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It’s Not Your Problem! 9 Signs Your Relationship Is Driving You To Depression

When it comes to love, many of us think of dusty pink scenes. Because none of us associate feelings such as anxiety, fear or sadness with love. However, neither love nor affection is experienced as it is shown in the movies. More than anything, we want to be happy and loved in our relationships. But not every relationship can go through bad times, it might not feel right. Bad relationships also invite depression. While this may be hard to admit, we looked for key signs that your relationship is driving you into depression. Here are the 9 signs you need to watch out for for your mental health…

Your partner controlling you

Do you feel powerless when it comes to your own life? Do you think your partner is controlling you when you try to make a decision on your own? You should not forget that even if we are in a romantic relationship, each individual should have rights over his own life.

Your partner constantly criticizes you

There is a difference between constructive criticism and criticism. If your partner is constantly judging the things you do, making hateful remarks about you and your actions, this can push you into depression. Nobody likes to be made to feel inadequate.

You feel better when you’re alone

Do you feel freer when your partner is away? If you enjoy spending time with yourself more than when you are with your partner, this can also be an important sign.

You hesitate to spend time with your partner

to depression

Do you feel fear and anxiety when it’s time to spend time with your partner? If the time you spend makes you feel negative, this will trigger depression.

Your relationship doesn’t add anything new to you

to depression

Is your partner not interested in receiving what you give him? Having trouble sharing new things? When you stop sharing new things with your partner, you actually distance yourself from each other. This can make you feel powerless.

Making your relationship feel like a burden

to depression

When you evaluate your relationship in general, does it seem like a burden to you? When you don’t feel like a part of this relationship, your experiences can turn into a heavy and tiring burden that you have to carry on your shoulders.

You are isolated from your friends

to depression

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re moving away from the people you love. Studies show that one of the most important causes of depression is the feeling of isolation.

Now you cry instead of laughing

to depression

There are good times and hard times in all relationships. But when the hard times start to outnumber the good times, it can be a sign that things are going wrong.

You fear the future of your relationship

to depression

Uncertainty is an inevitable fact of life. But not being able to predict where your relationship is heading can be a heavier burden than you realize. At such moments, people become more prone to depression.

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