What is Michelada?

We can call Michelada the best invention that spread from Mexico to the world. It is an excellent drink. It is spicy, sour and extremely refreshing. It completes the special touch that is missing in beer. Mix of lime juice, salt and sauce in glass filled with ice. When you add it to cold beer, get it, Michelada.

You can add any beer you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s light, dark or aged in a barrel. What matters at Michelada is what you add to the beer. It doesn’t end there, of course. Because there are worlds of options for what is added. The more, the better. Red chili powder, fruit, cured meats, candy, chewing gum and even vodka. Unusual mixes suitable for all tastes and intoxication are in this drink. Even after drinking alcohol, Michelada can be the perfect solution for hangovers. There are many reasons for a hangover. Dehydration, alcohol and insomnia. The main reason is to be dehydrated. With Michelada, all their influence is lost. In Mexico, Michelada and seafood are considered the number one cure for a hangover. This may be due to that burning sensation you feel when you eat something spicy. It takes your mind off your discomfort for a moment. There is a belief about Michelada and hot pepper that when you sweat, you release toxins. But the truth is that sweat is almost 100% water. Water with some salt and protein. You don’t release toxins. Cayenne pepper has anti-inflammatory properties in general, so it is better to take a pill rather than eat hot pepper and drink Michelada.

What is Michelada?Some Michelada lovers also prefer to add different drinks to the beer. But mixing drinks increases the risk of alcohol poisoning. Different factors apply to each. But it is more related to the quality of alcohol. This adds one more thing to deal with. One factor is how much you drink, and another is the combination of these alcohols in our bodies. Each makes a different contribution to alcohol poisoning. The more drinks you mix, the more you have to deal with besides the alcohol.

Many Latin Americans take ordinary beer a step ahead with a Cerveza cocktail known as the michelada. Not only does a squeeze of lemon, heat-boosting spices and a little salt and pepper go into the beer, but also Worcester shire sauce and a Clamato mix of tomato juice, clam juice and sugar. This mixture is used in parts of Mexico and other Hispanic countries as an impromptu hangover cure and an effective way to make low-quality beer taste delicious.

This cocktail is more popular during the warmer months of the year, especially Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates Mexico’s independence from the French. Many believe that the word michelada is derived from the Spanish phrase “mi chela helado”, which means “my cold blonde”. This last term has to do with how many Latin Americans refer to light beer.
Michelada is made in a variety of ways. This was especially true in 2011 as many companies began selling their beverage brands in cans and bottles.

In 2011, breweries started to mix this up even more when they saw more customers accepting the use of lime and even salt in their beers.

There are several different theories as to how Michelada got its name. The first is the most obvious: “Mi-chel-ada” is probably an abbreviation for “mi chela helada” or “my cold beer.” Another origin story is more elaborate: a man named Michel Ésper was the daily boss of Club Deportivo Potosino (a bar in San Luis Potosi, Mexico) in the 1960s. Ésper’s usual order – a beer served in a chabela glass with a straw, served with lemon, salt and ice – has become a popular drink among other frequent customers. Since the cocktail was served in the same glass as the lemonade, Ésper’s order became known as “Michel’s lemonade.” Over time, the ingredients were changed and the drink became michelada.
There is no right beer to use at a Michelada, but there are some very wrong ones. For example, a heavy and dark brew like Guinness would be completely out of place in this light and refreshing cocktail. Instead, opt for a Mexican beer. A Corona will work just fine, but drinks like Tecate, Pacifico, or Modelo Especial would be slightly healthier options. Michelada should be extravagant and playful. Most people use this jellybean.


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Writer: Tuncay Bayraktar

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