Online Soccer Manager Game Tactics

Games are one of the most fun activities we can do alone in our lives. Especially thanks to the development in smartphones, we see that mobile versions of many games are out. People spend their free time with these games and have more enjoyable moments. Football manager games are one of the most played games in recent years.

Manager games with different types on both computer and mobile make you feel like you really own a football team. Sometimes you become a football player in these types of games, and sometimes you are a coach. However, the biggest goal in both is to achieve great success by winning trophies.

Online Football Manager Game

Online Soccer Manager Game Tactics

Among the football manager games, the most enjoyable ones are those with online mode. In online mode, you can compete for success with real players around the world and play against each other. You show that you are better than others by winning championships with the matches you play in the league.

The most important criterion that will enable you to be more successful than other players in management games is the tactics you will apply. You increase your winning rate at the end of tactics made according to the opponent or with a different mentality. At the same time, the transfers made within the games are one of the biggest trump cards. In recent years, the OSM game, which can be played on both mobile and PC, is one of the most preferred in this field.


Online Soccer Manager, abbreviated OSM, is an online soccer manager game. In OSM, which is extremely enjoyable, the team is managed through the technical directorate. There are many different features that distinguish the game from other manager games. One of them is that you can run 4 teams at the same time. You can coach 4 teams at the same time, either from the same country’s league or from a different country’s league, in the game where all imaginable professional leagues are available. Since the servers are different, your teams will not face each other in the same leagues.

With the management points you collect in the game, you can enter the world and country rankings. There are many features such as pre-match training, player development, transferring, applying training camps and most importantly determining effective tactics. You can only coach a team for one season in the game. You can get the same team again next season, but the players will still be players from the real football team.

Osm Tactics

Tactics are essential in management games. People aim to be successful by applying the football tactics they dream of in real life in games. In some manager games, tactics are a bit more background though. OSM tactical It is an extremely important game. Every move you make before the match affects the outcome of the match. So, what kind of tactics should be used when playing OSM.

Here are the tactics that can win the match:

Online Soccer Manager Game Tactics
  • Formation Determination by Player Profile
  • Selling Low Level Players for High Price
  • Pre-Match Game Plan According to the Opponent
  • Going to Training Camp

It is inevitable that you will be successful with these tactics to be applied in the OSM game.

Formation Determination by Player Profile

OSM tactical One of the most important things among the list is formation determination. You should definitely determine the formation of your team according to the players. Otherwise, even if you beat the weaker teams, it will be difficult to beat the teams that you are equal in strength. For example, if you don’t have wing forwards, playing with 3 attack lines will cause you to be ineffective on the wings. If you don’t have 2 strikers in your hand, playing with a system like 4-4-2 will cause you to be ineffective on goal paths. Very offensive squads cause you to score goals, and extremely defensive squads cause you to score less.

Selling Low Level Players for High Price

The way to strengthen your squad even more is to sell low-level players for a high price. While this may seem very difficult, it is easy to do in OSM. A player you put on sale will be sold within 2-3 days at the latest, so you can buy a much better player for the price you sell.

Pre-Match Game Plan According to the Opponent

It is always advantageous to establish a game plan according to the opponent with the tactics to be made before the match. For example, if your opponent’s left wing is weak, you can turn to the 4-3-3 system and try to be effective from the wings. In addition, if the referee of your match is aggressive, playing softer will help you avoid cards.

Going to Training Camp

It is very difficult to beat a team with a much stronger staff than you, even if you apply the best tactics under normal conditions. However, by putting your team in the camp during the game, you will make them stronger and keep their morale at a high level. This allows you to beat teams that are extremely superior to you.

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