Kadınların Yüz Şeklini Bozuyorlar! Farklı Gelenekleriyle Dikkat Çeken Mursi Kabilesi

They Distort Women’s Face Shape! The Mursi Tribe With Different Traditions

Not a day goes by that we do not encounter an extraordinary tradition! Although many people today live in urban areas, there are also those who live in desolate areas, even in jungles. 😊 The Mursi tribe living in the southwest of Ethiopia is one of them. In this tribe, which has come to the fore with its extraordinary tradition, women place large plates on their lips. We researched this tribe for you, in which face shapes were changed with various plates. Here is the Mursi tribe, which draws attention with its plate tradition…

The Mursi and Suri tribes, who refer to themselves as “Mun”, live in isolated areas in southwestern Ethiopia.

According to the census conducted in 2007, there are approximately 10 thousand Morsi in the country, 848 of these people live in cities. The rest live in the mountain-enclosed Debub Omo region near the borders of South Sudan.

Mursi live in the lower part of the Omo Valley while Suri live in the upper part

Due to the difficult terrain conditions, tourists generally prefer to visit the Mursi tribe.

Their mother tongue is Surmic, belonging to the Surmic ethnic group


They share this language with the Me’en and Kwegu tribes. The Mursi and Suri tribes adopted Christianity and animism. They mostly live towards animism.

The women of the Mursi and Suri tribes must wear a plaque on their lips


When girls reach the age of 15 or 16, their lower lips are pierced for the purpose of wearing a lip plate. These plates are made of wood or clay. The wooden bar placed under the lower lip is expanded over time and thus the lip reaches the ideal width for the plate.

So, doesn’t this process hurt them?


Mothers try to be very gentle during this process. It is a painful process though. When the desired dimensions are reached, the pain and suffering ends, as the process is over. However, this process can cause infection and ruptures. Sometimes the lips may become dull and drooping.

The exact reason for installing these plates is unknown.

Some think these plates were used to make women more attractive to slavers. However, today it is known as a symbol of pride and beauty.

The size of a woman’s lip plate also determines her dowry


Today, tourists often visit the tribe to take pictures. While the government is trying to phase out this tradition, at the end of the day, it’s up to young women to decide whether or not to wear lip plates. Of course, at this point, we have to take into account that the men of the tribe also attach great importance to these plates. Time will tell if the tradition will continue.

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