help from her neighbors and was taken to the hospital. Gift İpek knew the person who attacked him. The attacker was his neighbor Adnan Çolak. The woman gave the description of the attacker down to the last detail to the police. The same day, the police went to Adnan Çolak’s house and started a search. A phone taken from the third victim’s home and the clothes she was wearing in the last incident were found in the house.

Serial killer made blood-curdling statements in court

Adnan Colak

The trial of the murderer began at the Artvin High Criminal Court. In court, he was asked why he killed old people. Adnan Çolak said, “Even if I am killing old people, they have already expired. They live extra for us. Maybe they are eating our fortune. I was both satisfying myself and relieving the society by killing them…” He also said in court:

“When I was a shepherd, I was watching the Korkmaz family’s house. On the night of the incident, after I was convinced that no one was around, I started throwing stones on the house and the chimney. My goal was to get them out. Meanwhile, the rags in the roof space caught my eye. I set them on fire and got them out of the house.”

“When I went to the house of Gift İpek, who I knew lived alone in the village, my aim was to kill and then rape her. After making sure that the woman was alone at home, I took action. ‘I recognized you,’ she cried during the struggle. But I did not raise my voice. She wanted to dive into my hair and balls. But he couldn’t prevent it. I think the little blood stain on my athlete was smeared at this time. Because I saw blood coming from the woman’s mouth. I thought you would die when the blood came.”

Adnan Çolak said that he raped old women because he witnessed his parents having sexual intercourse when he was a child.


Çolak attributed his raping of elderly women to the fact that he witnessed his parents having sexual intercourse when he was seven or eight years old. She also said that she was raped by her uncle’s son.

The murderer known as the Artvin Monster was tried for 5 years

Serial killer Çolak, who is married and has three children, was put on trial for 5 years. He was sentenced to six death sentences and two 20-year sentences. However, in 2005, Rahşan was released thanks to his pardon.

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