11 Time Capsules People Are Looking Forward to Opening

11 Time Capsules People Are Looking Forward to Opening

Time capsules are one of the most interesting concepts related to the concept of “time”! We can think of time capsules as items, notes or documents sent to the future. However, these objects are much more than we expected! Because the main thing sent to the future with time capsules is thoughts, ideas, lifestyles and a common humanity ideal. However, it is impossible to predict how people thousands of years later will react to these “things” from the past! For whatever reason it is prepared, and no matter how the people of the future greet it, preparing the capsules is a fun activity! Here are 11 “time capsules” that carry many “things” from the past to the future.

1. Nickelodeon time capsule

There are many time capsules buried in the world. But very few of them were made by children! Nickelodeon, a cartoon and youth television channel, carried out a project in 1992 that allowed children to create a capsule as they wished. Thus, a time capsule with the theme of “being a kid in the 90s” was prepared. The capsule, prepared by the children, includes a Nintedo game console, a sticky toy named Gak, a skateboard and a copy of the movie Home Alone. In addition, this capsule prepared by children will be opened on April 30, 2042!

2. Capsules buried under Cleopatra’s Needle

time capsule

Cleopatra’s Needle is a monument built in Ancient Egypt in 1450 BC. A similar monument was rebuilt in “Central Park” in New York in 1881 with granite stones shipped from Egypt to the United States.

Cleopatra’s Needle is visited by thousands of tourists. But probably not many are aware of the capsules buried under the monument! The time capsules under the monument were buried before the monument was erected there. Inside one of the capsules is a copy of the 1870 US census, the Bible, a dictionary, all the works of William Shakespeare, a guide to Egypt and a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence! However, what is in the second capsule is kept secret! Moreover, the date when the capsules will be opened is not certain. As long as Cleopatra’s Needle stays in the park, the pods are thought to not open either!

3. National “millennium” capsule

time capsule

The national millennium capsule was filled in 1999 with items thought to represent the United States. Thus, items such as photographs of the world taken from space, computer chips, mobile phones were placed inside the capsule. More symbolic things, such as a part of the Berlin Wall, a helmet from World War II, were also placed in the capsule. The “Millennium” capsule will be opened exactly 1000 years after its preparation!

4. The world’s “biggest” time capsule

time capsule

Unlike other examples on our list, this time capsule won’t take long to open. The capsule will open in 2025! The “biggest” time capsule was created in 1975 by American businessman Harold Keith Davisson. It was registered in 1977 as the world’s largest capsule. Inside the capsule are Davisson’s clothing and personal belongings. But the most interesting thing in the capsule is a car!

5. “Star Wars” capsule

time capsule

“Star Wars” producer company “Lucasfilm” bought a ranch in California that they named “Skaywalker” (a character from the movie). A time capsule was buried on the farm land in 1981. The capsule is made with the “Star Wars” theme, of course! It contains movie-related figures, comics, and a 17-minute reel from the movie. On the other hand, it is not known when the capsule will open. The director of the movie, George Lucas, made a statement about the capsule as “I hope it lasts for 1000 years”!

6. Capsule for Disneyland’s 40th anniversary

A time capsule is also buried at Disneyland in California! The capsule was buried near the “Sleeping Beauty’s” castle, on the occasion of Disneyland’s 40th founding anniversary. The time capsule includes a decoder from the famous movie series Indiana Jones, a copy of the Disneyland Line newspaper, and a Disney dollar. In addition, items selected by Disney actors and designers are among the objects in the capsule. The opening date of the time capsule is July 17, 2035.

7. MIT’s hi-tech time capsule

One of the world’s leading universities, “MIT” is also hosting a time capsule! The time capsule was buried on campus at the opening ceremony of a new laboratory at the university in 1957. The capsule, which contains books, coins and items related to MIT, was sealed until 2957! Moreover, this capsule is a little different from the others. Scientists at the university filled the capsule with “argon gas” to preserve the contents of the capsule! They also added “carbon-14” to the capsule so scientists could study 1,000 years from now!

This “high-tech” time capsule was revealed during a construction on campus. However, it was decided to remain sealed until the originally planned date, “2957”.

8. “500,000” year old time capsule in Norway

time capsule

In 2017, a time capsule was placed in the “Hornsund” area in Norway. The opening date is “half a million years” later! The project, carried out by Polish scientist Marek Lewandowski, “has the purpose of informing future generations about who we are.” The capsule, which was buried 4 meters below the ground, contains DNA samples of humans and rats, a mobile phone and a meteorite fragment. In addition, 300 “water bears”, a microscopic creature that can survive in almost all conditions, are part of its journey that will take half a million years!

9. The time capsule inside the world’s largest ax

The Canadian town of Nackawic is famous for the “world’s largest ax”. The steel ax, 15 meters long, 7 meters wide, weighs approximately 55 tons. This huge ax refers to the developed forestry sector in Canada. However, this interesting ax has one more feature! A time capsule was hidden in the steel part of the ax in 1991! The capsule awaits the day it will be discovered by future generations!

10. British “Millennium” capsule

Just like in the USA, the UK is sending a time capsule to future generations, the year 3000! Buried on the grounds of Guildford Castle in Surrey, the capsule is the largest time capsule in England! Inside the capsule, which will carry news from the 2000s to people in the year 3000, there is a violin, a wolkman, a bicycle and a “car” belonging to the famous violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin.

11. K-Pop capsule

The time capsule, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary History in Seoul, was designed by the world-renowned K-pop group “BTS”. The capsule was prepared for the “Youth Day” held in Korea for the first time in 2019. The band members explained that they placed objects inside the capsule that “represent their musical achievements, memories and love for their fans.” Also, BTS’ time capsule will open in 2039, on the 20th anniversary of Youth Day.

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