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Keyword analysis, on-page optimization and obtaining backlinks form the basis of SEO work. Doing one without the others will not make the website successful in terms of ranking and popularity.

backlinksis a link from one website to another. When a Website A hyperlinks to Website B, Website B gets a backlink from Website A. Backlinks pave the way for users to navigate from site to site and discover new content.

Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization as they help Google understand which pages are best suited for certain queries. Backlinks have a direct effect on rankings. Every site that wants to appear on the first page of Google has to get an undisputed backlink. Therefore, backlink is a more effective tool than factors such as social media signals, website download speed, domain name age, website architecture, content quality, which reveal the qualities of a website.

Backlink and Search Engine Ranking

Search engines use the backlink as a ranking signal. This is because backlinks are seen as an indicator of how popular the website is with users. That’s why high-quality backlinks help a site rank higher in search engine results.

Backlinks that direct users to a website imply to search engines that the content of that site is valuable. Therefore, search engines attribute value to the backlink and assume that it rewards the target site. A site that collects a lot of awards or votes is considered a good site.

The first search engine to realize the importance of backlinks was Google. In 1998, Google used an unprecedented algorithm to rank web pages by popularity. Accordingly, the more links given to a page, the higher the chance of the page to rank higher. The basic rationale for this is that what others say about you is more reliable than anything you say about yourself. Google crawls backlinks pointing to your pages and reports what others think of you.

Google’s PageRank algorithm ranks web pages based on the number and quality of backlinks. However, nowadays, the amount of backlinks alone is not considered sufficient to reflect the position of a website. Filters like Google’s Penguin algorithm have been developed to verify the quality of backlinks and limit their artificial reproduction. Therefore, sites with quality backlinks rank better on search engine results pages. One quality backlink can be more effective than hundreds of low-quality backlinks.

Although it remains one of the most important factors in Google rankings, it seems that a lot has changed regarding backlinks and backlinks in the last few years. Since the Penguin algorithm was introduced, the quality of the backlinks has been taken into account rather than the number. For this reason, it is possible for the website to be discovered faster and to rank higher in the search results, by getting links from authorized and relevant sites.

Backlink Types

There are two basic types of backlinks, nofollow and dofollow backling. Search engines crawl the web through dofollow links so they can see who is linking to whom. Google and other search engines ignore links that have the nofollow tag attached to them. That’s why links with the nofollow tag are a completely untrusted type of backlink.

Advantages of Getting Backlinks

As mentioned broadly above, backlinks increase the Google ranking of websites. Creating backings can also be used for other purposes. Beyond increasing visibility in search, backling also provides various marketing advantages.

1. Referral Traffic

One of the biggest benefits of backlink is that it helps you get referral traffic. Search engines direct some of the online traffic. However, the person reading a post may voluntarily click on the post link that backlinks to your site to learn more about the topic. Thus, they reach your site without searching in the search engine. A link placed on a popular site can continue to drive traffic to your website for many years.

2. Brand Awareness

Backlinks are a symbol of confirmation that your website is worth visiting or that your content is worth reading. Reputable websites direct their readers to your site, which will help people discover your content. The comments about you by reputable sites will contribute to the awareness and recognition of your brand.

3. Authority

Would you rather get a backlink from the website of the Coca Cola company or get a backlink from a random website? Looks like Google is thinking the same thing. The reputation or awareness of a website is called Domain Authority. Essentially, the more reputation or authority a site has, the more reputation and authority a link can provide to your site.

A link on a website that belongs to famous brands or has a high domain authority is seen as an element of trust by both search engines and users. Mentioning your site on well-known blogs or news sites will impress visitors and increase their trust in your products. It is very difficult to get or reach these backlinks. But it’s worth it.

However, there is a point that should not be forgotten: Even if it is a site with a high reputation, overlapping links from the same website reduce the returns. Getting 10 links from 10 different websites is better than getting 100 links from the same website.

4. Building Relationships

Backlink opens the door to new relationships. Backlinks are an effective way to gain visibility and followers.

5. Promotion

Backlink attracts more backlinks. If you have quality backlinks on interesting and reputable sites, visitors to those sites are also likely to write about you and link to you on their own sites. Giving your backlink will attract the attention of the other party and cause them to give you backlinks.

Backlink Obtaining Methods

Backlinks can also come by chance. Getting backlinks by accident is not uncommon. If your site is known and the quality of your content is high getting backlinks you have a slight chance. In addition, if the inbound backlink comes from a site with a low domain authority ranking, it won’t do much.

Is there a way to get different types of such references to any page of the website? Yes, there are many methods.

1. Reaching Reporters or Bloggers

Building backlinks from authority news sites and blogs is not an easy task. All you can do is reach out to them and persuade them. In the meantime, by using the “Help a Reporter Out” program, you can reach sites or bloggers and journalists who need information resources. If you follow the instructions by clicking the ‘I am a Source’ button on the website of Help a Reporter Out (HARO), you can contact the sites you can get backlinks from.

2. Fix Broken Links

If you discover a link that doesn’t work on sites with a high reputation, you’ll let the site know and offer your own content. By suggesting the address of your own site instead of a broken link, you will have the opportunity to get backlinks. With the Screaming Frog SEO Spider program, you can scan your targeted site and get a list of dead links on that site.

3. Posting a Guest Post

If you find an authoritative site that will accept your posts, you can give a backlink to your own website in the content section or in your author bio. By posting articles on other popular websites, you will draw attention to your site and gain more impressions. If you offer quality content on your own website, most sites will not hesitate to give you a link.

4. Sharing Content That Makes Getting Backlinks Easier

The following content formats are known to tend to generate large numbers of backlinks:

  • Content where information is presented visually
  • What is it, How To, Why Posts
  • Videos

5. Content in Final (Comprehensive) Guide Format

The guides, which cover everything there is to know about the subject, provide the user with all the information at once. Such presentations are commonly cited by websites. It’s also known that long content tends to outperform short articles on Google.

6. Developing a Unique Strategy or Tactic

Explaining a topic with a unique recipe and naming your strategy with a creative name is another way to get backlinks. Publish your strategy in the form of a blog post and wait for it to be cited.

7. Give an Interview

You can make your own website news on websites that conduct interviews by giving interviews. Thus, you can get a backlink to your own site from the website that recorded the interview.

How to Get a Quality Backlink?

Backlinks that search engines see as quality are those that come from trusted and high-domain websites. In addition, the website the link comes from must match the content of your website. The link between content written on different topics is in a dubious position in Google’s eyes.


A good backlink strategy ensures that you get high-quality links that will increase your website’s search engine ranking, referral traffic, brand awareness and revenue. The assumption that the more backlinks, the better, is wrong. A single backlink from a popular and trusted site is worth more than 10 links from low authority sites. It may take some time to strategize for backlinks to bear fruit. However, when you get a quality backlink, you will see how much it is worth.

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